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Ayatullah Abbas Waiz Tabasi

Ayatullah Abbas Waiz Tabasi the representative of the Supreme Leader in the Khurasan province and the Reverend Chief Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi was born in a religious family in the holy city of Mashhad in the year 1314 H.S./ 1935.He lost his father when he was only one year old.His late father was a well–known eloquent Islamic orator in Mashhad and was also very abstemious and virtuous person. He was brought up under the loving care of his mother.
Since his childhood he was greatly inclined to the Ulama and the Islamic seminaries and regulary attended the religious meetings. Due to the prevailing conditions during his youth he joined the modern school. During his secondary and higher schooling he was highly admired and appreciated by his teachers and classmates for his vast genius and high conduct.
Ayatullah Waiz Tabasi joined the Islamic seminary at an age of 16 years and seriously persued the secondary, the intermediate and advanced courses in Islamic sciences. He attended the classes of great professors of Islamic seminaries like Khaliqi, Jaweedi, Adib Nishabouri, Sayyid Ahmad Mudarris Yazdi, Shaykh Mujtaba Ghazvini and Milani. The Grand Marja Ayatullah al-Uzma Burujerdi used to consider him as the seminary student with deep understanding and also as the spokesman of the Islamic seminaries and used to mention his name with appreciation.
He became a leading professor in the Islamic seminary and since last 30 years has lectured logic, fundamentals of jurisprudence, and Islamic law and has taught the books on advanced learning on there subyects like. Mualem, Rasail, and Kifayah.
During his career as a student and then as a distinguished professor in the Islamic seminaries he always had great regard for thoughts of Hadrat Imam Khomeini (R.A.), Ayatullah al-Uzma Naeeni , Ayatullah al-Uzma Khoee and Ayatullah al Uzma Hakeem. He has written many treatises on literature, logic, rhetoric and fundamentals of jurisprudence which will be published soon and kept for the perusal of the Islamic seminaries.
Ayatulla Waiz Tabasi since his 12 or 13 years old age was familiar with politics and since he was 15 or 16 years old used to persue and discuss the political issues in his house, high school and Islamic seminaries.He deeply abhorred the anti-Islamic policies of the Pahlavi regime and used to express his discontent and anger against the government in different ways. Two years after entering the Islamic seminary he started his objective resistance against the despotic Pahlavi regime by delivering anti-government speeches for which he was imprisoned many times and banned to deliver speeches in the public gatherings: But he continued his brave resistance till the advent of the glorious Islamic revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini (R.A.). He was always a staunch supporter of Islamic movement and dedicated himself whole-heartedly for the service of the Islamic society.
During his meeting with the Imam Khomeini (R.A.) the late leader stated " I have great regard for you for two reasons. One for yourself and other for your late father. Many non – Muslims under the deep influence and impact of your father's logical discussions and speeches embraced Islam and he also had special position in the Arab countries.
After the victory of the glorious Islamic revolution Ayatullah Waiz Tabasi was always considered as the formidable pillar of the sacred Islamic government in Iran. He was appointed by Imam Khomeini(R.A.) as his representative in the Khorasan province and the Chief Custodian of the Astan Quds Razavi and after the passing away of Imam Khomeini(R.A.) this order was also approved by Ayatullah al-Uzma Khamna'ee, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Muslim Ummah.
At present he is rendering services as the Chief Custodian of the Astan Quds Razavi. He is also the member of the "National Expediency Discerning Council" and the "Experts Assembly" of the leading jurisprudents. He is the director general of all the Islamic seminaries in the Khorasan province and has sincerely dedicated his life for the supremacy of Islam and advancement of the sacred Islamic system in Iran.
Courtesy: http://www.aqrazavi.org

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