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Fatima Zahra's Will to Imam Ali (A.S.)

Imam Ali (A) was surprised to find that his dear wife had left her bed and had started doing the housework; he asked her about it and she replied:
"This is the last day of my life. I want to wash my children's hair and clothes, because they will soon be orphans, without a mother!!"
Imam Ali (A) then asked her about the source of know­ledge of this news (the day of her departure). She (A) told him that she had seen the Messenger of Allah in her dream and he had told her that she was going to join him that night. She then asked Imam Ali (A) to execute her will.
He said:
"Instruct me to do anything you wish, daughter of Allah's Messenger." Ali (A) then asked everyone to leave the house and he sat next to her.
Fatima started:
"Cousin, you are not accustomed to me being a False?teller, undevoted, or have I disobeyed you since I have become your companion?"
Ali said:
“Allah forbid!! You are more knowing of Allah, more devoted, more pious, and more honorable and more fearing of Allah than (to give me a reason) to reprimand you for disobeying me. Surely it is very painful for me to be separated from you and to lose you; but it is an inevitable destination. By Allah, you have renewed the sorrow I have just encountered with the death of Allah's Messenger; surely your death and departure will be a great calamity, but `to Allah do we belong, and to Him shall we return.'
What a painful, bitter and sad calamity. Surely this is a calamity for which there is not consolement, and a disaster for which there is no compensation."
Then they both cried and Imam Ali (A) embraced her head and said:
"Instruct me to do anything you wish; you certainly will find me devoted and I will execute everything that you command me to do. I shall also put your matters over mine."
She (A) said:
"May Allah reward you with the best of goodness. Cousin, firstly I ask you to marry after my death, my niece Umamah; surely she will be to my children as I was. Besides, men cannot do without women."
Fatima (A) then added:
"I ask you not to let anyone who did injustice to me to witness my funeral, for they certainly are enemies of mine, and the enemy of Allah's Messenger. Also don't give them the chance to pray over me, nor to any of their followers. Burry me at night when eyes are rested and sight is put to sleep."
Commenting on Imam Ali's speech after Fatima's burial, the commentator on Nahjul Balagha?English version?published by Ansariyan Publication, p.347 ? wrote:
"The treatment meted out to the daughter of the Prophet after his death has been extremely painful and sad. Although Sayyedah Fatima (A) did not live in this world more than a few months after the death of the Prophet (S), yet even this short period has a long tale of grief and woe (about her). In this connection, the first scene that strikes the eyes in that the arrangements for the funeral rites of the Prophet had not yet been made when the contest for power started in the Saqifa of Bani Sa'eda. Naturally, their leaving the body of the Prophet (without burial), must have injured Hadhrat Fatima's grief?stricken heart to see that those who claimed love and attachment (to the Prophet) during his life, became so engrossed in their machinations for power that instead of consoling his only daughter, they did not even know when the Prophet (S) was given funeral bath and when he was buried; and the way they condoled her, was that crowded at her house with material to set fire to it and tried to secure allegiance by force with all the display of oppression, compulsion and violence. All these excesses were with a view to so obliterate the prestigious position of this house that it might not remain its lost prestige on any occasion. With this aim in view, in order to crush her economic position, her claim for (the estate of) Fadak was turned down by dubbing it as false, the effect of which was that Hadhrat Fatima (A) made the dying will that none of them should attend her funeral."
Fatima Bint Muhammad was ready to meet her Lord. She bathed, than lay down in her garment... She then instructed Asma Bint Umais to wait awhile and then to call her name; if there was no answer, this would mean that she (A) had departed towards her Lord.
Asma waited awhile, then called Fatima's name... but there was no answer;
Asma repeated the call:
"O daughter of the chosen Muhammad!
O daughter of the most honorable of them whom women bore!
O daughter of the best of those who have walked on gravel! O daughter of him who was at `A distance of but two bow?lengths or (even) nearer" (a Quranic verse, (53:9))
...There is no answer... silence overwhelms the house ...Asma then proceeds towards Fatima and finds her dead.
At that point, Hassan and Hussain entered and asked:
"Where is our mother?"
Yet Asma uttered not a word!
Hassan and Hussain proceeded towards their mother and found her dead. At this, Hussain turned towards Hassan and said:
"May Allah console you for our Mother!"
Imam Ali (A) was at the Mosque. Hassan and Hussain went to the Mosque and broke the news to their father. As soon as he (A) heard their words, he fell unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he said:
"Who will console me now, daughter of Muhammad? You used to console me, so who will take your place now?"
The Hashimite women were then gathered to receive the news of the great calamity... Yes, the calamity befell them once more, while the blood was still flowing from the wound of losing the Prophet...
Medina shakes...
Everyone came to console Ali (A) and his two children... Allah is with you, Zahra's children...
It was just yesterday that you were inflicted with the death of your great father?the Prophet of Allah?and your new calamity is not any less than that one! But take patience, for this is the will of the Mighty Lord.

In the darkness of the jet?black night, when eyes were asleep and voices were silent, a Heavenly procession left Ali's house while carrying the Messenger of Allah's daughter to her final abode.
This was on the night of the third (3rd) of Jamadi Al?Thani (the second), 11 A.H.
The heartbreaking procession moved towards an unknown location followed by a small number of devoted ones...
They were Ali, Hassan, Hussain, Zainab and Um Kulthum... Abu Dhar, Ammar, Miqdad, and Salman were following them.
Where are the thousands who inhabited Medina?! One asks, and the answer came: Fatima (A) requested that they may not be present at her funeral!!
The family and their friends hurry to bury Fatima... then they rush back to their own homes so that no one would know where Fatima was buried!
In such a matter, the first start from Ahlul?Bayt set after the sun (the Prophet) and left everyone with the only light of Imamate!!
Here I was asked:
"What do you think about the end of the life of Fatima?
What will be the position of those who oppressed her in the hereafter!!!!?"
I waved my hand to him...
So long... with no word... dead silence...
So long!
But wait... can't you hear the Commander of the faithful... the known hero... Ali... Don't you realize that he is crying? Yet, who would not cry for being separated from the Mistress of women?
Listen to him, he is speaking to the Prophet (S):
"O Prophet of Allah, peace be upon you from me and from your daughter who has come to you and who has hastened to meet you. O Prophet of Allah ! my patience about your chosen (daughter) has been exhausted and my power of endurance has weakened, except that I have ground for consolation in having endured the great hardship and heart?rending event of your separation. I laid you down in your grave while your last breath had passed (when your head) `Verily we are Allah's and verily unto Him shall we return.' (2:56) …between my neck and chest.”
Now the trust has been returned and what had been given has been taken back. My grief knows no bounds, and my nights will remain sleepless till Allah chooses for me the house in which you are now residing. Certainly your daughter would apprise you of the joining together of your Ummah (people) for oppressing her. You ask her in detail and get all the news about the position. This happened when a long time had not elapsed and your remembrance had not disappeared. My salam be on you both, the salam of a grief stricken not of a disgusted or a hateful person; for if I go away, it is not because I am weary (of you); and if I stay, it is not due to lack of belief in what Allah has promised the endurers."

Failing Attempts
At sunrise people gathered to participate in Fatima's funeral, but they were informed that the darling of Allah's Messenger (S) had been secretly buried during the night.
Meanwhile, Ali (A) made the shapes of four fresh graves in Baqi' so as to conceal the location where Fatima was buried. When the people entered the graveyard, they were confused as to which spot was actually Lady Fatima Zahra's grave; the people turned towards each other and with feelings of guilt said:
"Our Prophet (S) has not left behind but one daughter, yet she has died and was buried without our participation in the funeral or the prayer rituals. We do not even realize the place where she has been buried”
Noticing that a revolt might be ignited because of the emotional atmosphere this event created, the governing party announced:
"Select a group of Muslim women and ask them to dig these graves so that we may find Fatima (A) and perform prayers on her."
Yes! They attempted to execute the plan, violating Fatima's will and causing Ali's attempts to hide the grave to lay vainly.
Have they forgotten Ali's sharp sword and his well?known courage!! Did they really think that Ali would remain indifferent to their outrageous actions up to the point of letting them dig Fatima's grave?!
Imam Ali (A) did not fight back after the Prophet's death because he considered the Muslim's unity and over all interests. Yet, this did not mean that he would ignore their villainous crimes against Fatima even after her death. In other words, Ali (A) was asked by the Prophet (S) to have patience, but only to a certain extent; when Ali (A) received the news of the about?to?be?executed plot, he put on his fighting gear and rushed towards Baqi'. A man from among the people called out:
"This is Ali Ibn Abu Talib leveling his sword and saying:
If anyone moves even a mere stone from these graves, I shall strike even the "back of the last follower of the unjust."
People who realized Ali's seriousness, took his threats with complete belief that he would do just as he said if anyone were to oppose him. Yet, a man from the governing ones addressed Ali (A) by saying:
"What is the matter, Abu Al?Hassan?! By Allah, we shall dig her grave out and perform prayers on her."
Ali (A) then grabbed the man by his clothes, shook him and threw him to the ground and said:
"Son of the Sawada! I have abandoned my right to prevent people from forsaking their faith, but as regards Fatima's grave, by Him in whose hand is my soul, if you and your followers attempt to do anything to it, I will irrigate the ground with your blood!!"
At this, Abu Bakr said;
“Abu Al?Hassan, I ask you by the right of Allah's Messenger, and by Him Who is above the Throne: leave him alone and we will not do anything which you would not approve of..."
Thus, until this day, the location of Fatima's grave remains a secret.

On the Day when the oppressed shall bite their hands (in fear); when the oppressors shall be gathered in humiliation and lowliness, remembering their disgraceful and shameful deeds:
Then every one of them shall review his file, which is packed with oppression against his chosen worshippers. On that Day shall every human, whatever color, creed, faith, and his deeds may be shall be gathered... no one will be left behind... even the fetus who was the victim of abortion shall come that Day to present his case...
Then the great personality of Lady Zahra (A) shall become manifest to every soul...
Following are several narrations reported by Ahlul?Bayt (A) regarding Fatima (A) on the Last Day:
1. Hakim reported in Al?Mustadrak v.2, p.153 that Ali (S) said:
"I heard the Prophet say:
“On the Day of Rising, a caller shall announce from beyond the veil: "O gathered people, lower your eyes so that Fatima, the Daughter of Muhammad, may pass."
This narration has also been reported by:
Ibn Al?Athir in Usd Al?Ghaba v.5, p.523;
Ganji Shafiee in Kifayat At?Talib p. 212;
Dhahabi in Mizan Al?Etedal v.2, p.18; and by
Hamwini in Yanabi' Al?Mawaddah p.104, who added the following to it:
Ali (A) reported that the Prophet said:
"On the Day of Rising, a caller shall call from the sole of the Throne:
“O people of Resurrection, cast your eyes down, so that Fatima Bint Muhammad may pass?while holding Al?Hussain's shirt, which will (still) be saturated with blood.' She will then embrace the leg of the Throne and say:
“O (Allah), You are the Omnipotent and Just; pass the judgment between me and those who killed my son." (The Prophet (S) added): "Then He shall judge according to my Sunnah, by the Lord of Kaaba, Fatima will then say:
“O Allah! grant me intercedence for everyone who cried for his disaster; Allah will then grant her intercedence for them."
2. Abu No'eum in Dala'el Al?Nobowwah, Ibn Hijr in Al?Sawa'eq Al?Mohreqah, and others have reported that Abu Ayuoub Ansari said:
"The Messenger of Allah said: A caller shall call from the sole of the Throne: O gathered people, lower your heads and cast your eyes down so that Fatima Bint Muhammad may pass on the Path. ' He added: `She then passes accompanied by seventy thousand Huri Al?Een, as if they were a flashing light."
3. Many Sunni Scholars have reported that Allah's Messenger stated that Lady Fatima Zahra shall arrive at the gathering place (while) riding Ghadha' or Gusua female camel.
4. Jaber Ibn Abdullah Ansari said:
"I said to Abu Ja’far (Al?Baqer (A)): `May I be your sacrifice son of Allah's Messenger; narrate to me a hadith in regard to the noble traits of your grandmother Fatima, so that if I report it to your Shiites (followers), they would rejoice at (hearing) it!'
Abu Ja’far (A) said: `My father told me that my grandfather reported that Allah's Messenger said:
"On the Day of Rising, Minbars of light shall be erected for the prophets and messengers, of which my Minbar shall be the highest among all Minbars on that day. Allah will then say: Deliver a speech,' so I will deliver a speech that none of the prophets or messengers have ever heard. Then for the successors (of prophets) shall be erected Minbars of light, and in the middle of these Minbars one shall be erected for my successor, Ali Ibn Abu Talib, which will be higher than all their Minbars. Allah will then say:
“Ali, deliver a speech.' So he will deliver a speech like no successor has ever heard before. Then for the children of the prophets and messengers shall be erected Minbars of light; among them shall be a Minber of light for my two sons, grandsons and the two flowers of my life (Al?Hassan and Al?Hussain). Then it shall be said to them: "Deliver speeches." So they will deliver two speeches like none of the children of the prophets and messengers have ever heard before!
“A caller?Gabriel?shall then call:
`Where is Fatima Bint Muhammad?'
She (A) will rise..." (until he said):
'Allah, the blessed and exalted is His Name, shall say:
`O people of the gathering; to whom does honor belong today?'
So Muhammad, Ali, Hassan and Al?Hussain (A) will say:
‘To Allah, The one, The Almighty
‘Allah the Exalted will say:
“O people of the gathering: lower your heads and cast your eyes down, for this is Fatima proceeding towards Paradise.' Gabriel shall then bring her a female camel from the female camels of Paradise; its sides shall be embellished, its muzzle with fresh pearls, and it shall have a saddle of coral. It shall kneel down in her presence; so she will ride it. Allah will then send 100, 000 angels to accompany her on her right side; and 100, 000 angels to accompany her on her left side; and 100, 000 angels to lift her onto their wings until they bring her to the gate of Paradise. When she is near the gate of Paradise, she will look to her side. Allah will then say:
“Daughter of My beloved, why did you look to your side after I gave the command that you enter my Paradise?”
She will say: "My Lord, I wished that my position would be realized on such a Day!"
Allah will say:
“Daughter of My beloved!
Go back and look for everyone in whose heart was love for you or for any of your progeny; take their hand and lead them into paradise!"
Abu Ja’far (A) said: "By Allah; Jabir, she will pick her Shiites (followers) and those who love her just like a bird picks good seeds from bad seeds. So that when her Shiites are near the gate of Paradise, Allah will inspire their hearts to look to their sides; when they do--- Allah, The Almighty, will say:
My beloved ones, why did you look around when Fatima, the daughter of my beloved one, interceded for you?'
They will answer: `Our Lord! We hoped that our position would be known on such a day!'
Allah will then say: `My beloved ones, go back and look for everyone who loved you for your love for Fatima;
Look for everyone who fed you for the love of Fatima;
Look for everyone who clothed you for the love of Fatima;
Look for everyone who gave you a drink for the love of Fatima;
Look for everyone who prevented (Gheeba) backbiting from being done against you for the love of Fatima...
Take their hands and lead them into Paradise... "'
5. Ibn Abbas said: "I heard Amir Al?Mo'mineen, Ali (A) say:
Once the Messenger of Allah entered the house of Fatima and found her in a sad mood. So he said: `What has made you sad daughter?'
Fatima replied: `Father, I remembered the gathering (Day), and people standing naked on the Day of Resurrection!'
He said: Daughter, surely it will be a great Day. But Gabriel informed me that Allah, Glorified and Exalted is He, said that the first one upon whom the ground shall be split opened is me, then your husband, Ali Ibn Abu Talib (A); then Allah shall send Gabriel accompanied by seventy thousand angels and he will erect on your grave seven domes of light, after which Israfil will bring you three garments of light and stand by your head and say to you:
“O Fatima Bint Muhammad, rise towards your gathering place.”
“You (Fatima) shall then rise secure from fear and veiled (in privacy). Israfil will hand you the garments and you will wear them. Rafael will then bring you a female camel of light; its muzzle shall be made of fresh pearls and on it shall be a howdan of gold. You will ride it and Rafael shall lead it by its muzzle while seventy thousand angels holding the banners of glorification accompany you.
When the caravan hurries with you, seventy thousand Huris shall receive you rejoicing at seeing you; while every one of them will be holding a censer of light from which the fragrance of incense is spread without fire. They shall be wearing crowns of jewels embellished with green chrysolites."
6. Bihar v.10, on the authority of Amali Sadouq reports that Imam Baqir (A) said:
"I heard Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari say: Allah's Messenger said: "On the Day of Rising, My daughter, Fatima, shall arrive riding a female camel from among the camels of Paradise?to her right shall be seventy thousand angels and to her left shall also be seventy thousand angels; Gabriel will be holding its muzzle and calling with the loudest of voices: `Cast down your eyes so that Fatima Bint Muhammad may pass!”
“Then shall no prophet, messenger, truthful one, or martyr remain without casting their eyes down until Fatima passes... Then a call shall come from the side of Allah, the Exalted:
My beloved one and the daughter of my beloved one; ask Us and you shall be given (whatever you wish), and intercede, your intercedence shall be accepted. By my Honor and Exaltation, the oppression of no oppressor shall pass My (judgement) today.
She (Fatima) will then say:
“O Allah, My Master;
My progeny, My Shiites (followers), the Shiites of my progeny, those who love me and those who love my progeny.”
She will then hear a call from Allah's side, may His Name be exalted:
"Where are Fatima's progeny, her Shiites, those who love her, and those who love her progeny?" They will then come forward, surrounded by angels of mercy, and Fatima will lead them into Paradise.”

Fatima (A.S.) The Gracious
Abu Muhammad Ordoni

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