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Hazrat Fatimah az- Zahra’s (S.A.) Eloquence

By: Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi
Allah has endowed Fatimah (s.a.) with wisdom and eloquence. She had inherited her father’s wisdom and maxims which were the mines of skills and eloquence. Therefore, she was the most eloquent woman in Islam. Here are some of the words transmitted from her:
1. She said, ‘The mirth towards a believer makes one deserve to be in the Paradise, and the mirth towards a resisting opponent protects one from the Fire.’28
From the manners that Islam has established in the life of Muslims is to smile and be mirthful towards all people, because this spreads love and cordiality in the society.
2. She said, ‘Whoever sends up to Allah his sincere worship, Allah sends down to him the best of what benefits him.’29
3. She said, ‘Allah has imposed justice as musk for hearts.’30
4. Fatimah bint Imam al-Husayn (a.s.) narrated from her father that her grandmother Fatimah (s.a.) said, ‘The best of you are the most lenient and most generous to their women (wives).’31
5. She said, ‘What is the use of one’s fasting if he does not restrain his tongue, ears, eyes and senses?’
Allah has imposed fasting on man in order to purify him from sin and guilt. A fasting person must restrain his tongue from lying, ears from hearing backbiting, eyes from looking at what Allah has prohibited, abdomen from eating ill-gotten things,…etc.
6. When the Prophet (S) left to the better world, Muslim women began mentioning the Prophet’s virtues, qualities and exploits. Fatimah (s.a.) said to them, ‘Give up this mentioning and keep on invoking!’32
Mentioning the dead one’s virtues and qualities does not benefit him with anything. What benefits him is to pray to Allah for him and invoke Allah to forgive him. It has been mentioned that she said to the Hashemite women who consoled her, ‘Give up mourning and keep on invocation!’33

The Mus’haf (Book) of Fatimah
Fatimah (s.a.) had compiled a book after the dictations of the Prophet (S) to her. She recorded in it, the events that would take place without talking about the matters of lawfulness and unlawfulness. Later on, this book was called “Mus’haf Fatimah”. This book was with the infallible imams (a.s.). They referred to it to see the events that human beings would face in their coming life. It is too false and silly to say that the “Mus’haf Fatimah” is a Qur’an other than the Qur’an which is in the hands of Muslims. The enemies of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) and the opponents of the Shia waged a violent attack against them and accused them of distorting the Qur’an and claimed that the “Mus’haf Fatimah” is another Qur’an different from the Qur’an known among all Muslims. We have refuted all that in our book “The purity of the Qur’an from distortion”.
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