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The Qur'an Centers of the Al-Mustafa International University in the world

According to IQNA, the university\'s cultural deputy Hojjat al-Islam Mohammad Reza Saleh made the remark in a press conference in Qom on Monday, November 18, 2013 while elaborating on Al-Mustafa International University\'s activities and programs.
He said that promoting and conveying the message of the Holy Qur\'an to millions of eager hearts around the world is among the missions of Al-Mustafa International University by establishing 300 Centers of the Holy Qur\'an in different countries.
Hojjat al-Islam Saleh added that the academic and seminary institution is one of the most influential centers in introducing different aspects of the religious and Qur\'anic thought and the Islamic Revolution at the international arena.
He referred to training Qur\'an interpreters, reciters and memorizers, organizing Qur\'anic programs in different categories, as well as writing and translating books as other activities of the university since its establishment.
Hojjat al-Islam Saleh underlined that the university\'s efforts have effectively thwarted the anti-Shia propaganda of the enemies.
He pointed to the organization of the Qur\'an and Hadith Olympiad and said the 19th edition of the event will be held with the participation of seminarians from 82 nationalities.
The religious scholar said the Olympiad, which is unique in terms of variety of categories and the number of participants, aims to develop and deepen Qur\'an and Hadith teachings abroad and draw special attention to Nahj-ul-Balaqa and Sahifeh Sajjadiyeh.
He stated that some 2000 individuals have signed up to take part in the Olympiad, predicting that the number could rise to 10000.

New works on Qur’an and Hadith by Al-Mustafa Int’l University unveiled in Qom
Five new publications of Al-Mustafa International University on Qur\'an and Hadith issues were unveiled on November 19 in the holy city of Qom.
According to IQNA\'s branch in Qom, the books were unveiled at a session with the participation of Hojat-ol-Islam Saleh, culture and education deputy of the university, and Hojjat al-Islam Faker Meibodi, research deputy of Imam Khomeini (RA) Higher Education Complex.
\"Ayat-e Hayat\" (verses of life), \"Jor\'e-yi az Noor\" (a shot of light), \"Naseem-e Hedayat\" (breath of guidance), \"Kalaam-e Naab\" (noble saying) and \"Al-Ma\'naa\" (meaning) are the five books published by the university for the 19th edition of Qur\'an and Hadith International Olympiad.
The books include interpretation of Surah Fatiha, Baqara and Tahreem, explanation of some of the sermons of Nahjul Balagha, Sahifa Sajjadiyya and clarifications on the Islamic lifestyle.
Speaking at the session, Hojjat al-Islam Meibodi, head of the Scientific Committee of the Olympiad, said that students at different levels of study compete in three sections of the Olympiad including scientific-Qur\'anic activities, research and Qur\'anic skills.
He noted that there are two groups in the world of Islam one of which is Qur\'an-oriented and the other is Hadith-oriented, but the international university tries to organize its programs based on Thaqalayn, the heritage of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) which includes both Qur\'an and Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS).

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