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Prophet Dawood (A.S.) meets Prophet Huzqeel (A.S.)

Source: Ain-al-Hayat, By: Allama Muhammad Baqir Majlisi

Imam Ja’far As-Sadiq (as) narrates that when prophet Dawood (as) committed the Tark al-Aula (the first misdemeanor), he remained in prostration for forty days. During this time, he cried and did not raise his head except for prayers. His forehead started bleeding. With excessive crying his eyes too bled. After forty days a sound came, “O Dawood (as)! What do you want? If you are hungry, you will be sated, if you are thirsty, water shall be provided. If you are naked, clothes shall be provided. If you have any fear, that fear shall be expelled!” Prophet Dawood (as) said, “O my Sustainer! I am a sinner and I am afraid because You are the most Just!” then the Revelation came, “O Dawood (as)! Be repentant and earn salvation!”
After hearing this Prophet Dawood (as) started reciting the Zaboor and supplicating. With him the trees, the stones and the animals too joined in supplication. He reached a mountain and found prophet Huzqeel (as), Prophet busy in prayer inside a cave. When he heard the wails of animals, he understood that Prophet Dawood (as) had arrived there. Prophet Dawood (as) went ahead and told to Prophet Huzqeel (as), if you permit me I shall come near you.” Prophet Huzqeel (as) replied, “you are a sinner!” Prophet Dawood (as) cried inconsolably when a revelation came to Prophet Huzqeel (as), “Dawood (as) has committed Tark al-Aula and you should not reprimand him for that because I keep friends with those who repent, and there is none more forgiving than Me.”
Prophet Huzqeel (as) took Prophet Dawood (as) inside his living quarters. Prophet Dawood (as) asked Prophet Huzqeel (as) if he ever got the idea of committing a sin. Prophet Huzqeel (as) said, “No.” Prophet Dawood (as) again asked, “Are you proud that you never got a thought of committing a sin.” Prophet Huzqeel (as) said, “No.” Prophet Dawood (as) asked him, “have you ever felt the worldly needs in your heart?” Prophet Huzqeel (as) replied, “yes. Sometimes I have such feelings.” Prophet Dawood (as) asked, “then how do you overcome these wishes?”
Prophet Huzqeel (as) said, at such moments I enter into the crevice of this mountain and treat myself with whatever I find there, Prophet Dawood (as) accompanied him into the crevice of the cave and noticed that there was a table of iron there. On that table there were some bones and also a tablet of metal. Prophet Dawood (as) picked up that tablet. It was engraved on the tablet, “I am Arwa bin Shalam?. I have ruled for a thousand years, founded thousand cities and slept with thousand virgins. In the end I was rendered to a condition that the dust is my bed and the stone my pillow! My companions are snakes and scorpions! Therefore whosoever sees me should not be carried away with the attractions of the world!”

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