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Description of the Holy City of Mashhad by Europeans

The European scholars, politicians orientalists and travellers had described the Holy City of Mashhad in their sources.
The Europeans who fully described the holy city of Mashhad were Fraser (1822); Conolly and Burnes. Valuable notes on the town are given by Conolly, Ferrier, Khanikoff, Eastwick, MacGregor, Bassett, O'Donovan, Curzon, Massy, E.Diez, and especially by C.E.Yate and Sykes, each of whom spent several years (1893-1897 and 1905-1912 respectivley) in Mashhad as British Consul-General for Khurasan.
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Ella.C.Sykes, Persia and its people, London 1910, p. 88-105;
H. R. Allemagne (1907), Du Khorassan au pays des Bakhtiaris, Paris 1911, (with very fine illustrations);
W. Jackson (1907), From Constantinople to the Home of Omar Khayyam, New York 1911;
O. von Niedermayer, Unter der Glutsonne Irans, Dachau 1925, p. 207;
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For the importance of the Mashhad sanctuary for the history of art cf. E. Diez, Churasanische Baudenkmaler, vol, i. Berlin 1918;
Persien: Islamische Baukunst in Churasan, Hagen i.w. 1923;
A.U.Pope, A Survey of Persian Art, London and New York (1939).

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