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Ababa bin Rubai Ansari

Source: Ain-al-Hayat, By: Allama Muhammad Baqir Majlisi

It is narrated that a youth by name of Ababa bin Rubai Ansari used to regularly visit Abd Allah bin Abbas. He used to treat the youth with respect and give him a place near himself to sit.
People told to Abdullah bin Abbas that the youth was a thief of the shrouds from the fresh graves in the community graveyard and that he must not give him so much respect.
Abdullah bin Abbas wanted to confirm this matter by himself. He therefore visited the graveyard in the darkness of nights. One night he found the youth coming there. From his hiding he saw the youth lie down in an empty grave and say, O Allah! I am a sinful person. I know that one day I will be brought to this place and buried in one of the graves. At that time only You can help me! I have unnecessarily troubled innocent people! On the Day of Reckoning, who else but You can help me? O Munificent Allah! I resolve now that I shall not let sin ever come near me from now on!
The youth thus cried for some time. When he emerged from the grave, Abd Allah bin Abbas ran towards him and embraced him. From that day he had more respect for the youth.

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