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The prominent Islamic scholar Shaikh Ja’far Kashef al-Gheta

Compiled By: Syed Ali Shahbaz
On 27th of the Islamic month of Rajab in 1228 AH, the prominent Islamic scholar, Allamah Shaikh Ja’far bin Khizr bin Yahya al-Hilli, popularly known as Kashef al-Gheta, from the title of his outstanding book, passed away in the holy city of Najaf at the age of 71. A descendant of Malek Ashtar, the famous general of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (AS), he was a student of Shaikh Yusuf Bahrani, but upon arrival in Najaf of Allamah Waheed Bahbahani from Iran, he renounced his previous Akhbari ideas and accepted the Usouli school.
On the passing away of Allamah Seyyed Mahdi Bahr al-Uloom in 1212 AH, Shaikh Ja'far Kashef al-Gheta was recognized as the Supreme Religious Authority of the Shi’ite Muslim world. He has written many books particularly in the fields of jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, theology and Arabic literature, which besides “Kashf al-Gheta”, include “al-Haq ul-Mobeen fi Tasweeb al-Mujtahideen”, and Minhaj ar-Rishad against Wahhabi heresy.

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