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Success of Man in this World

By: Sayyid Jan Ali Kazmi
The success of a man in this world depends largely on the strength of his willpower and resolve (determine). People, who have a strong sense of self-determination, achieve high status (rank) in the world by doing great things. But people who lack strong sense of determination fails to perform even minor deeds and as a result of this inability their worldly lives is spent in failures and disappointments. The strength of a human personality can be judged by the strength of his willpower and determination. There is no doubt in the fact, that whether it is worldly success or success of the hereafter it is widely dependent on knowledge, wisdom and reason. However many times we see that although two people possess equal knowledge and wisdom, but strangely enough one of them has been able to achieve a lot of success in the world, while the other person could not be as successful as the first person.
The reason when sought (required) would be that though both of them possessed equal knowledge and wisdom but the former had immense (huge) self determination and a strong willpower, as compared to the latter. It is due to the strength of the will and a strong sense of self-determination that one person is more successful than the other person. It is due to the strong sense of determination that a person is able to overcome the difficulties and hardships of life in a better manner as compared to the other person who lacks it. Then there is no doubt that the secret of the success of a man lies in the fact that, a person should endeavour (attempt) or work hard to strengthen his determination and willpower. The willpower of a man should be stronger than the high mountains. Now let us see which factors can assist and help a person to strengthen his resolve.

Strengthen the Willpower
In order to strengthen the will power man will have to acquire some knowledge, and this knowledge means discovering the self; as to what is the reality of a man, how many powers remain hidden in a man of whom he is unaware. Unless a man is made aware of his hidden abilities, how can you expect him to strengthen his resolve and commitments? Thus to strengthen his willpower and resolve a man will have to acquire knowledge, which is again about man himself.
There are many hidden powers in human beings, and one among those many, is the power to perform good deeds. Man wishes to perform good acts, and by doing good works a man feels satisfied and happy. But at the same time there is an opposing power in man that stops him from doing good deeds and works.
For example, if someone sees a child who is in reality starving is a beggar, has nothing to eat, and wear. Then on seeing or hearing the plight (troubles) of such a child, a man would want to help the child in need. And by helping that child he would feel satisfied (pleased) and contented that he has been able to help someone. But as soon as he thinks of helping the child he hears an inner voice which might suggest; there are other people who are even more privileged (fortunate) than myself, who can help this child. Why is it only obligatory on me to help this child? Similarly such negative thoughts and notions (ideas) enter our minds, that it might be a fraud and deception (cheating) to secure money. The situation is that one power is insisting to perform the good deed, while the other power makes us hesitant (doubtful) and forces us to stop.
In human beings are found opposite powers which, means that one power wants to do well, while the other power stops from doing the good acts. It is in such situations, that a battle begins between these two forces. The will- power of a person can be judged and truly estimated, and no doubt it is a continuous and a never ending battle. Thus in a man can be found both Godly attributes and the Satanic or devilish attributes.
The Satanic power never appreciates kind deeds and the Godly forces never favour injustice (unfairness), and oppression. A war is always waging among these forces. Some people admit their defeat before the devilish powers and as a result become the slaves to the devilish wishes and desires. There is no strength in the resolve of the people who are slaves to the worldly desire. On the contrary those people who wish that their Godly powers should not be defeated, they always want to be successful in this war, and subsequently (later) as they achieve success in this war, and their willpower is further strengthened.
For example, a person wants to become a big doctor, wants to serve humanity and by helping people he wishes to attain the assent (consent) of God so that his life and the hereafter is successful. However, to become a big doctor one has to work equally hard and put in a lot of research work. His bad soul or the unreasonable appetite (desire) of the soul tries to distract (divert) him in many different ways. For example, he is attracted towards watching a drama or a movie, or it involves him in some sports, or he simply wastes his time in idleness (laziness) and wandering about. The point is that the bad soul or the ardent (passionate) desires of a man get pleasure in useless pursuits, such pursuits which, are of no use, either in the present world or the hereafter. But on the other hand the good side of the soul is disturbed (bothered) by these useless acts, thus a conflict (difference) between these forces begins here. The good side approaches man with the resolve to work hard to become a great person and as a result of this, acquire the benedictions and the assent (agreement) of his Creator, by helping the cause of humanity. However all this is going to be possible only when a man has control over the devilish powers and as he succeeds in this war his willpower is further strengthened.
The conquest (invasion) goes on when the devilish forces attract a person to useless activities like watching a movie, but at the same time the Godly powers makes him realize that by watching a movie it would not benefit him neither in the world nor in the hereafter, it is merely (simply) a wastage of time. The most precious thing in the world is time, which should not be wasted. In the same way the bad soul attracts the man for going to the club, but the Godly power questions; what would be the benefit of going there it would only be a loss of the world and the hereafter? What will be the use if you went there and drank? It would only harm your heart, liver and wisdom, or if you got involved in other indecent acts it will be only a waste of precious things like money and time. If once or twice a man hampers (impedes), or refrains from these acts, then as a result of this the power of his resolve is strengthened. Moreover success is the ultimate (final) reward of this strong resolve and willpower.
Among the many criminals that you see around, one thing, which is common among them, is that every criminal detests (dislikes) and hates the crime itself.
Therefore, a thief would never want his son to be a thief; an assassin (killer) would never wish that his son should also be a murderer. The point is that a criminal hates crime himself, but he himself cannot leave crime because his willpower is not strong enough to resist the negative forces. To strengthen one’s resolve is essentially fundamental (basic) for all human beings both in the material and the spiritual (divine) context. A person who smokes is well aware of the damages of smoking that it is a loss of money as well as health but he does not stop smoking because his willpower is so weak that he cannot bring an end to it despite (although) being aware of all the harms and injuries. Similarly in some acts there is the pleasure or the delight of the forbidden, wrong things. The important question is that people who have such weak determination that they cannot leave simple act of smoking, how can they be expected to leave those wrong acts in which they enjoy the ecstasy (joy) or delight of the forbidden things.

Involvement in bad Habits
Now we will see how a person gets involved in this bad habit of smoking or any other forbidden act?
When a man smokes for the first time it was not a habit then, after the first attempt, he does it again and then again and in this process of repetition he gets used to the habit of smoking. The point is that when something is repeated again and again (Intermittently), even if it is a bad thing a man gets used to it and it eventually becomes a habit in return of which he gets pleasure out of it. Although there was no pleasure in smoking the first cigarette, it was neither sweet, nor tasted good, but because it was repeated again and again it became a habit. For example it is the habit of some people to abuse (mistreat) others once it is done then twice then a hundred times and eventually it becomes a habit at the end. It is the human nature than when a thing is repeated many times it becomes a habit and he gets pleasure out of it. Like a person who plays football for the first time, may not enjoy it greatly. However when he will play it again and again he will start enjoying it.

How to beat bad habits?
A man should try to inculcate (beat) such habits in him, which would benefit him, both in this world and the hereafter. Such habits, which are corroborated (confirmed) both by knowledge and wisdom. As a result of such habits the human resolve and willpower can be strengthened. Nevertheless the willpower is ultimately strengthened by such acts, which would benefit him both in this world and the hereafter. However by performing deeds those have no gains in either the world or the hereafter, it is the human wisdom and knowledge, which suffer the greatest. The willpower of a man is weakened.
Most of the people are unaware of the great gift of willpower, which God has bestowed (gifted) on His men. If man strengthens his willpower to the extent that all the parts of human body like the ear, the eyes, the tongue, the hands and human thinking come under its control, then this man can perform wondrous (amazing) deeds which a man of the world or one indulged in the acts of the world cannot perform. He can make the impossible possible. You must have heard in many books that the Prophets used to perform miracles before the people. Jesus and some of his followers walked on water. This excellence (quality) can be performed by all human beings, but it is ultimately linked to human resolve and willpower, if human resolve is so strong that it gets control of all human parts of the body, and then man can perform great deeds of excellence.
Now let us look into the factors, which can strengthen the human resolve, and the factors, which can weaken the human resolve.

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