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Worldwide Islamic Network of Women (WINOW)

The Worldwide Islamic Network of Women, with the aim of presenting a role- model for Muslim women and introducing womans status in the Islamic Thought in comparison to the other religions and schools of thought, was established.
This site is currently available for users of the Internet in two languages Arabic and English entitled Worldwide Islamic Network of Women and accessible via the following addresses:
This website as a reference base with the aim of giving information about woman and Islam has been designed having the following databases:
Quranic Verses, Traditions, Research, Articles, Bibliography, Muslim Womens Associations, Contemporary Renowned Muslim Women, Renowned Women of the History of Islam, Publications, Poems, News, Scientific-Cultural Works of Muslim Women, Members of Worldwide Islamic Network of Women (WINOW)
Electronic Magazine, Chat, Q&A, Discussion, Daily Message, Data Remote, Contact Us, Gallery and are also among this websites services.
From among the 13 databases designed for this website, that of Verses includes the issues on women and the family and that of Traditions includes the statements of the Infallibles (P) on womens issues and the family; Bibliography comprising of books on woman from the Qur'anic point of view, the personalities of role-model women such as Her Holiness Zahra (P), Khadija Kobra (P), Her Eminence Zainab (P) and Holy Maryam (P), includes legal, social, political, and economic books published all over the world related to women, the family, marriage, and the Islamic veil, presenting the abstracts, table of contents, and cover design of each book, as well. The databases of Publications and Articles regarding the above-mentioned subjects include the detailed description and full text of each. That of News includes news related to women all over the world in according to the subject and geographical regions. The database of Members of Worldwide Islamic Network of Women (WINOW) presents the qualifications, activities and works of members, as well.
Through the above-mentioned databases, up to now, 2200 records have been presented in two languages, English and Arabic and the other databases, presently under construction, will be available soon.
Q&A, About Us, Contact Us, and Data Remote services have already been established through which the volunteers, including Muslim women all over the world, can directly fill out and submit membership forms from a far distance.
In addition to the categorized subjects of each database, it is also possible to obtain information through advanced search service via entry of keywords into all databases.
There is access to all information from all databases through the key subjects presented on the front page such as the personality of Her Holiness Zahra (P), mothers dignity, marriage, child-training, womens rights and social participation and the Islamic veil, as well.
On the homepage, particular services are available in two languages English and Arabic including daily messages (specified to the occasions); news and political analysis; culture and literature; introducing cultural products; interview and discussion; health and hygiene; and sports and nutrition.
The Worldwide Islamic Network of Women warmly welcomes you and reaches out to all active Muslim women all over the world, Islamic research and academic centers, as well as the scholars and thinkers interested in having any cooperation.
News Service for the Information and Statistics Center of Womens Socio-Cultural Council

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