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The Holy Shrine of Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (S.A.)

By: Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi
The place of Fatimah’s tomb was and is still unknown for she had asked Imam Ali (a.s.) to hide it to be a proof on her anger against the people who spared no effort in oppressing her without regarding her position and nearness to the messenger of Allah.
Anyhow, it was said that she had been buried in al-Baqee’ Graveyard,14 and said that she had been buried in her house,15 and said between the Prophet’s tomb and his minbar. The Prophet (S) had said in one of his traditions, ‘Between my tomb and my minbar there is a garden from the gardens of the Paradise.’16
However it was, complaint spread everywhere and people began blaming each other. They said that the Prophet (S) had not left except one daughter that she died and was buried and no one of them attended her funerals and burial. The men of authority were angry at that and they tried to uncover the graves that they thought that Fatimah (s.a.) had been buried in one of them to take her out, offer the prayer on her, and escort her. When Imam Ali (a.s.) found out about that, he went and prevented them from doing that and they refrained.17
This is the end of my research on the life of the mistress of the women that was full of virtues and achievements and that was a continuity of the life of her father, the savior of mankind who had taken man out of the darkness of ignorance to the vastest horizons of light, knowledge and intellect; hoping that this study will be accepted by Pure, Truthful Fatimah (s.a.) and that I shall win her intercession on the day when I meet Allah the Almighty.
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