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Sayings of Imam Reza (A.S.)

Source: Ain-al-Hayat, By: Allama Muhammad Baqir Majlisi

Yasir asked Imam Ar-Reza (as), “O son of the Prophet! What is your opinion about Tafweed (delegation)?” The Imam replied, “Follow the precepts communicated by Allah through the Prophet. The other attributes of Creation and Sustenance, He has not delegated to anyone.”
Abu Hashim Jafferi narrates that Imam ‘Ali ar Ar-Reza (as) was asked by the people his opinion about the belief of the Ghillat (the exaggerators) and the Uquool al-Ashara. The Imam replied, “Believing anyone other than Allah as capable of creating the land and the sky is sheer heresy. Friendship with such persons, eating with them and having marital relations with them is strictly forbidden.”
Bin Babawiyah narrates from Imam Ar-Reza (as) asked Hind bin Abi Hala about the appearance and personality of the Prophet (S). Hind said, “The Prophet (S) had an imposing personality. The face was radiant that it would put the full moon to shame! He was of average height--- neither too tall nor short. His head was neither big nor small and the hair was somewhat curly and soft. When the hair on his head used to grow, after tonsuring, he would part them in the middle to facilitate anointing while performing the ablution. Tonsuring of the head was not fashionable in Arabia of those days and, generally people did this during Haj and Umra.
Imam Ar-Reza (as) has said that Allah has clearly ordered the people about the do’s and don’ts. He has also warned that the people should not go against His Commandments and become cause of controversy and punishment. Therefore it is imperative that the people have a mentor ordained by Allah who can enforce the Commandments and guide the people. If this were not the case then everyone would go his own way running after selfish motives.
Imam Ar-Reza (as) said that the Prophet (S) has said that, “whoever is a friend of ‘Ali (as), will be at a place where the Prophets will be accommodated on the Day of Judgement. ‘Ali’s enemies will find themselves treated like the Jews on the Day of Reckoning.”
Imam Ar-Reza (as) has narrated from his ancestors that they had heard from the Prophet (S), who in turn had received the information from Jibrael and Mikael that Allah has said, “the Wilayath of ‘Ali (as) is like a fort where every person is safe from My Retribution.”
Imam Ar-Ridha (as) further said, “O Abu Muhammad! I have the Jameah” I asked him, “What is Jameah?” The Imam (as) replied, “Jameah is a document dictated by the Prophet (S) to Amir’ul-Mu’mineen ‘Ali (as). This contains the details of everything that is legitimate (Halal) and taboo (Haram) for the believers.” Then the Imam said, “We have the Mushaf al-Fatima (the Book of Fatima). This Book is three times more voluminous than the Holy Qur’an and contains, besides the Qur’an, all the information about the past and about the times to come.”
Salman Jafferi narrates that he was sitting with Imam Ar-Reza (as) in his garden. At that time a bird came, started rolling on the ground. The Imam (as) went inside the house for a while. On his return, he asked me, “O Salman! Do you know what this bird was complaining about?” I said, “I don’t know!”
The Imam (as) said, “A snake was eating away its chicks. Even today the snake came to swallow its chicks.The bird came to complain to me about the snake. I went and killed the snake!”

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