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Mother s Wrath

By: Sayyid Muhammad Sohofi
In Islam a mother's anger and dissatisfaction with an offspring are regarded as the means of his misfortune and destruction.
In some Islamic narrations, it has been explicitly said that those who maltreat their parents, will never even smell the perfume of heaven, nor attain happiness.
A young companion of the prophet had fallen ill and was confined to bed. The Prophet went to visit him and found him seriously ill and approaching the last moments of life. The prophet said to him: "Confess to the uniqueness of God and say 'there is no God but Allah'."
The young man stammered and could not utter the sacred phrase. The prophet asked a woman who was present: "Has this young man a mother?" She said: "Yes, I am his mother." The Prophet asked: "Are you dissatisfied with him?" She said: "Yes, but I have not been on speaking terms with him for six years." The Prophet requested her to forgive the son's errors. She said: "O prophet of God! I will do so for your sake." Then the Prophet turned to the young man and said: "Now utter the phrase 'there is no God but Allah." The young man now gave a free tongue to the rightful words and uttered them.1
Imam Sadiq says: "He who wishes to pass easily through the agony of death, should act benevolently towards her kinsmen, and treat his mother kindly. Then the agony of death will become easy for him to bear, and in life he will not suffer from indigence."2
A man asked the Prophet a point about goodness to one's parents. The prophet repeated his recommendation three times for kindness to parents but made a mother's right prior to a father's.3
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Another Recommendation for a Mother
A man called Zakaria Ibn Ibrahim says: "I was a Christian who embraced Islam and made pilgrimage to the House of God. I had the honour to visit Imam Sadiq and tell him that I was recently converted to Islam from Christianity. The Imam asked: What advantage did you find in Islam to embrace it ? I quoted this verse of the Quran which says: "You did not know what the Book was, nor what the faith was, but We made it a light guiding thereby whom We please." (42:52)
The Imam said: “Thus God guided you to Islam and illuminated your heart with its light." Then he prayed for me to receive more guidance.Then I informed him that my parents and relatives remained Christian, and my mother was blind. Would it be proper for me to live with them and have relationship? The Imam asked: 'Do they eat pork?' I said 'no'. Then the Imam said: 'There is nothing wrong in your association with them,' and added: 'Take care of your mother and be benevolent to her, and when she passes away, you yourself can arrange her burial.'
When I returned from my pilgrimage to Mecca and reached Kufa, I showed such kindness to my mother in accordance with the Imam's command. I fed her myself, arranged her clothes, combed her hair and served her in many ways.
When she noticed the change in my behaviour, she said: "My son, in those days when you professed our religion, you did not behave in this way. What is the reason for so much affection since you have embraced Islam?"
I said: "A descendant of the Prophet has commanded me to act in this way."
She said: "Is he your prophet?"
I said: "No! There will come no prophet after ours. He is a son of the prophet."
She said: "These commands are those of all the prophets, but your religion is better than mine. Guide me to become a Muslim."
I taught her the way of Islam, and she became a Muslim, and performed the noon, afternoon, evening and nigh t prayers, but she' felt sick in the middle of die night. I stayed by her bed and nursed her.
She said: "My boy! Repeat for me the Islamic words of faith" I did so, and she confessed to all of them, and passed away the same night.
Next morning, her funeral ceremony was performed by a group of Muslims according to Islamic rites, and I recited a prayer to her corpse and buried her with my own hands.1
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