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The Comprehensive Features of Holy Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.)

The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.): Allah, the Almighty has bestowed ten traits on us which He has bestowed neither on the ones living in the past nor on the others: In us is placed the command, wisdom, tolerance, knowledge, prophethood, forgiveness, bravery, modesty, truthfulness, purity and chastity.
We are in fact the concept of "taqwa" (piety) and we are also the path to guidance, excellent examples, the best authority, the firmly set handle, and strong cord; and we are the ones whom Allah has commanded to be loved: "Apart from the truth, what (remains) but error. How then are you turned away?" (10:32).
Imam al-Sajjad (A.S.) - in a sermon in Yazid's assembly-: O people! We are bestowed six features and seven priorities [over others]. We are bestowed knowledge (ilm), wisdom, forgiveness, eloquence, bravery, and love in the hearts of the faithful; and we are given priority in that the chosen prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W.), and the honest, the flying (Tayyar), and Lion of Allah and Lion of the Prophet; and the princess of the woman of the world, Fatima (A.S.), and her two sons, the Masters of the youth in the Paradise are of us.
Imam al-Baqir (A.S.): We are the proof of Allah, the gate of Allah, the tongue of Allah, the face of Allah, the eye of Allah among the people, and the undertakers of Allah's affair among his servants.
Imam al-Sadiq (A.S.): We are the tree of Prophethood, the house of Mercy, the keys to wisdom, the mine of knowledge, the station of Messengership, the frequented abode of angels and the position of Divine mysteries. We are the deposits of Allah among His servants; we are his sanctuaries and his covenants. Thus, anyone who fulfils commitment to us has actually fulfilled commitment to Allah and whoever upholds it has upheld Allah's covenant.
Imam al-Sadiq (A.S.): We are the source of any goodness and all benevolence come from our tree leaves and branches. Among the benevolence are: monotheism, prayer, fasting suppression of anger, forgiveness of the evil doer, compassion to those with scanty provision, attending to the neighbor's affairs, and admitting to the virtues of the virtuous. And our enemy is the root of each evil; any indecency and abomination come from their tree leaves and branches, among which are telling lies, avarice, tale bearing, breaking bonds, usury, unlawful appropriation of the orphans' property, violation of the limits that Allah has commanded to, implicit and explicit committing of evils, adultery, theft, and any evil deed in line with these. Thus those who suppose that they are with us while clinging to others' branches, are liars.
Muse ibn Abd Allah al-Nakhai: I said to Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Musa ibn Jafar ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn al-Husayn ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.): O son of the Messenger of Allah! Teach me eloquent and complete words so that whenever I visit [the shrine of] any one of you, I should express them. He replied: When you get to the gate, stop and profess the two Shahadah [bearing witness to the oneness of Allah and the Messengership of Muhammad (S.A.W.)] while being bodily clean... Then say: Peace be upon you, O the household of the Prophet (S.A.W.) and the mine of Messengership! and the abode frequented by angels and the bases of Divine Revelation, and the mine of Mercy and the repositories of knowledge and the utmost of forbearance and the sources of generosity and the pioneers of communities and the patrons of Allah's bounties and the exponents of righteousness and bases of benevolence and guides of the servants of Allah and the foundations of the lands and the portals of faith and trustees of the Merciful Allah and the progeny of the prophets and chosen ones by the messengers and the (progeny) of the most favorite of the Lord of the world; and May Allah's Mercy and blessings be upon you.
Note: See the full text of this Ziyarah Jami'ah which includes the most comprehensive words in expressing the Ahl al-Bayt's features.
Imam al-Mahdi(A.S.) -describing the inviolable successors-: Allah revived his faith by them and has perfected his light with them and has made a clear distinction between them and their brothers, cousins, and near of kins, by the proof of which they will be distinguished from the one to whom proof is brought and the leader will be recognized from the follower, and this is because Allah the Almighty has made them immune from any abomination and kept them away from deficiencies and has purified them from impurity and has transcended them from obscurity, making them treasures of his knowledge, the reservoirs of his wisdom, and the stations of his secrets.
Allah has confirmed them with his proofs; were it not so, people would all be equal anyone would claim Allah's command [to be assigned by Him] and no longer the true from the false and the knowledgeable from the ignorant would be recognized.

Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.) in the Holy Qur'an and Hadith
By: Ayatullah Muhammadi Rayshahri

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