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Maktabah Jafariyah, Knowledge and Research Academy at Sedrana, Gujarat, India

If we wish to become a developed nation we need to fight the demon of illiteracy. It is the duty of every educated citizen to contribute in this area. ‘Maktabah Jafariyah’ is a research driven knowledge academy conceptualized for this purpose by ‘Ahmed Vikas Mandal’ (AVM). The foundation stone was laid by Patron in-Chief, Syed Mohammed Mujahid Husain Jafri on Thursday 22nd November 2007.
Maktabah Jafariyah is geographically located on 23 degrees 58’ 12.5” N, 72 degrees 20’ 19.02” E with an elevation of 440 feet. The academy is situated at Sedrana Square of Sidhpur taluka in Patan district, 6 km to the north of Sidhpur and 35 km to the east of Patan district headquarters. It has well developed rail-road connectivity. The nearest railway station (Sidhpur) is at a distance of 6 kms from here while the nearest airport (Ahmedabad) is at a distance of 110 kms.
Mahatma Gandhi has said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Maktabah Jafariyah is indeed the catalyst of change which is destined to enhance the education level of the region.

Our Values
"To be a research driven knowledge academy that provides modern education keeping in mind our traditional values, thereby creating not only employment opportunities but also inculcating good character and humaneness in our students"

"To create an infrastructure that produces a dedicated, disciplined and intellectual human resource which would help in the nation's development"
"To nurture the quality of love for excellence imbued with moral & spiritual values in our students which would help them in all walks of life"

Message from Patron in-Chief's Desk
It is pertinent for any nation or community to strive hard to seek knowledge as its growth is dependent on level of education it has. In the down-turn of economy, education becomes key to socio-economy progress.
With over 70% of Indian population residing in villages it becomes important for us to reach out to them with quality education. As compared to other developing nations we have a sluggish growth in our literacy. The government has launched many schemes to fight illiteracy but unless the citizens take up the cause the task is difficult to achieve.
Maktabah Jafariyah is one of such initiative focused on the development of community through quality education. It is step forward in nation building by empowering people with right education. Here, we strive to bring out individuals who are knowledgeable as well as grounded to their roots. Here, knowledge is imparted without arrogance attached to it; people are shown the way to be successful with modesty towards their success; and the young generation is taught to be modern without giving up their traditional values.

Syed Mohammed Mujahid Husain Jafri

Patron In-Chief
Our Holy prophet of Islam (May peace and Allah's blessings be upon him and his Progeny) has said; "Knowledge is the source of all virtue and ignorance is the source of all vice"
Imam Ali (May peace be upon him) has said; "Knowledgeable is alive even if he is dead, and an ignorant person is dead even if he is alive"

Leadership & Organization
The name of this public trust is Ahmed Vikas Mandal which is registered under the Mumbai Public Trust Act-1950(vide by law 29th of Mumbai 1950)at Mehsana Public Trust Registration Office.
The main objective of this trust is, to try to give free education, free textbooks, and prizes for the students and to run colleges, hostels and hospital.

Our Mandate
To promote human resource development in the faculties of arts, commerce, science, agriculture and other related fields by pursuing academic programmes at under graduate and post-graduate levels.
To develop skills and inculcate entrepreneurial zeal amongst rural youth by focusing on traditional businesses like dairy, farming, restaurants and travels to reduce their migration from villages to cities.
To empower rural women and their families through technological training in different areas of home-science and agriculture.
To impart training and provide guidance for hi-tech agriculture-horticulture for improvement of agriculture in this region.
To develop collaborative linkages with government, non-government, private, national and international organizations for sharing and optimally utilizing the resources of the institute for amelioration of economic status of the stake holders.
To provide adult education for upgrading literacy level in the rural areas.

Contact Details:
Knowledge & Research Academy
Sedrana-Square, At: Sedrana,
Ta: Sidhpur,
Dist: Patan,
State: Gujarat, India,
Pin: 384151.
E-mail: info@maktabahjafariyah.org
Web: http://www.maktabahjafariyah.org
Telephone: 0091-2767- 287111

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