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Helping the cause of Imamat

De\'bal al-Khozaee (r.a.) was among the poets of Aal al-Muhammad (a.s.) and praised them excessively and narrated their virtues abundantly in his poems and elegies. Once he went to meet Imam Ali Raza (a.s.) on the Day of Ashoora. When Imam (a.s.) saw him, he exclaimed, \'Welcome O De\'bal! Welcome Oh our helper with the hand and tongue!\'
Then Imam (a.s.) made some place and seated De\'bal (r.a.) next to himself. Imam (a.s.) asked De\'bal (r. a.) to recite poems on the afflictions of Imam Husain (a.s.) and said to him: \'O De\'bal, recite elegies for Imam Husain (a.s.) You are our helper and exalter for the rest of your life. Then do not neglect to help us in whatever way you can.\'
This is Imam\'s (a.s.) recommendation not only to De\' bal (r .a.), but to all Shias in the period of occultation, that they should help the cause of Imamat and Mastership in whatever way they can. Hence, every step towards the exaltation and propagation of the remembrance of Imams (a.s.) will be accounted as a help and support to their cause. And Allah\'s promise extends to all those who fall in this category. Allah promises to help them and keep them steadfast.
These glad tidings of help and steadfastness apply more to the Shias in the period of occultation, as the perils of irreligiousness, faithlessness and lapses are more severe in this period than in all previous periods. Then those who wish to secure for themselves the good fortune of Allah\'s help and support should endeavour to propagate the virtues and remembrance of the Imams (a.s.) with all means possible. They should understand the gravity of this responsibility and never be negligent of it. If we do this, then Allah will protect us from all pitfalls in occultation and will catch our hands in slippery places.

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