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Allamah Mirza Muhammad Ali Urdubadi

Mirza Muhammad Ali Urdubadi was one of the students of the students of Shaykh Muhammad Jawad Balaghi who was himself a great scholar, a man of literature, an author, and a poet of his times and was one of the honorable examples of the Shi'ite culture of Najaf. He was a pious, ascetical, well-mannered, and pure soul.
Urdubadi was born in Tabriz but migrated with his father and the rest of his family members to Najaf at the age of four, where he grew up and studied under great scholars, jurisprudents, and theologians. He had a powerful command over the Arabic language and literature and composed beautiful Arabic poems with great skill and mastery.
His father, Mirza Abu al-Qasim Urdubadi (d. 1333 AH), whose ancestors were originally from the Urdubad city of the Russian-controlled Caucasus was born in Tabriz and later on chose to reside in Najaf. He, too, was a great scholar, a jurisprudent, a narrator of ahadith, and was one of the greatest Ithna Ashari jurisprudents of the early 14century AH.
As mentioned earlier, Mirza Muhammad Ali Urdubadi, had also written many works of prose and poetry. Three of his most important books were, al-Hadiqah al-Mubhijah, Zuhar al-Riyadh, and Zuhar al-Ruba, which contained the life histories of Islamic personalities and scholars. He has also written a book about the birth of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (A.S.) in the Holy Ka'bah as well as a book on the life of Mukhtar bin Abi Ubaydah al-Thaqafi, who punished some of the chief culprits of the tragedy of Karbala.

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