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Sayings of Hadrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.)

Compiled and Translated by: Syed Zainulabedin Razavi, Tehran, Iran
Name: Fatima (S.A)
Other names: Zahra, Tahera, Batool, Raaziah, Marziah, Azra Seddiqah e Kobra, Mohaddesa, Haora, Ensiah,
By names: Ummol Hasan, Umme Abiha, Ummol Aemmah,
Father: Mohammad (S.A) bin Abdollah bin Abdol Mottaleb
Mother: Khadijah binte Khuvilad
Children: Sons: Imam Hasan & Imam Husain
Daughters: Hazrate Zainab & Hazrate Umme Kolsoom
Date of birth: Friday morning 20 Jamadi os Sani 8B.H
Place of birth: Mecca Mokarramah, Arabia
Date of Marriage: 1st ZelHaj 2A.H
Martyrdom: 2 or 3 months after her fathers death 11 A.H
Age: 18 years or so.
Place of burial: Madinah e Monavvarah

1. Fatima Zahra (S.A), the only lady among fourteen masoomeen, is the best women in both the worlds, as no lady excels her in love, obedience and nearness to God.
2. Fatimas triple relationship, as daughter of Gods best messenger (S.A), wife of the first Imam Ali (A.S) and mother of eleven Imams in her progeny, is another excellence without a parallel.
3. Fatima (S.A) sacrificed her life in defending the Right of Ali (A.S) so she is a model of perfect character for all ladies and for all Imams (A.S) as well.
4. Fatima (S.A) was the only woman brought for Mobahelah by Mohammad (S.A) in the challenge against the doubting party, although the holy Quran (Sura 3 : 59) indicated any number of women for Mobahelah. This is a great excellence for her.
5. Imam Khomeini (Q.S) has pointed out that SAHIFA E FATIMA, revealed to her by Gabriel as desired by God to pacify her, is her greatest excellence. It contains the future events and is now possessed by Imam Mahdi (A.F)

Sayings of Fatima Zahra (S.A) the Chief of all Women in This World and in Paradise
1) Faith is a blessing from God to purify you from Polytheism.
Note1: Faith is of many kinds a)faith on tongue only b)faith in heart and head only &c)faith that controls all deeds and activities throughout ones life.
Note2: Faith consists of firm belief in five principles of religion:
(a) God the Creator of all the universe (with an excellent plan without any assistant)
(b) Justice of God,

God says in the holy Quran "So whoever has done a particle weight of good shall see it and whoever has done a particle weight of evil shall see it." (S99:A7&8)and certainly God will reward or punish mankind accordingly.
(c) Divine Guidance, Messengership & Imamat. God appoints the best person of his time as His messenger to guide all people e.g. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Mohammad (S.A)
(d) God has nominated 12 Imams as best models for all mankind and as teachers of God's final message in the holy Quran up to Doomsday.
(e) The Day of Judgment for recompense with perfect justice of God.
2) God has prohibited Polytheism, so that all people pray to Him alone with sincere love.
Note: Polytheism is worshipping a number of creations of God instead of God Himself, such as worshipping Kings(Pharoah etc.) and Rulers, imaginary gods like Vishnu, the protector, Cupid god of love, Lachmi, goddess of wealth, Shiva god of destruction, Sun(Apollo), moon, stars, animals, trees, rivers, precious metals & stones and statues of men like Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Mitra & women like Lachmi, Radha, Athena & satans and jinns etc.
3) God has made Patience helpful in attaining its fruits (compensation).
Note: God is extremely patient. He tolerates sins and crimes of mankind until the promised respite of Satan is over. One who awaits patiently striving for good to triumph over evil helps in hastening the universal kingdom of God on earth.
4) God has assigned reward for his Obedience and ordained punishment for His disobedience in order to prevent His obedient servants from His punishment and to direct them towards His Paradise.
5) God has commanded virtues and excellence and prohibited vices and wickedness for general welfare.
Note: It is a duty of all Muslims to firmly establish commandments of God without any alterations, firstly for himself and next for all mankind.
6) God has ordered Justice for making hearts intimate & upright.
Note: (a) justice is Gods attribute and it is severe therefore people implore for His Mercy.
(b) The kingdom of Imam Mahdi(A.F) will be based on justice . He will administer justice on basis of his own Knowledge of truth and not witnesses.
7) God has prescribed Hajj to strengthen religion.
Note: Hajj is pilgrimage to Mecca from all over the world. Hajj is compulsory only for those who are financially and physically able to perform it.
8) God has prescribed' Jehad ' for honor and glory of Islam and for disgrace and humiliation of disbelievers and hypocrites.
Note: (a) It behoves all followers of Islam to be united against disbelievers and hypocrites. Hypocrites are worse than polytheists and atheists. Islam is the religion revealed to all the messengers of God Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Mohammad (S.A).All the heavenly religions are from the one and the same God, Who has prescribed His commandments & prohibitions from time to time and perfected and finalized His religion Islam as revealed to His last messenger Mohammad (S.A) with goodwill for all mankind.
(b) There are two kinds of Jehad: 1. The Minor Jehad ( ) which is warfare against disbelievers, polytheist and hypocrites. & 2.The Major Jehad ( ǘ),which is war against one's own satanic evil spirit ( ). which prompts one towards sensuality, crimes, sins, secularism, and disobedience to God.
The 14 immaculate ones, i.e. Mohammad(S.A), Fatima(S.A), and the twelve Imams(A.S) appointed by God had completly defeated their satanic evil spirit by their freewill and by perfect obedience to God and had become 100% sinless and the best models to be followed by all mankind.
9) God has commanded obedience to Us (Ahle Bayt) to preserve the disciplined system of the nation and God has prescribed Our Imamat for prevention of deviations and differences.
Note: Imamat is continuation of divine guidance after the finalized divine religion Islam has been revealed to the last messenger of God. It is Imam's duty to explain the holy Quran, and all problems in the religion. Imams are inseparable from Quran according to the Hadithe Thaqalain which is a proof of presence of Imam as long as Quran is there i.e. up to Doomsday. Imams are living models of perfect and sinless human beings. Eleven Imams were martyred or poisoned by those who were greedy for worldly power, name & fame i.e. by the usurpers.
Hence God has protected the twelfth Imam for final victory of Godly Right over Evil Might .There is a firm promise of messengers in the holy Quran: When God took a solemn promise from the messengers (e.g. Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus (A.S) surely what I have given you of the Book & wisdom should a messenger come to you thereafter confirming what is with you, you shall believe in him and help him. God asked: Do you affirm & accept My solemn covenant in this regard?They (all messengers) replied: We do affirm God said:Then bear witness & I (God) am also among the witnesses with you. Then whoever turns away after this, it is they who are the transgressors. (S3:A81-83)
Gods messengers will be regarded as transgressors if they do not help His final messenger. Therefore Jesus (A.S) was kept alive to help him. Jesus (A.S) was reserved to help Mohammad (S.A) but instead of the prophet he will help Imam Mahdi (A.S),the last successor of the final Messenger Mohammad (S.A) to fulfill his solemn promise with God. Jesus representing all the messengers will help Imam Mahdi(A. F ) in establishing the kingdom of Justice of God throughout the world. Thus the covenant in the holy Quran shall be fulfilled after the emergence of Imam Mahdi & Jesus (A.S).
10) God commenced Creation of things without any material that existed before. He created them without any model or specimen for imitation. He brought them into existence by His powerful creative ability. He created them according to His inclination without His need for them and without any benefit to Him in giving them shape and image except to establish His wisdom and to prompt His obedience and to demonstrate His power of creation and to guide all His creations how to worship Him and How to glorify His inviting call with veneration.
Note: a) God created everything out of nothing just by His intention, e.g. He created a very beautiful bird peacock just by His intention "Be & it came into existence immediately". (Kun fayakun) (Yaseen36: A82)
b) God's first creation was Light i.e. the guiding Light (soul) of the most perfect human being, full of wisdom i.e. the soul of Mohammad (S.A). This created Light(Noor e Haadeth) was not God's Eternal Light.(Noore Azali) ( )
c) God created you as lights&made you the 14 immaculate souls encircle His throne.
ޘ (14
These guiding Lights (souls) of the best obedient human beings, although created thousands of years before Adam, they were sent as the last divine guides (Messenger & Imams). Thus they are the first creations as well as the final guides of God on this earth. They witnessed all creations which were created by God from time to time as and when required.
11) I bear witness that my father Mohammad (S.A) is God's servant & His messenger. God selected him and distinguished him & before sending him God named him and made him pure and blameless for His messengership when all creations were hidden behind the curtain of oblivion
Note: The holy messenger has said:"I was messenger of God when Adam (the father of all human races) was still clay and water. (i.e. when Adam was not made yet).Human souls were created by God thousands of years prior to their bodies. When God asked them;Am I not your Lord?All the souls replied:Indeed You are (qhalu bala) but God sent them to earth at different times and in different countries to test whether they follow God's messengers or satanic materialists by their own free choice.
12) God has prescribed 'Salaat' daily prayers to purify you from Pride & Conceit.
Note: a) The holy Quran does not describe the details of salaat so the Book is not sufficient for us but Etrat i.e. Imams, who are teachers of Quran, explain the message and difficult Aayaat of the holy Quran and follow the sunnat of the holy messenger and not the sunnat of others inferior to the best messenger of God, are necessary; as stated in Hadith e thaqalain ,Etrat is inseparable from the Book .Hence the holy messenger conveyed the message of God To whomever I am master, Ali is his master".
b)Salaat was performed exactly as desired by God by Mohammad(S.A)and all Imams(A.S)& Ahle Bayt perform salaat in the same manner as the holy messenger.
c) A perfect believer (momin) prays to God with sincerity & humility. He begins his Salaat with (ʘ ) Allaho Akbar and with presence of mind and heart a person enters spiritually in the grace of God with thankfulness & adoration up to end of his' salaat.' Such a salaat is an ascension ( ) and superior to all ways of supplication to God
d) Prolonged glorification during Bowing (ј), & Prostration () in prayers leads to longevity ( ) and improves memory too.
e) The holy Messenger (S.A) loved three things in this world:
1. Salaat 2.Perfume &3 women for their chastity.It is recommended to make oneself fragrant before saying prayers. Perfumes are food for brain and are used in Aroma Therapy for treating diseases.
f) Imam Husain (A.S) established congregation prayers even in the battlefield of Karbala. One is never exempted from Salaat even if he has a truant mind. One should fear disobedience to God and say his prayers regularly with concentration of mind until his Salaat becomes ascension (). Practice makes him perfect. A person should forget worldly worries and feel the spiritual delight of being in the presence & grace of God.
g) If a person says prayers and yet commits all sins,it proves that the sinner is a bad person & not the prayers. This does not provide an excuse for others to give up prayers.
13) God has prescribed Zakaatfor purification of soul & for increase of Sustenance.
Note: a)After swearing about a dozen oaths God says He inspired the soul with discernment between vices & virtues and indeed one who purifies his soul is really successful and indeed one who corrupts it is bound to fail. (Shams 91:A 1-10)
b) Zakaat, Zakaate fitra,Khums etc .are paid to deserving persons according to Islamic rules. Salaat is not accepted if one does not pay Zakaat, Khums. When one spends something to please God by helping persons in need, God gives him 700 times or even more reward, as He says in the holy Quran: The parable of those who spend their wealth to please God is similar to a seed or a grain which grows and produces seven ears bearing a hundred grains in every ear (crop at the time of reaping). Thus God enhances many times for whomever He wishes.(S2:A261)
14) God has prescribed Fasting to make you steadfast in sincere devotion to Him.
Note: a) Fasting is effective in attaining humility by removal of pride and self conceit .Fasting like salaat is an excellent means of access to the grace of the Mighty and Majestic God.
b) Fasting from dawn to dusk for a month in Ramazan is obligatory; and fasting for three days every month is optional and is equal to fasting for a whole year.
c) Fasting is not only patience against hunger and thirst but it is an assault against satanic evil spirit (nafse ammarah) that is abstinence from all sins in obedience to God.
d) Fasting in obedience to God increases Willpower as well as cures a number of mental and physical diseases.
15) God has regarded benevolence &kindness to Parents as a shield against His resentment.
Note: a) Heaven is under the feet of chaste mothers. Be kind and obedient to her.
b) You can never compensate your mother for bearing you for 6or9 months in her womb, expecting a lovely good baby so dont become a bad child in bad company.
c) Filial ingratitude, Is it not like this mouth should bite the hand for lifting food to it? (Shakespeare)
d) Even if one's parents are nonbelievers or polytheists they should be respected and obeyed if obedience to them does not clash with obedience to God.
e) To be denounced ( ) by parents is a major sin in Islam. Children should love and obey their parents. Every happy family constitutes a unit in a happy society
16) God adds many years to one's span of life when good relations are maintained with your relatives or kith and kin.
Note: Take care of your relatives by visiting them or by conversation on phone and help them materially or spiritually when in need.
17) God has regarded' Prevention of Accusation' as a veil against curse.
Note: Slander when based on truth is backbiting otherwise it is accusation or blaming.
18) God has regarded fulfillment of one's pledge or vow to God '' as a means of forgiveness.
Note: The holy messenger (S.A) told Fatima (S.A)to fast for three days for giving perfect health to her sons Hassan & Husain (A.S)as a vow. (Dahr 79:A7,8,9)
19) God has commanded 'Qisas' assassination of murderer to prevent further murders (for maintaining security and peace in society).please see (2:178-179) & (5:45)
Note: God says: "one who murders a person, who is not guilty of any murder or corruption on the earth, is as if he has murdered all mankind (i.e. the quality of humaneness)" (Maedah5:32)
Therefore to make atom bombs to kill thousands of innocent civilians is a capital sin in Islam even if the technology for making atom bomb is available. Peaceful use of nuclear technology is not a problem. (Violation of human rights degrades a person to the level of ferocious beasts.)
20) God has condemned Robbery to keep a society pure with perfect piety.
Note: a) If a person steals and spends the stolen money for a good cause it is not accepted by God ,more over his children are considered as illegitimate ( ) when ones income is haraam .e.g. from usury, bribery or theft. Illegitimate children often become criminals for no fault of their own, similar to some diseases which are inherited from parents.
b) Punishment of a thief is to cut his hand .The immaculate Imams have explained that only four fingers of a thief should be cut to enable him to perform his Salaat after sincere repentance.
21) God has recommended Honesty in sales by use of correct measures and weights in order to prevent fraud and deception (profit obtained by fraud is haraam)
22) God has prohibited Alcoholic drinks (Ethyl Alcohol) for purification of society from corruption and pollution.
Note: a) Wine or intoxicating drinks lead to disobedience of God and all sins and crimes because alcohol is a poison for wisdom and holiness.
b) Alcohol should not be used even in medicines when a suitable medicine is available without ethyl alcohol.
c) Methylated alcohol is used in spirit lamps in hospitals. Ethyl alcohol is made poisonous by adding methyl alcohol to prevent its use as a drink.
d) Narcotics like heroine, cocaine etc &all sorts of intoxicants are also prohibited because health is wealth.
23) O God! make me contemptible in my own eyes(humility) and exalt Your Glory and Majesty in my sight, and inspire me with obedience for performing good deeds which please You, and for refraining from whatever incites Your resentment O the Utmost Merciful of all.
Note: a) No one will be prejudiced against a person who is humble. Humility makes a person to respect all elders for their good deeds are more than his, and to respect younger ones for their sins are less than his.
b) A person should not have pride for superiority of any kind as it is the quality of Satan who has incurred wrath of God for not prostrating to Adam (A.S)
24) O God make me contented with sustenance, covering and wellbeing from You as long as You keep me alive and forgive me and shower mercy upon me when You bless me with death .O God let me not strive for what is not destined for me, and what You have destined for me make its acquisition easy for me.
Note: A person should discover what talent God has given him and develop that talent to attain success in life and should not strive to become Jack of all and waste his time
25) The Kalimah" There is no God except Allah, He is one, and He has no partner ی "' is a statement which has sincerity in its expression and it brings hearts close to God's grace, and illuminates mind to reflect over His wisdom. Deprived are eyes from seeing God, and incapable are tongues from describing His attribute, and beyond comprehension are God's characteristics.
26) The Book of God (Quran) leads its followers to God's goodwill. It rescues those who listen to it carefully with comprehension. It gives access to God's luminary guiding authorities ( ) and to His intentions clearly interpreted, His guarding prohibitions and proven miraculous truths & His sufficient evidences, and His mandatory excellences, and His favoured permissions, and to His divine written laws.
Note: Quran is the basis of constitution of Islamic laws.
27) O The servants of God! you are the supports of His commandments & prohibitions and bearers of His religion and His revelations, You are the trusted ones of God for your own souls and carriers of His message to other nations.
His righteous authority is amongst you. He brought forth to you a pledge (of security of faith).Two successors were left to guide you: the Talking Book of God *and the Truthful (Silent) Quran and their brilliant lights (continuously illuminating the right path)and the shining radiance (inviting you every moment towards truth and uprightness), the Quranic insight illuminates your eyes & hearts, Quranic secrets are revealed (for perfection of human character) , its meanings are manifest, and make the people of other nations envy the loving followers of Quran.
Note: *The talking book of God is the tutor & perfect living model of Quran i.e. Imam Ali (A.S) who was appointed by God at Ghadir to succeed the holy messenger to teach the true Islam so that worldly politicians may not misinterpret the Silent Book of God i.e. Quran. Unfortunately people were deceived by politicians and they failed in this test &trial by God to recognize the divinely appointed Imams as the best models for them for eternal blissful life.
28) "When God perceived the nations divided into different religions, deifying fire and worshipping idols, and rejecting Him in spite of their intellect & knowledge, God the Majestic guided and enlightened them from darkness through my father Mohammad (S.A), and removed the curtains of ignorance from their hearts and illumined their eyes, relieving them from blindness".
"He (S.A) stood up amongst people with divine guidance and relieved them from going astray, and enlightened them against blindness, and guided them towards the lasting religion, and invited them towards the straight path".
29). Fatima (S.A) recited the following Aayat from the Holy Quran: Certainly a Messenger has come to you from among yourselves; grievous to him is your falling into distress, he is extremely concerned for you; to the faithful he is kind and merciful.(Towbah 9 :128) and then she said:" If you consider the relationship of the Messenger(S.A) and learn about him you do know he is My Father not the father of any other woman amongst you, he is Brother of my uncle's son (Ali 'A.S') and not the brother of any man from you. The strongest relationship with him is mine and he conveyed the divine message"
Note: a) God commanded Mohammad (S.A) in the holy Quran: "Say,I dont ask you O people any compensation for it (sufferings in converting Idolaters and polytheists to good human beings)except love of my near relatives (S42:A23). Undoubtedly the holy messenger's only surviving daughter (FatimaS.A) and his grandsons Imam Hasan & Imam Husain (A.S) and also his cousin Ali (A.S), who was the only person, born inside Kaaba & brought up by the holy Messenger (S.A) himself were the nearest relatives of Mohammad (S.A). Whoever does not compensate the holy messenger by loving Fatima, Ali, Hassan& Husain (A.S) is therefore disobedient to God and shall relish God's wrath in the Hereafter. Whoever loves them deserves to be in paradise with them. Love means obedience as well.
There is only a minority of Muslims (like Wahhabies) who do not obey the above commandment of God but all other Muslims love and respect the Imams although there may be some hypocrites among them.
b) In the holy Quran God says: "O messenger! Convey that which has been revealed to you from your Lord and if you do it not, (i.e. if you dont appoint Ali (A.S) as your successor) you have not conveyed His message (you have not performed your duty)" and Allah shall protect you from the people (so dont fear the faithless lot) (S5:A67)Thus Ali (A.S) was appointed as his successor at Ghadir. After performance of his last pilgrimage (Hajj atol Vida), the Holy Messenger announced, "To whomsoever I am Master, Ali is his Master." This was a very important announcement so all pilgrims Hajies were gathered and told to convey this message to their brethren when they reach their native land.
30) "You were all at the edge of hell, weakened drunkards, you were a morsel for the greedy, you were a spark to kindle a fire, you were being trodden down under the feet of every one, then God rescued you through my father Mohammad (S.A) from all these humiliations in spite of his continuous engagement in fighting with the fearless and greedy wolves, i.e. the Arabs and the unruly& stubborn Jews & Christians. Whenever they kindled the fire of war, it was extinguished by God".
31) The Messenger of God, Mohammad (S.A) asked" what is best for a woman?" People could not reply, then Fatima (S.A) gave the correct reply, "A woman should not see a man who is' namahram' nor a man who is 'namahram' should see her" The holy messenger (S.A) was pleased with her reply and said:" Fatima is part of myself." (Fatima baz'ato minni).
Note: a) Fatima's reply is from the holy Quran. It is a commandment from God ,"And tell the faithful women to cast down their looks and guard their chastity (Effat)and not to display their charms (beauty &ornaments) except what is apparent thereof and let them draw their head coverings (ی ) over their bosoms and not display their charms except to their husbands or their fathers or their husband's fathers or their sons or their husband's sons or their brothers or their brothers' sons or their sisters' sons"(Soorah Noor:A31)
The men who are' Mahram' are mentioned in the above Aayat and all others are 'Na mahram' .All faithful women observe God's commandment and regard Fatima Zahra (S.A) as the best model for themselves.
b) In Arabia women were considered as a disgrace and girls were buried alive by their fathers. In such an environment the last messenger of God was sent for guidance. He always stood up to respect his daughter Fatima (S.A) to exhibit how to honour and love daughters.
c) God has commanded head covering ( ی ) for women to prevent them showing their beauty to men (Na mahram) for guarding their chastity &dignity as well as to protect them from villainous eyes. Men should guard women like precious jewels. Ali (A.S) has said," women are (delicate) like flowers'. It is virtuous mothers who rock the cradle and nourish babies who govern the world. Importance and dignity of women lies in obedience to God the Almighty & the Majestic.
d) Imam Mahdi (A.F)will implement all the final commandments of God from the holy Quran & revive the sunnat of the best & last messenger(S.A)as followed by his Etrat or Imams(A.S)
e) Women, who choose to follow their satanic evil spirit (nafse ammarah) and disobey God and do not cast down their looks and display their charms and beauty to 'Na mahram,' may indulge in promiscuous relations and give birth to illegitimate children, who as criminals become a menace to peace and security in society . Some women abide in nudist colonies and degrade themselves to the level of animals. They sell themselves for naked shows in theatres & cinemas &for advertisements and strip themselves of their dignity and self reverence and become a prey to the exploiters who make illegitimate wealth through such women and the governments of their countries do not implement God's divine commandment to enhance the dignity of women and to elevate them to a worthy position in paradise but instead the governments take severe action against well dressed fully covered women so as to encourage nudism & sexuality and obedience to satan. A woman wearing a scarf was stabbed to death with a knife right in the presence of the police in a court of justice in Germany. Is it not extremely shameful? The Governments should take care of respect for women by obedience to God.
f) "The policy of live and let live" or toleration is far better than compulsion for all women to dress alike. This world is not a place for compulsion but a place for test & trial with freewill to obey God or to obey satanic ruler. God gives a long rope, a very long rope before punishment. God has promised compensation with justice on the Day of Recompense. He destroyed the entire nations for disobeying his messengers Nooh(A.S) Lut(A.S) & Saleh (A.S).
g) In USA there is no malice against women who dress themselves like the best lady in the world Fatima (S.A). Some countries in Europe should also give up their prejudice against veil and scarf. Disobedience to God is most contemptible and shameful .Those who disobey God if they escape punishment here shall definitely be punished in the Hereafter if they do not repent and seek forgiveness from God and follow His commandments & prohibitions. Hope in Gods forgiveness should not exceed Fear of His punishment.
32) After the demise of the holy Messenger (S.A), Fatima (S.A) said "So many calamities had fallen on me that if they were to fall on day it would turn into night.
Note: a) Fatima(S.A) was intensely grieved at the death of her affectionate father. She used to weep loudly for him in' Baytol Ahzan'.Mohammad (S.A) loved & respected her and used to stand up in respect for her to teach the ignorant Arabs how to respect her. But the hypocrite Muslims who loved only this world treated her with utmost disrespect after her father's death. Mohammad (S.A) used to call her ی ''Mother of her father' and had also said May your father lay down his life for you".
b) It was a great calamity for Fatima(S.A)when Ali (A.S)whom she loved & served with all devotion was denied and deprived of his right of leadership of Muslim Ummah in spite of his exquisite excellences and appointment by God as the successor of the holy messenger(S.A) at different occasions, such as, Ghadir & by Hadith e Thaqalain. She sacrified her life in defending the RIGHT of Ali(A.S).hence she was regarded as a model by all Imams, who said," We are guiding authorities appointed by God for all people and Fatima (S.A) is His guiding authority for us.
c) Hadithe Thaqalain is recorded in many reliable books of Muslims as follows: The holy messenger (S.A) has said,"O people! I am leaving two weighty treasures for you "The Book of God and My Etrat"(The Ahle Bayt).Those who follow them shall never go astray& they (Quran & Imams) are INSEPARABLE until they reach me at Kausar( a fountain in Heaven). Fatima (S.A) was extremely sorrowful when usurpers didn't follow this hadith. Those Muslims who follow only one of those two precious treasures will go astray, because 1. The Book of God is silent (Quran e Samet) and can be misinterpreted by anyone to suit his worldly aspirations and mislead others and usurp the rights of the Etrat , who are Talking Book of God ( ) the best & the perfect teachers and embodiment of Quran .Etrat are the best followers of 'Sunnat' of the best Messenger of God .Those who follow the sunnat of people who are inferior to the best messenger are definitely inferior to Etrat and have astrayed. So all muslims should follow both Quran & Etrat and their Sunnat & not the sunnat of anyone else.
d) This temporal world is a place of test & trial for eternal reward or punishment on the Day of Recompense. Great spiritual personalities have to face great troubles here to reap great rewards in the hereafter. Imam Sajjad (A.S) prayed to God that he should be compensated for all his good deeds not here but in the hereafter as the reward there is everlasting. It should be noted that nonbelievers are compensated for their good deeds by God here in this world, but punished eternally in the hereafter for disbelief, polytheism & sins. Therefore no wonder! that Fatima (S.A) had faced so many calamities in this world like the Messengers and the Imams(A.S).
e) Fatima (S.A) could hardly survive for 75 to 95 days after the sad demise of her father Mohammad (S.A). She faced all atrocities bravely in love of Ali (A.S). All men & women are put to test & trial by God & those who follow Fatima (S.A) as their model win God's mercy whereas those who follow or agree with her enemies for the sake of worldly gains in this short span of life shall relish pain & punishment eternally in the Hereafter .Fatima (S.A) abstained from speaking to those who had enmity with her and were responsible for all her atrocities. She told Ali (A.S) that none of them should attend her funeral and that she should be interred during night.
33) Once a woman asked Fatima (S.A) ten questions for religious guidance of her mother. She was given answers to all her questions. Then she was reluctant to ask more questions, so as not to make Fatima (S.A) tired. But Fatima (S.A) told her," I will be rewarded by God much more than the worth of pearls that would fill the space between earth& sky for answering your questions, so obviously it will not be tiresome for me to reply to your questions so please do not hesitate".
34) Imam Hasan (A.S) has narrated:" I have seen my mother Fatima (S.A) saying prayers all the night of Thursday standing, bowing and prostrating in salaat until the dawn of Friday morning and I heard her supplication for faithful men &faithful women by their names. She prayed for them extremely but she didn't ask anything for herself from God. I asked her:" O Mother! Why didn't you ask anything for yourself as for others?
She said: " My son! Neighbours first & our household next.

Note: Fatima (S.A) was the best lady in the world ( ). No woman excelled her in sincere devotion to God. Allah was so pleased with her that the angel of revelation Gabriel was sent to her to reveal all important events that will take place up to Doomsday, and Ali(A.S) used to write it down, and it is known as Sahifa e Fatima. Imam Khomeini has pointed out that the greatest excellence of Fatima is her' Sahifa', as the angel Gabriel was not sent for 124000 divine prophets (). The Heavenly Books, Sahifa of Ibrahim(A.S) Torah of Moosa (A.S)Zaboor of Davood (A.S)Injeel of Eesa(A.S) and the holy Quran of Mohammad (S.A) were all revealed by God to the best person of his time through the angel of revelation Gabriel. These Heavenly Books contained God's commandments, to suit their times, but were finalized in Islam as the everlasting religion from God for peace & guidance of all mankind, whereas Sahifa e Fatima was for her information to alleviate her grief at the death of her beloved father Mohammad (S.A).The Sahifa e Fatima was passed from Fatima& Ali (A.S) to all the divinely appointed Imams in her progeny and now it is possessed by the twelfth Imam, Mahdi (A. F)
35) Fatima (S.A) told Ali (A.S): "O father of Hasan! God created my light and it glorified God, then God placed it in one of the trees in Heaven .When my father Mohammad (S.A) entered Heaven, he ate fresh fruit from that tree by the will of God. Thereby my light was conveyed into his body. Then my light was transferred into the womb of my mother (Khadija'A.S'). I am that light."Fatima
Note: a) Fatima (S.A) was the only daughter born to Khadijah(S.A) after the ascension () of the holy messenger (S.A).
Note: b) Importance of Fatima (S.A) is like Lailatol Qadr., the best night throughout the year for prayers. God changes the destinies of persons for every following year according to their prayers and good deeds on this most worthy night. People who sincerely love and have cognizance of Fatima (S.A) in reality benefit from the Night of Destiny in the month of Ramazan.
c) When Ibrahim, the son of Mohammad (S.A) died, the holy messenger was addressed as 'Abtar' by his enemy. 'Abtar' means without posterity. But God blessed Mohammad (S.A) with a daughter Fatima (S.A) to make his posterity last up to the end of the world. Moreover all Imams were destined in the lineage of Mohammad(S.A) through his daughter Fatima(S.A) & Ali (A.S) up to Imam Mahdi(A.F) the savior of humanity who shall establish the universal kingdom of justice on earth. So God has said in the holy Quran (O Mohammad) It is your enemy who shall be without posterity (Kawthar108:A3).
Inn a shaaneaka hoval abtar
Hence his only daughter Fatima(S.A) is a source of abundance of virtues or Kawther, a perennial fountain in Heaven.
36) Once the holy Messenger (S.A) saw Fatima(S.A) wearing a very simple dress and rotating a stone grinder with one hand and feeding milk to her baby held in her lap. Beholding this, tears rolled down his eyes and he said,"My beloved daughter! by tasting hardships and bitterness in this world you will procure sweetness of blessings in the Hereafter. Fatima (S.A) said:" O the Messenger (S.A) of God! I thank God for His blessings "Then this Aayat 'God will grant you so much in the Hereafter that you will be gratified".( Az Zoha93: A 5) was sent down to him.
Note: a) This Aayat refers to intercession by Mohammad (S.A)and his Ahle bayt on the Day of Judgment No one can intercede except by God's permission ( ) is mentioned in Aayatal Kursi. (S2:A255)
b) The best intercessors on the Day of Judgment are14 sinless personalities as mentioned in Ziarate Jameah Kabirah.'O my God! if I had found intercessors nearer to You than Mohammad(S.A) and his virtuous Ahle Bayt the immaculate Imams I would have sought their intercession, hence for the rights which You have made incumbent upon Yourself for their sake, I request You to include me among those who have their cognizance as well as cognizance of their Rights and in the group of those who are blessed by their intercession. Indeed You are the Most Merciful of all. (Ali Naqi'A.S')
37) Silence of Fatima (S.A).silence is gold where speech is silver. When the holy messenger (S.A) asked his daughter Fatima (S.A) about marriage with Ali (A.S) she was silent. So her father (S.A) declared "Allah o Akbar! her silence is her approval ", as witnessed by her countenance. An angel informed Mohammad (S.A) that Fatima (S.A) has been married in heaven to Ali (A.S) and God has destined their marriage to be celebrated on earth.
Note: a) God has said "If Fatima was not in My Mind I would not have created both of you. (Mohammad &Ali'A.S')
(Ya Ahmad! Lao laak le ma khalaqhtal aflaak, lao la Ali le ma khalaqhtoka,va lao la Fatima le ma khalaqhtokoma)
God has destined His guidance to be continued up to Doomsday by sinless Imams from the progeny of Fatima (S.A), the only surviving daughter of His last &best messenger Mohammad (S.A) who celebrated the marriage of Fatima (S.A) the best woman on earth with Ali (A.S) the best man on earth, in compliance with God's order through the angel of revelation Gabriel.
b) Previously, some companions and wealthy persons requested for marrying Fatima (S.A) but the holy messenger rejected them saying "Do you want to impose marriage because of wealth? I am waiting for God's command in this regard (Antazero amrollah e fiha)".Then it was seen that a star from heaven lit the house of Ali (A.S).
c) Women should always give preference to good character and not wealth when making a decision for marriage.
38) In the beginning of married life of Fatima (S.A) & Ali (A.S) domestic work was divided between them by the holy messenger (S.A) who said,"All work outside the house may be performed by Ali (A.S) and inside the house by Fatima (S.A)"
On hearing this, Fatima (S.A) said," God knows how much was I delighted by this division of work for I dont have to encounter ' na mahram' men.
Note: Some people think that family life is a great responsibility for women, because housekeeping, cooking and bringing up worthy children is a fulltime job for mothers. So Muslim women should be contented by keeping themselves devoted to the family, thus economic problems may be solved as well as piety may be maintained in a society when all outdoor works are performed by men only. They say, If enormous budgets for war are diverted for peace & men are paid enough to maintain their wives & families at home, then all women would be free to manage their homes only and unemployment problem for men and economic crisis may exist no more.
39) Fatima (S.A) gave her new shirt, purchased for her marriage by her father Mohammad (S.A), to one who was in dire need of it. She preferred to keep her old shirt for herself rather than give it as charity, bearing the following Aayat of holy Quran in mind" You can never attain excellence until you spend out of what you hold dear for yourself" ( S Ale Imran :A 92)Fatima's performance was more eloquent than words.
Note: People generally give away their old or worn out clothing or other things to beggars or welfare organizations to please God. But Fatima (S.A) was a model for all ladies and an embodiment of the holy Quran, when she gave away her marriage shirt in charity which pleased Allah so much that on the same night Gabriel was sent with a glittering heavenly shirt from paradise for her Marriage.
40) Once Fatima (S.A) in order to gladden Imam Hasan & Imam Husain(A.S) told them that tomorrow new clothes will be brought for the Eid festival. The next day an angel disguised as a tailor actually brought two new dresses, the green one for Imam Hasan (A.S) & the red one for Imam Husain (A.S) from Heaven. Fatima (S.A) was the best & the most truthful lady on earth, and God was pleased to prove her words for her children as True. The holy Quran testifies that Ahle Bayt are immaculate and truthful in the following Aayat: Indeed Allah desires to keep all physical & spiritual pollution away from you O people of the house! and to purify you a thorough purification." (Ahzab33: 33)
People of the house of Mohammad (S.A) include Fatima, Ali, Hasan & Husain (A.S) and not the wives of the holy Messenger (S.A)as testified by the holy messenger on several occasions. Otherwise the words & yutahharakunna would have been used instead of & yutahharakum in this Aayate Tatheer.
Note: a) The holy messenger (S.A) has said whoever recites my ziarat in Madina after my death is like one who has come to Madina to meet me & whoever recites ziarat of Fatima (S.A) is like one who has met me. One who recites ziarat of Imam Ali (A.S) is like one who has recited ziarat of Fatima(A.S) and one who recites ziarat of Imam Hasan &Imam Husain(A.S) is like one who has met Ali (A.S)and the one who recites ziarat of any Imam in the linage of Imam Husain (A.S) is like the one who has met Imam Hasan &Imam Husain (A.S).Ziarat should be recited with love & cognizance of the excellence of the final messenger (S.A) & the 100% sinless Imams(A.S) who were martyred. Martyrs are alive and reply to your salaam and you feel it by realizing the grace showered on you.
b) Imam Reza (A.S) has said," when God revealed the Aayat" And give to the relatives their due right"(Va Aate Zol Qhurba Haqhqhahu)(S17:A26) the holy Messenger (S.A) said to Fatima (S.A) this Fadak I have given by the command of God to you for your children's subsistence".
Fadak was an extensive farmland with garden and had good income. It was acquired without war or rather presented to Mohammad (S.A) by a Jewish tribe to ensure their security and peace. AbuBakr grabbed this property from Fatima (S.A) after the death of the holy Messenger (S.A) saying that Mohammad (S.A) had said:"After my death this land is property of all Muslims" but AbuBakr had no witnesses to prove his claim. Therefore friends of Fatima (S.A) call him and his supporters as Usurpers. Fatima (S.A) made a prudent speech in Masjid un Nabi from behind a curtain and all the Momins were moved to tears by her mourning and they were convinced with her sagacious arguments based on Quran. AbuBakr was puzzled and gave irrelevant replies and even deprived Umme Salamah(Umm ul Momenin) of her stipend for a year because of supporting Fatima(S.A). AbuBakr was told if you give back Fadak to Fatima (S.A) she will claim the Right of Ali (A.S) to Khilafat then the tribe of Mohammad (S.A) will rule over all other tribes.
However Fadak was returned many times to descendants of Fatima(S.A)by some rulers who considered Abu Bakr as an usurper, and Fadak was taken back by some other rulers (Khalifas) who cared only for this world& were indifferent for their Hereafter.
If the divinely appointed Imams (S.A) were not deprived of Khilafat by selfish motives and love for power by usurpers, True Islam would have prevailed with justice & peace all over the world. However, when the respite () for Satan(Iblees)& usurpers is over, God will fulfill His promise to send the last Imam Mahdi (A.F)and Jesus(A.S) to establish His kingdom of justice all over the world.

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