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The Family as the First Target of Colonialism

Hojjat al-Islam Hashmi Rafsanjani
Former President of Islamic Republic of Iran

To weaken the `family' and shake this fundamental ethical base and main root of social unity, which has a sad story in the West, the Westerners resorted to a Satanic plan. (I will mention these things in the form of a list to familiarize the youth with the matter so that they could pursue the issue and see what affliction befalls them in this way). In their studies of social psychology and sociology they have reached the conclusion that the best way to spread anti-Islamic and anti-ethical ideas, and to destroy the morals of the society is to use "women" and to employ women as a tool to implement the inauspicious intentions of arrogant powers and to use this delicate creature to witness the most cruel scenes of life.
They also set themselves as models. Of course, there is no hope for morals in this sense there. They staged an attack in this way (unfortunately, we are seeing its signs all over the Islamic world as a great calamity). They hide themselves behind the charming mask with superficial slogans of equality of men and women, freedom of men, struggle against male-chauvinism, and the like which bring such a havoc upon the nations that Allah (SWT) knows how much these nations should endeavour to release themselves from the worst situation they have created for them. As a matter of fact, they have hurled the women into a sewage from which they cannot so easily get out. They have also drowned the men in the same sewage and have created such conditions, parts of which you are now seeing. They have turned the European countries into tempting centres for the pleasure-seeking people of the world, the educated, technicians, experts, wealthy persons, rulers, chiefs, dignitaries, etc. so that they would go to the Western countries to see their cheap enjoyments, drinking, and pleasure-seeking sites.
As for those who are also considered to some extent as thinkers, they impress on them the philosophy of "Sigmund Freud"; and communism has also fallen into this inauspicious trap.
Of course, in the first part, i.e., in weakening the doctrinal bases, communism strikes a more severe blow than the Westerners do, and in this respect they have things in common. As a matter of fact, the communism operates on the basis of negating spirituality, making the life of people exclusive to materialism (i.e. sheer matter and its products), and rejecting the spiritual aspects, life in the Hereafter, Resurrection, the unseen, etc. They demoralize and throw into swamp that type of the youth who slightly want to rebel against the decayed Western system.
The work of communism is more hazardous from this point of view. But communism has followed the Western world's movement. This matter has a past record, much before communism. Materialism has basically been started by the Westerners, and it has afterwards gone to Russia and reached a climax there. They set up the base and treat the issue in such a manner.
Now the situation is such that universities and big laboratories are there. Talented youngsters and those who want to pursue their studies in good disciplines should go there. All the important brains from all over the world should go there. When they go there, they confront the cheap propaganda bombardment in the universities, cafes, cabarets, streets and in all facets of their lives. They develop their minds focusing on material and carnal matters, and make them too involved in sex and the opposite sex. After corrupting them, they send them back to their countries.
People who have gone to the West know with what affliction they are entangled in these matters. When the West presents the female sex as models and mannequins in shop windows, this suffices to make women rebel if they have a little common sense. They should have said: "This is not what we women are made for. Is this the freedom of women?" Those who have gone to the European countries have seen naked women in shop windows presented to the people as prostitutes. In Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway, they even emphasize the sale of their young girls and the presentation of their women as a source for earning the country's foreign exchange. When in their parliament they discuss the prevention of this (striptease), those opposed to its prevention say: "This is the source of earning our foreign exchange. "
The ladies should take a note how they have been turned into stones, iron, copper, and carpets in these countries, so that they could be used to procure foreign exchange. And they have been turned into commodities providing foreign exchange. In a calculated manner, women are employed in the northern sea-beaches of the European countries and the Mediterranean as huge resources for foreign exchange earnings. The Europeans themselves say that the Islamic countries procure their foreign currency by way of selling oil extracted from their sandy regions, while they themselves procure their own foreign currency through their young girls at sea-beaches. That is to say, the modern European girl is considered like Saudi Arabia's oil. These women think that their good models are the actresses of Western movies for whom so much capital is invested, and who are presented as exemplary models for the woman personality. This is how they are and these are the things which the Western world does.
They make use of this moral corruption and send these women to countries such as ours, so as to pollute our peoples and nations, and so that the latter could not assert their existence vis-a-vis their foul plots.
Unfortunately in Iran some of the educated people, university centres, university professors, those who had gone abroad and those who should be the vanguards and should take care of the country's independence have propagated these types of things.

Corruption and Nudity during the Reign of the Taghut (Tyrant)
What calamity befell this oppressed people through this moral corruption during the reign of the taghut (tyrant or imperialist), i.e., the Shah. In this very university (Tehran University where I am delivering this khutbah (sermon) and on this very lawn, where you are now sitting and listening to the khutbah of Salatul Jumu’ah, what scenes had they created in the nooks and corners of these lawns, in the university which was set up for the acquisition of knowledge and suitable independence? How were their classrooms? Just try to recollect the scenes of the past for a little while. To what a rubbish had they transformed women in Iran? They had forgotten their existence, and hurled into the streets all the beauties, softness, delicacy, and kindness of woman which should have been limited to her husband, children, and her own life to brighten up her life at home. Instead of being a source of light and attraction at home, they had been made a source of attraction for those who seek pleasure, and for the vagabond persons in the parks, at the sea-beaches, on the roads, and inside the cafes and cabarets.
Just recall the appearance of women (I am talking about the bad ones) during the reign of the Shah. How were they? When any of such bad women wanted to leave the house, she would use all possible make-up materials, because she wanted to put herself on show. Those women used to change themselves from top to bottom, and when they returned home they threw out all this junk, and the only thing which remained of them was a demon devoid of everything. The only thing which they had was long nails resembling the claws of a cat, and they were compelled to put them in bag so as not to injure their husbands bodies.
This is not a scene of a fabricated story. This was the reality of the woman they had imposed on this nation. O ladies, especially the educated ones, the teachers, the physicians, and the ones who have studied academic subjects, know fully well that they have changed the personality of women. They have used all possible means to turn this instrument of `family unity' into an instrument of `family disintegration'. Would such a woman, whom I now pictured, preserve a family? Would she see to the needs of her child? She can only fulfill the needs of a vagabond person. The Westerners provided such a type of women for us, and now an uprising is in the offing against themselves.
I was reading one of the magazines and came to know that Denmark is a centre for tourists, as they exhibit the most free forms of relations between men and women to attract tourists and procure foreign exchange. I saw a picture in one of the newspapers showing a massive demonstration in Copenhagen staged by a large number of women majority of whom were university students, teachers, housewives with their placards reading: "We hate this freedom that you have given us. Return our adornment to us. We prefer to be in the kitchen rather than in the cafes.
Instead of all these shops presenting works and literature of sexual affairs present good books for the people." They have started such acts. Women who live in such dens of corruption are now realizing how much they have been deceived. Here we have to call on our Muslim women to observe the hijab. I do not know what a great affliction has befallen the world of Islam and the Third World. Even if one goes to the black continent of Africa, where six million Ethiopians are now suffering from starvation in Ethiopia, there are dancers and stars (with the exception that they have named them `black stars') who attract the people to corruption. The United States of America, Europe, and other centres of corruption have imported these black people and converted them into `stars'. At any rate, the more pathetic part of it is related to ignorance and illiteracy which killed the intellectual aspect of literacy in us, and in the people of the Third World.
To briefly put it, one of the most dangerous actions which the Western arrogant powers have taken to continue their oppressive and colonial rule on these people is to deprive the latter of morality and ethics, to shake the foundation of families, and to turn the women - who should be the means of the solidarity of the society and home and of the decency of social life, into ruining commodities and means for the continuation of the domination of foreigners. Fortunately, the Islamic Republic of Iran has the only Revolution which shows sensitivity to this matter, and which is proud of doing so. We have gone so far that this matter has become quite clear for us as has been mentioned by Hujjatul-Islam Jawadi Amuli. "They were returning from Europe. When our plane reached the border of Iran, someone stood up and said: “We have reached the air space of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Put on your head-scarves.”
Maybe those aboard the plane regard this as a kind of ridicule, but this is the greatest honour for us. This is the proof of our progress, which is the starting-point of Western invasion to make the society worthless. Regarding this very point, we have stood face to face with them. And Allah (SWT) willing, our ladies will develop such a degree of intelligence so as not to become a means for the implementation of foreign domination in their country.
For this reason, we put more emphasis on taqwa in this respect than anywhere else, i.e., taqwa in the sexual issues, in family and social relations, especially the taqwa which is the basis of your country's solidarity, progress, independence, and the basis for depriving the world arrogant powers, all of which depends on you. You the youngsters, especially you, the ladies, should preserve this glory. I request you to kindly consider these statements which were very brief, and inform me if you have found them weak in reasoning.
But I think that by pondering over this matter a little, the people will realize that to save their country and to struggle against their enemies, it is better to observe chastity, modesty, and the limits specified by Allah (SWT). We have not asked you to cover your faces so as not to see what is in front of you. We have not asked you not to take part in social activities, not to study, not to get educated, not to have a recreation, not to travel, not to drive, not to go to various offices. We have not asked you for any of these. You can work like men in all the fields except in one or two fields, and which is indeed a favour that Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon you because of your responsibility at home. You can take part in the affairs, but be careful and understand this point fully well.

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