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Narration of Prophet Khizr (A.S.)

Source: Shaykh Saduq, Kamaaluddin wa Tamaamun Ni’ma Vol. 1
Perfection of Faith and Completion of Divine Favor

1 - Narrated to me Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq (r.a.): Narrated to us Abdul Aziz bin Yahya Basri: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Atiyyah: Narrated to us Hisham bin Ja’far from Hammad from Abdullah Ibne Sulaiman that he said: “I read in some books of Allah, the Mighty and Sublime that Dhulqarnain was a righteous man. Allah appointed him as a proof on His servants and did not appoint his as a prophet. Allah gave him power in the earth and things worked out in his favor. He described to him the spring of life and said that one who drinks from this, never dies till he hears the blowing of the horn. Thus he set out in search of this spring till he reached to the area in which it was located. There were 360 springs in that place. Khizr was in the vanguard of his army and he was the Dhulqarnain’s favorite. Dhulqarnain gave to Khizr and other men a salted dry fish each and instructed them to wash it in different springs and stressed that each of them should wash in only one spring. Each of them headed for different springs. When Khizr placed the fish in his spring, it became alive and swam away. When Khizr noticed this he realized that he has come to the spring of life.
So he washed his clothes in the same spring, bathed and also drank the water. All the people returned with fish but Khizr did not have any. On being asked Khizr narrated the whole story. Dhulqarnain asked: Did you drink that water? He replied: Yes. Dhulqarnain said: The spring was destined for you. Congratulations for you. You will remain in the world concealed from the eyes of the people till the blowing of the horn.”
2 - Narrated to us Ali bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Abi Abdullah Ali bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Abi Abdullah Barqi: Narrated to us my father from his grandfather Ahmad bin Abi Abdullah from his father from Muhammad bin Abi Umair from Hamza bin Humran and others from As-Sadiq Ja’far bin Muhammad (a.s.) that he said: “Abu Ja’far Muhammad bin Ali al-Baqir (a.s.) stood in an extremely worried condition leaning on a wall in Medina. A man approached him and said: O Abu Ja’far, what has aggrieved you? If you are worried about the world, you should know that the sustenance of Allah is there and both the good as well as the bad have a share in it. If you are worried about the hereafter, the promise of the powerful Lord is true. Abu Ja’far (a.s.) said: It is not sorrow, I am worried about the mischief of Ibne Zubair. That person said: Have you seen anyone fearing Allah but not getting deliverance? Anyone relying on Allah for whom Allah did not suffice? One who took refuge with Allah but whom Allah did not give refuge? Abu Ja’far said: No. That person went away. The Imam was asked: Who was that man? He replied: It was Khizr (a.s.).”
The author says: The above report is such but in another report it is mentioned that this incident occurred with Ali bin al-Husain (a.s.).
3 - Narrated to us my father (r.a.): Narrated to me Saad bin Abdullah and Abdullah bin Ja’far Himyari that they said: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Isa from Muhammad bin Khalid Barqi from Ahmad bin Zaid Nishapuri: Narrated to me Umar bin Ibrahim Hashimi from Abdul Malik bin Umair from Usaid Ibne Safwan, a companion of the Messenger of Allah (S) that he said: “On the day Amirul Momineen (a.s.) passed away, Kufa echoed with wails and lamentations and people were horrified like on the day the Messenger of Allah (S) had passed away. A man came weeping and saying: Verily we belong to Allah and Him we shall return. Today the caliphate of the Prophet has been cut off. And he stood at the door of the house where Amirul Momineen (a.s.) lay.
Then he said: May Allah have mercy on you, O Abal Hasan, you were the foremost in Islam, you had the purest faith, the deepest certainty and most feared Allah, the Mighty and Sublime. In comparison to other companions you fulfilled the covenant of the Prophet more. Your excellences are supreme, your precedences are most honorable, your grade is the highest, you were most proximate to the Prophet and most resembling the Prophet in word and behavior and in aims and actions. Your status was lofty and honored. May Allah give you a good reward on behalf of Islam, Muslims and the Prophet. When the companions fell weak you strengthened Islam. When they displayed sloth you showed your initiative.
When they left the Prophet alone you rendered help to him. You turned to the clear path of the Messenger of Allah (S) when the companions were in confusion. You are the rightful caliph in which there is no doubt, even though the hypocrites may dislike and the sinners may be disheartened.
You established the divine command when the people ignored it. You spoke up the rightful when people hesitated to speak the truth, you walked in the light of Allah when others remained still. If they had followed you they would have received guidance. Among all the people your voice was soft, your sign was strength, your speech was little, your words accurate, your view reliable, your heart most valiant, your certainty most deep, your action, the best and you knew most about the affairs.
By Allah, you are the chief of religion, for the believers you were a kind father and one who cared for his family and its well being. Thus you lifted the burden when others showed weakness and took care of the things that they wasted. And you were caring of that in which they were careless. When they were defeated in fighting, you rekindled the fire. And when they were victims of inferiority complex you encouraged them. When they expressed helplessness you showed determination. If they lagged behind you reached them and through you they used to reach that they could not even imagine.
You were severe on the disbelievers and a cloud of joy and mercy for the believers. By Allah, bounties were released for your sake. And you succeeded in your aim. And you got the first of them. You left the world with your merits, and your proof did not become invalid. You were never discouraged. Your insight never weakened and cowardice never invaded your self.
Your example was like that of a mountain that a fast wind cannot shake and the thunder cannot move. Regarding you the Holy Prophet (S) had said: Even though your body is weak but you are strong in divine legislation. You are humble, proximate to the Almighty, His chosen one, great on the earth, owner of dignity in the view of believers. No one can point out any defect in you. No one can ridicule you.
No one can make fun of you. You were very particular in observing the divine limits. The weak and the downtrodden is strong in your view till you don’t restore his rights. And the strong one is lowly in your view till you don’t take away from him the rights of others he had usurped. The far and the near were same for you. Truthfulness and loyalty are your main qualities. Your statements are firm and true. Your command is forbearance and your opinion is knowledge. You found the path. Through you the chastisement was removed. Moderation came in religion because of you.
Allah revealed His command even though the disbelievers found it despicable. Through you faith was strengthened and through you Islam and believers became steadfast. You went much beyond that and bore utmost difficulties for the sake of Islam. The tragedy of your demise is severe upon the people. Your tragedy is great for the folks of the heavens and the creatures have been shaken up by your sorrow. Verily we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return. By Allah the Muslims can never reach to your level.
You were refuge for the believers and destruction for the disbelievers. May Allah join you with His Prophet and may He not deprive us from the reward of following you. May He guard us from deviation after you. The companions of the Prophet wept upon hearing this discourse. Then they searched for this person but was nowhere to be found.”
4 - Narrated to us Muzaffar bin Ja’far bin Muzaffar Alwai Umari Samarqandi (r.a.): Narrated to us Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Masud from his father Muhammad bin Masud from Ja’far bin Ahmad from Hasan bin Ali bin Faddal that he said: I heard Abul Hasan Ali bin Musa ar-Reza (a.s.) say: “Khizr (a.s.) drank from the nectar of life. Thus he is alive and will not die till the bugle is blown. Indeed he comes to us and he greets us by Salaam. His voice is audible but he could not be seen. And he is present wherever his name is mentioned. Thus whomsoever of you mentions him, must say Salaam to him. Every year he is present in the ceremonies of Hajj. He performs all the rituals and he camps at Arafat; says Amen to the prayers of believers. And the Almighty Allah changes the loneliness of our Qaim (a.s.) during his occultation into his companionship and removes his loneliness through him (Khizr).”
5 - And through the same chain of narrators he said: Abul Hasan Ali bin Musa ar-Reza (a.s.) said: “When the Prophet (S) passed away from this world and calamities came down on the holy Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) at that time Amirul Momineen, Fatima, Hasan and Husain (a.s.) were present in the room in which the holy body of the holy Prophet (S) was laid. Suddenly there came a voice, “Assalaamu alaikum O Ahlul Bayt! Every living being will taste the taste of death. Your reward will be given fully to you in the Qiyamat. If anyone dies, verily, Allah is his substitute and successor Who provides patience in every calamity and He is the remover of its harm. He compensates every loss. So rely only on Him because the (real) loser is he who loses the reward of Allah.” Amirul Momineen (a.s.) said, “He (the invisible speaker) is my brother Khizr (a.s.). He has come to condole you on the death of your Prophet (S).”
6 - Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq (r.a.): Informed us Ahmad bin Muhammad Hamadani: Narrated to us Ali bin Husain bin Ali bin Faddal from his father from Abul Hasan Ali bin Musa ar-Reza (a.s.) that he said: “When the Prophet (S) passed away from this world a man came and stood behind the house presenting his condolences. Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) heard him but could not see him. So Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) said: This is Khizr (a.s.), who has come to give condolence for your Prophet.”
7 - Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq (r.a.): Narrated to us Abu Ahmad Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Isa: Narrated to us Ali bin Saeed bin Basheer: Narrated to us Ibne Kasib: Narrated to us Abdullah bin Maimoon Makki: Narrated to us Ja’far bin Muhammad from his father from Ali bin Husain (a.s.) in a lengthy tradition at the end of which he said: “When the Prophet (S) passed away a man came to present his condolences. They could hear him but were not able to see him. He said: “Peace be on you and the mercy of Allah and His bounties. Every living being will taste the taste of death. Your reward will be given fully to you in the Qiyamat. If anyone dies, verily, Allah is his substitute and successor Who provides patience in every calamity and He is the remover of its harm. He compensates every loss. So rely only on Him because the (real) loser is he who loses the reward of Allah.” Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) said, “Do you know who that is?” “No,” they replied. He said, “It is Khizr (a.s.).”
The author says: Most of our opponents accept the traditions about Khizr (a.s.) and they believe that he is alive but he cannot be seen, and that he is present where he is remembered. Neither the opponents deny his long life nor say that these traditions are illogical. However they object to the long life of the Qaim (a.s.). These people believe that it is within the power of Allah to keep a person alive till the blowing of the horn. They agree to the life and occultation of the accursed Iblees till the known time. But they do not accept the longevity and occultation of the Proof of Allah even though authentic traditions have come down from the Messenger of Allah (S) regarding his name and clarifying about his genealogy and origin.

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