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The Holy Mosque of Jamkaran in Qum

The holy mosque of Jamkaran was constructed as per the orders of Hadrat Hojjat ibn al-Hasan Imam Mahdi (A.S.) in the year 393 A.H. It is related that in the midnight of the Tuesday night dated 17 Ramadan 393 A.H., Hasan bin Muslah Jamkarani in a dream met Hadrat Hojjat ibn al-Hasan Imam Mahdi (A.S.) and His Holiness (A.S.) issued certain orders that Hasan bin Muslah Jamkarani should meet Hasan Muslim and deliver him His Holiness' message that from now onwards Hasan Muslim should not cultivate his land ( the location of the holy mosque) because Allah (SWT) has selected this land over other lands. His Holiness (A.S.) also instructed Hasan bin Muslah Jamkarani to sacrifice a lamb with special identification marks present in the herd of Jafar Kashani and said that any ill person who eats this meat will be healed. His Holiness (A.S.) then demarcated the boundaries of the holy mosque with nails and chains and gave certain directions to Hasan bin Muslah Jamkarani. When he got up from the sleep he saw all those signs of the mosque in the place fixed by the Holy Imam (A.S.) and he acted according to the instructions of the Holy Imam (A.S.).
Special Salat to be performed in the Jamkaran Mosque.
Hadrat Imam Mahdi (A.S.) has said about this mosque that if anybody performs two rakah salat (special salat to be performed in this mosque) in this mosque is like a person who had performed salat near Kabah.
The manner of performing the Salat in the mosque is that first he should perform the two rakah salat for sending salutations on this mosque in which after the Surah of al-Hamd, the Surah al-Tawhid has to be recited seven times. Then the invocation in the ruku and sajdah of the salat has to be repeated seven times.
After performing this two rakah salat another two rakah salat with the niyyat (intention) of the salat of Sahab uz-Zaman (A.S.) has to be performed. In both the rakahs while reciting the Surah al-Hamd, the verse "Iyyaka Na'budu wa Iyyaka Nasta'een " has to be repeated for one hundred times and after finishing the recitation of Surah al-Hamd, the Surah al-Tawhid has to be recited only once. In both the rakahs the invocations of the ruku and sajdah has to be repeated seven times. After finishing the two rakah salat the Tasbih of Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) has to be recited and then one should perform the sajdah and recite the "Salawat" one hundred times.
In this holy mosque innumerable needy persons regularly secure their wishes with the grace of Hadrat Imam Mahdi (A.S.).
This holy mosque has been expanded and renovated on a grand scale after the victory of the Islamic revolution and at present it is considered as one of the largest mosque in Iran. Every year millions of lovers of the Holy Family of Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) pay a visit to this mosque and pray for the reappearance and advent of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) "the Savior and Redeemer of Mankind". This holy mosque is situated on the slopes of Do Baradaran mountain and at the beginning of Qum-Kashan highway.
In the year 2000, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution Hadrat Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Khamenei appointed a special custodian to administer the affairs of the holy mosque. Thus, at present the affairs of the holy mosque are administered under special supervision of the Supreme Leader.

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