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Glimpses from the Life of
Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Khamenei

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Marjaiyyah has played a significant role in religious, social and political fields of Ummah. The role of Marja in Islamic societies has been strengthened by another aspect of Marjaiyyah i.e. Wilayat (guardianship). The qualities required for a Mujtahid (Jurisprudent), as described by the Ulama or Scholars are that he should be well versed in Arabic Language, expert in Quranic epistemology and exegesis, fully embedded in the science of rijal and hadithes, highly acquainted with the history of Islam, possessing power of derivation of law from the main sources viz a viz Quran, sunnah, ijma and reason. Above all he should be at a high level of piety. It is not possible for everybody to go in deep study of Islamic texts; draw Islamic laws and the solutions for day-to-day problems. Logically, there should be some persons of high calibre and capability who are specialized in the field and having a good command over the Islamic texts and well aware of the problem of the modern world. Once the rules are drawn from the text by the experts, they are announced to the public as guidelines. The Holy Qur'an, in this regard, states:
And it does not beseem the believers that they should go forth all together, why should not then a company from every party from among them go forth that they may apply themselves to obtain understanding in religion, and that they may warn their people when they come back to them that they may be cautious. (9: 122)
Ijtihad (individual canonical reasoning) of one Marja (religious authority) may differ from another. In order to avoid any kind of disunity and disorder; and to be on safer side, Muslim Jurists believe that the decree of the a'alam (most qualified Jurisprudent) should be considered as the ultimate Judgement. This belief has played a significant role in materialization of the idea of Marjaiyyah as a natural phenomenon. With the emergence of Islamic Government, and the new world order, particularly in the wake of global arrogance and atrocities against the Islam and Muslims, the role of Marja in Islamic societies has been strengthened by another aspect of Marjaiyyah, i.e., Wilayat (guardianship). Indeed it is a step towards centralization of the power and movement, discipline and direction; a joint venture of the Ummah towards global peace and tranquillity, justice and equality under a pious and dynamic leadership called Wilayat-e-Faqih.
Therefore, it is one of the indispensable characteristics for Wali-e-Faqih, that besides the qualities of a jurisprudent (Marja), mentioned above, he should have a full command over International socio-political affairs. He must also be able to analyze those problems, which require a religious answer and give his clear cut verdict for such problems. Besides guiding the common masses, he has to shoulder the responsibility to resist against the superstitions of the society, and lead out the people from the whirlpool of stagnation and status quo.
So far as the leadership of the Muslim Ummah is concerned, it should be made crystal clear that the leadership of Islamic Ummah should be vested in the present Wali-amr. This is inevitable for running the affairs of social, political and legal aspect of the Ummah. It is meaningless to imagine the existence of two leaders or more in one Ummah or even in one community indeed, in accordance with Islamic teachings, any judgment from the Fiqhi issue by a mujtahid other than Wali-e-faqih may be followed by Muslims only if it does not contradict the decree of the Wali-e-faqih. This brings in wake a kind of unity' in political stands and facilitates the administration of the Islamic system. Moreover it also facilitates collection of religious taxes and their proper utilization in a systematic manner. Besides, it helps the smooth management of the Islamic seminaries as well as rendering effective services to the society.
The present leader of Islamic Revolution and wali-amr-e-Muslimeen Hazrat Ayatollah Khamenei befits for this highest responsible position. His expertise and masterly grip over issues of Jurisprudence has been lauded by the personalities of repute and knowledge. His grasp over the Quranic epistemology, exegesis, his remarkable understanding of Quran and Ahadith, his marvellous contribution in the field of science of narrations (ilm al-rijal), memory power of chain of narrators and over all power of extrication and derivation of laws from the basic sources of Ijtihad is commendable and it exhibits from the different statements of the experts and Jurists and knowledgeable personalities of Islam.
The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenai is equipped with all kinds of qualities required for a leader. He is well versed in politics and fully aware of the problems faced by the modem man especially youth. He is highly competent to deal with the day-to-day bottlenecks and in sorting out their solution. Allah has graced him with a solid mind and extraordinary vision and farsightedness. His stand against various day-to-day issues viz-a-viz America-Afghan war, Iraq-Kuwait war. Economic Sanctions of US against Islamic Republic of Iran, Issue of death sentence against Salman Rushdi, University Campus crises etc., all this show his efficiency and competency in dealing with such critical situation with a soft hand.
The Great Leaders interaction with the youth and his convincing power: his simple sty le of living and sympathy for the downtrodden and destitutes are the qualities that are symptomatic of his sincerity and greatness. His courage in unveiling the real face of the world-plunderers either while addressing the UNO in presence of the global leaders, or through his messages for the Ha] Pilgrims or anywhere else, is one of the characteristics of a leader in real sense.
In the present booklet, we have made an attempt to enlighten our dear readers with the comments of important religious, social and political personalities of the world about the Wali-e-Amr of the time, Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei, It is the translation of the Persian script. We are thankful to some of our respected students for taking keen interest in getting the book translated from Persian to Urdu. We are also thankful to brother Dr. Mir Mohammad Ibrahim for taking pains in translating the book into English, despite his heavy schedule. Last but not least, we are inexplicable to express our thanks to the persons who have helped us financially enabling us to reach this publication in the hands of dear readers in its present form.
May Allah shower his blessings upon all Muslims and downtrodden of the world. (Islamia Publication Centre, Kashmir)

A True Dream
One day we went to see the family of a martyr without prior information. We saw the whole village packed with people; cows and sheep ready to be slaughtered as a token of welcome to the “Great Leader”. When the Leader (Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenai) observed the scene he got very unhappy and wished the people should not get troubled and nobody should be informed about his arrival. We begged that no official information had been sent to them. The leader of revolution then entered the martyrs’ home and asked them as to who had informed them about his arrival. The father of the martyr replied, “Sir, last night I saw Imam Khomeini (ra) in my dream. Beside him was sitting my martyred son Ali Reza. Imam turned to me and said, “The next day (tomorrow) a dear guest is coming to your home; host him well.” I asked, “Who is my guest?” He replied, “The Leader is your guest.” I said with surprise, “Does leader want to come to our home? My son said, "Yes father, the Leader wants to come to our home. Treat him well.”
(Hujjatul Islam Aqa Ahmadi (Teacher Howza Ilmia Qum))

Special attention towards Tasbih-Zehra
Once I prayed my salat behind the leader. I noticed two interesting things; first that he counted the beads of the rosary to recite Tasbihe-Zehra (the recitation of Hazrat Fatema (a) as ordained by the Prophet of Islam) and said the particular phrases (Allahu Akber, Alhamdolillah and Subhan Allah) with full satisfaction and recited them slowly, word by word. Secondly, he touched the blessed earth of the Karbala with his hands and rubbed it over his face and beard.
(Hujjatul Islam Dr. Aqa Tehrani)

A Glimpse of Syed-e-Sajjad in servitude to Allah
During the period of our banishment in Iran-Shahr, some clergies (who had come from city of Qum to see him) followed him in the prayers. All of the sudden a small goat entered the room and began to run here and there and at last dragged out the prayer-mat of the man who was saying his prayers. Few persons lost their control and began to laugh and I was among them. My laughing made others to laugh too. But Ayatollah Khamenai (ha) completed his prayers with full seriousness and devotion. Afterwards I asked him, how he could complete his prayers, while the goat was making such a trouble. He said I was least bothered by this episode.
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Rashid Yazdi, Mashhad)

Face to Face
In an international conference I delivered a sentimental lecture against the superpowers of the world and the present scenario. In the presence of more than one hundred representatives and heads of various countries, I vehemently criticized the USA and former U.S.S.R. and their policies by name. After delivering the lecture, the representatives of various countries met me and praised me for my courageous venture and said that you have spoken rightly. One of the heads of the country who was a revolutionary youth (who was later assassinated) came to me and said that whatever I had said was right, ‘but I want to say that you are not afraid of superpowers while as whoever was present in the conference are all afraid of America.’ Then he came nearer to me and whispered that he too was afraid of America.
(Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenai)

Servitude to none but Allah
During the visit of the leader (when he was the president of Islamic Republic) to Libya, a tent was arranged in such a way that the height of the entrance was kept low. Whoever wanted to enter the tent had to bow his head and bend. Just on the opposite side of the door a portrait of Colonel Qadafee was affixed to wall. When Ayatollah Khamenai wanted to enter, he entered in the backward order in the tent, in order to avoid bending before the portrait of ‘Colonel Qadafee’.
(Ayatollah Khaz Ali)

I have never seen such a politician
After passing the resolution no. 598 (which asked all the parties to cease the war, irrespective of any conditions for punishing the aggressor or seeking retribution from for damage and loss that Iran sustained during the war) in U.N.O., there was a great pressure from superpowers over Iran to accept this resolution. Meanwhile, the General Secretary of U.N.O., Perez De Quer arrived in Iran for discussion about the resolution. During that time, Ayatollah Khamenai was the President of Iran. After the meeting with him, Perez De Quer asked me, “Where from your President has got the degree of Political Science.” I asked why? Perez De Quer said, “I have done Ph.D. from a reputed university of the world and am engaged in political activities since last 10 years and for almost one decade I am holding the post of General Secretary of U.N.O. For these 10 years there is barely any political personality or the head of the state, whom I have not seen or met, but I have not until now seen such a personality who is more expert and aware in the field of Politics than your president.
(Mr. Ali Mohammad Basharti (Ex-Home Minister of Iran))

May you agree or not
Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mrs. Benazir Bhutto once visited the Leader of Islamic Republic. We raised objection for her not wearing Hijab (Islamic modest dress). We provided her a Chader. After wearing it, she met the Supreme leader. His Excellency in a fatherly advice began to address her like this; “Daughter, you are the daughter of Islam, you are a child of Lord of Believers, Amir-ul-Mumineen (a); you are the daughter of the household, the Ahlul-Bait (a) of Prophet; you are a Muslim; you are a Shia…so on.” The great leader continued like this and Mrs. Benazir Bhutto burst into tears, and began to say, “I wish that on the Day of Judgment you intercede (on my behalf to Allah). The leader replied, “Intercession is specific for Ahlul-Bait (a). In this world the better intercession is that you may build your character on the footprints of Ahlul-Bait (a). You should prove yourself a good Muslim and never come out of the modest dress of Islam."
(Hujjatul Islam Musavi Kashani)

I wish him to be the General Secretary of U.N.O.
When the leader of Islamic Revolution met with the General Secretary of U.N.O., Kofi Anan for the first time, he talked about historical, social, political position of Ghana (the country, Kofi Anan belongs to). After meeting Kofi Anan said, “Despite being a citizen of Ghana as compared to the Leader of Islamic Revolution, I am not so much aware about my own country. Iranians and Muslims must be proud of such a leader. I wish him to be the General Secretary of U.N.O.’ In addition, later while briefing the news reporters, Kofi Anan said, “During our meeting in the first instance, Ayatollah Khamenai attracted my heart."
(Hujjatul Islam Payendah (University Professor))

The leader of the Nation is the servant of Nation
The leader of revolution went to the home of the widow of a martyr under the program of inquiring about the families of the martyrs of revolution. The wife of the martyr was ill at her home and the condition of the house was very bad. He ordered his fellow men to take her to the hospital. When they left, he closed the door from inside and engaged himself in sweeping and cleaning of the whole house.
(Hujjatul Islam Husayn Gaffari)

Encouraging the Downtrodden
The leader of revolution Ayatollah Khamenai was passing through a village “Ous Makost” of “Sari” District. He saw some women carrying loads of wood laboriously on their heads. He ordered his driver to stop and came down from his car and talked to these women about their difficulties for sometime and asked them some questions. In the end, he ordered gifts and material help for each of them.
(Commander Bagarzada (In charge of the committee fro the search of missing soldiers))

I believe in Service and not in Ruling
Once ‘Iran-Sheher’ region came under flood. Most of the houses were demolished. For relief purpose, we reached Iran-Sheher through Kirman. After reaching there, we asked people about the in-charge and caretaker of that place. The people pointed towards a person who was a Syed. We approached him. We saw the Leader of Islamic Revolution carrying a bag of flour on his back and helping the flood-stricken people. After paying him salaams we enquired as to what things were urgently needed. The leader replied that there was need of so many things, but the relief in the form of cash would be better. We immediately rushed to Rafsanjan and collected money from the people in mosques, and reported back to the leader in Iran-Sheher. The leader said, “It is a better time to decide that what is to be done by this amount.” All the people gave different suggestions. At last, he said. ‘My suggestion is that Pakistani sheep be made available to each family, as there is better breeding and milk production in this breed of sheep and these people would be benefited by the sheep, milk, meat and leather.” This was the best and important work, which was done for the flood-stricken people at that time.
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Sheikh Abbaspoor Mohammadi from Qum)

Popular in Public
A few years before the triumph of Islamic Revolution, Shah’s spies were in my search, although they had imprisoned me before too. Once, when I was carrying the message of Imam Khomeini (ra) to a place named ‘Birjend’, I was arrested there. I remained behind the bars in Birjend Police Station. The imprisonment this time here proved very sweet and unforgettable event for me. I was providing lunch and dinner to all the Jail staff, as the people of Birjend had become aware of my imprisonment here and they were making available to me the meals every morning and evening as a token of their love. They were providing me with meals in such a huge quantity that I could invite a considerable number of people to have a feast. So I was taking my meals as per routine and rest was disturbed to Jail and police staff.
(Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenai)

An advice to the newly wedded couples in a collective wedding ceremony
The Leader of Islamic revolution arranged a collective matrimonial ceremony of some youth; my son was also one of the grooms. After performing religious formalities, he advised, “If you are taking a non-living precious thing to your home and want to take care of it, you need no more exertion. Possibly, after two to four months it needs cleaning. But in case you are taking a flower vase to your home, then it is necessary that you should take care of it every day. You have to think about its necessary requirements vis-à-vis air, water, and light. How much and in what proportion every thing is needed.” He continued, “Yes, you are taking a living flower to your homes, you have to look after it nicely, lest it may not get faded. It is obligatory on the part of wife that she takes care of her husband well and simultaneously a husband should not cause any trouble to her wife and should love her."
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Syed Ali Hussaini (Tehran))

The leader of Revolution and the New Generation
Politeness, good behavior, discipline, neat and clean dress, respecting others and particularly meeting with youth with cheerfulness are some characteristics that were found in Ayatollah Khamenai even before the revolution. It is astonishing that despite being frank and informal, no one ever dares to cut a bad joke. During the days when he was leading the prayers in Karamat Mosque, one day he asked Late Karamat to make a blackboard available in the mosque. It was a great surprise to us to have a blackboard in the mosque. He asked the youth (boys and girls) to attend the exegesis lesson of Qur’an at a particular time. Often he saw some girls taking out their veils from their bags and shrouding it on their heads. It is because of attending the classes for some days that there started some transformation in them that they became religious and revolutionary.
(Mr. Fateh Aliyan (a member of Karamat Mosque Committee))

An affectionate father for the youth
The elderly people are aware that the mosque in which I used to lead congregational prayers was always houseful. This was the result of my affectionate behavior towards youth. Once, a youth wearing a jacket inversely as a gesture of modernity was sitting in the first row. Some people raised objection for the youth. A respected and noble tradesman whispered something in his ears of youth that he got perturbed. I thought that the gentleman must have admonished the youth for his awkward dress. I said to the youth “You are the suitable person befitting for the first row.” You must always sit here. After that I addressed the gentleman that why are you insisting the youth to have his seat behind. Let his presence here convey the message that the modern youth wearing inverse jackets too can follow us in the prayers.
(Ayatollah Khamenai)

Encouragement to Young Reciters
In a congregation where reciters of high repute were present, Ayatollah Khamenai ordered that the young reciters be given a chance and the proceedings be recorded on a tape. One of the youth recited the Holy Verses of the Sura Hamd (The Beginning) in the melodious tune of Abdul Basit of Egypt. The leader encouraged him very much and gave him a golden coin (spring of Independence) as a token of reward. He then ordered the elders to start recitation. A gentleman stood up and put the tape before a reciter. When the cassette ended, he reshuffled at other side, wherein the recitation of the youngsters was recorded. The leader objected to this and asked not to delete the recitation of youngsters. The gentleman said, “Sir, these young men are not expert reciters, if we are going to record the recitation, let us record the men of repute and high expertise.” The Leader told him to hand the cassette over to him. After taking the cassette in his hand, he said, “We have been listening to the recitation of the elders since long, but are lacking the youngsters. It is better to have their cassette.” Thus he did not let deleting the recordings of the young reciters. The youth were very much delighted and highly impressed and encouraged.
(Syed Mujtaba ‘Sadat Fatimi’ (Mashhad))

Method to Guide the Youth to right path
A friend of ours narrated, “One day the great leader went for exercise and walked around Tehran towards the hills. There was a boy and a girl whose dress condition was somewhat awkward. They thought that Leader would order for their arrest. Contrarily, the Leader asked about their well-being and asked about their profession and family. The boy when impressed by the behavior of the leader began to state facts that they were friends. The Leader first talked about the physical exercise and its benefits etc and then said, “If the matrimonial relations are restored between you; and you will marry each other that would be fine”. He added, “You can come on a scheduled date, I am ready to deliver the sermon (of marriage)”. Both bade the Leader and reported along with their guardians to the Leader as per their promise and he delivered their marriage sermon. The sympathetic behavior of the Leader guided both the youth on the right path. The girl turned veiled (Mahjuba) and the boy a religious youth.
(Aqa Mohammad Ameen Nezad (Employee IRIB-Tehran))

Motivation Power
During the monarchal regime, in the official records of the Iranian notorious spying organization “SAVAK”, there is a mention that the Leader of revolution, Ayatollah Khamenai is popular and highly influential among the youth. In the file 3003/9 of 8-1-1353 it is written: “Ayatollah Murtaza Mutaharri (ra) is very angry for not allowing Syed Ali Khamenai to lead the congressional prayers. Ayatollah Mutaharri has declared Syed Ali Khamenai as a great personality, and a hope for future, one who has done a commendable job in Mashhad, including his venture in bringing both the University and Religious students on a common platform.”
(Slaltel Abrar, p.88, an extract from the diary of SAVAK)

He gains the sweet heart of the Jailer
In the year 1350, the monarchal regime completed its 2500 years in Iran. The king of the time charted out a program to celebrate the occasion, in which a high level of nuisance and anti-Islamic activities were expected. Imam Khomeini, who was banished to Najaf, opposed this program vehemently; with the result, there were some demonstrations in the Howza of Mashhad. The notorious spying organization of Iran SAVAK had come to know that some ringleaders were behind the scene in organizing a demonstration in which the name of Syed Khamenai was topping the list. For this he was put behind the bars and I too was arrested. The very next day around my cell Syed Khamenai influenced the supervisor of the jail by his speech and he succeeded in coming out of the cell for some time and came to me. When he saw my bad condition, he asked, if it was me who was screaming last night. I replied in affirmation. I asked him that there was no alternative left for me except to say my prayer with these blood soaked clothes, is it O.K? The leader replied that the best prayers in which you succeeded are these two cycles of prayers. He continued, when I heard your screaming last night, I said in my heart of hearts, Oh God! Whosoever the person may be, emancipate him from the shackles of oppression for the sake of Hazrat Zehra (sa). These words of Ayatollah Khamenai laid such an impression on my heart that I forgot the pain of all these atrocities.
(Hujjatul Islam Sadiqi (Mashhad))

Gems from the address of Leader of Islamic Revolution in Kashmir
The best way of Support
If you want to support us then you should be more acquainted with the Qur’an. The more you are acquainted with Qur’an and the more you follow Islam, it will be a support to the Islamic Republic.

Supplication to God for betterment of the Muslim
Oh God! I have conveyed your message to this congregation of Muslims in a very short span of time. Oh God! After traveling thousands of miles and thwarting the malicious propaganda of the enemy, I convey the right thing and the truth to these people. Oh God! Help out the Muslims and help those who help your religion. Oh God! Help Muslims and Monotheistic Army, and Oh God! Deceive the infidels, oppressors, and the hypocrites. Oh God! Deceive those who hide the truth and Oh God! Forgive the sins of all Muslims.

Advice to Kashmiri Youth (Jamia Mosque Sirinagar, Kashmir)
The youth need to be organized. Oh youth of Kashmir! I advice you to make organizations in different regions and pay you attention towards knowing and understanding Islam well, to learn Arabic, Persian languages and study Qur’an and learn its translation.
(Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenai, February 1981)

Total repentance
Some university students were openly opposing Ayatollah Khamenai on his selection as the Supreme leader in the inception and were giving no importance to this post. But when they met him and had discussions with him, there was a great change in their attitude. Sometimes, after discussions they recited the verse, 'They (the sons of Jacob) said, “Father, ask God to forgive our sins, we have certainly sinned,”' (12:97) and started weeping.
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Musavi Kashani (Tehran))

Simple Marriage
After some days of asking for my daughter (in marriage) by the great family members of Ayatollah Khamenai, I went to the Great leader. He said, “Doctor, we will be relatives if Allah wishes.” I said, “How”. He said, “My son and your daughter have apparently liked each other and the process has reached to a result. Now what is your opinion?” I said, “You are the authority (for me)?”
The leader said, “You and your wife are the professors in University. There are differences in standard of living. Leaving my books, all the other belongings of my home can be accommodated in a small trolley. Our home comprises of three rooms. Two rooms and an outer room, where my visitors sit. I don’t have sufficient money to buy a house. I have rented a house and have thought that in one story Mustafa will live and in another, Mujtaba. We live an ordinary life. And you are living well and you have never lived like us. Is your daughter contented to live like this (us)?”
I was deeply impressed by the beautiful and meaningful conversation of leader. I put the whole matter before my daughter and she said very pleasantly “I accept it.”
(Dr. Ghulam Ali Hadad Aadil, Speaker, Assembly)

Simple life
I understand my responsibility to tell the Iranian revolutionary and Muslim masses that I am aware if the condition of the home of Ayatollah Khamenai. They don’t have any thing more than one type of food on their table. His family sits on a mokat (a simple mat). One day I went to his home and I had to sit on warm old mat, which his wife had apparently got in her dowry. It was so coarse that I could not sit on it and had to leave the place.
(Late Hujjatul Islam Syed Ahmad Khomeini (S/o Imam Khomeini (ra))

He looks nice in military dress
Once I was present before his majesty, the great Leader of Revolution. He said “During the days of war, I always used to wear military uniform, whenever I visited the battlefield but was caught in dilemma whether I should put in military dress and leave the dress of Prophet of Islam (s). On Thursday, I came to Tehran for attending Friday prayer congregation. For communicating the latest developments in the battlefield, I straight away went to Jamaran (the house of Imam Khomeini (ra)) from the airport. Imam Khomeini (ra) was standing near a window. I begin to untie the laces of my shoe and it took me a little time. Imam stood still, having a look over with a slight smile. As soon as I entered room, I kissed the blessed hand of Imam. Imam Khomeini (ra) put his hand on my back and said, “Sometimes in our society wearing of military dress was considered odd. But I am seeing now that this dress befits you well.” These words of Imam, full of affection, removed all kinds of doubts from my mind and after that I enjoyed wearing military dress.
(Hujjatul Islam Zunuri (Commander-in-chief Imam Sadiq (a) 83-Battalian)

The Supreme Leader never allowed to use the Iranian territory by US against Iraq during Gulf War
During the Gulf War, the Supreme Leader issued a decree to expand the army around southern and western frontiers of the border. We were amongst the army, which was camped on the southern regions of Padegan (base) Hamid area. We were taking steps as per his orders, through which he had declared that we should not in any case leave even an inch for others to have their occupation. We were strictly following the orders of the Leader that we will not allow intervention of any kind of others. We were present on the front with our full might and were ready to repel any kind of attack from the enemy side. The Americans were firm to get the resolution of using Iranian territory against Iraq that was passed in the Congress. But the proper and right decision of the Leader of Revolution (who is also the commander in chief of Iranian forces) thwarted the enemies’ plans. The presence of Iranian forces over southern and western frontiers frustrated the designs of American administrators.
(Brigadier Ali Fazli)

Exhibition of Great Valor
We fought for 40 days in Khurramshehar city, so that Iraqis may not capture it. During this period, Ayatollah Khamenai (ha) vigorously targeted the enemy positions, putting the enemies’ tanks topsy-turvy, he was not giving them a chance to come forward. Along with three to five soldiers, he was going deep into the enemies’ heart, and making a full observation of the operation field and getting right information in order to convey the fresh and best information to Imam Khomeini (ha).
(Hujjatul Islam Zunuri (Commander of Imam Sadiq Battalion))

With the Family of Martyrs
One day some men in a car came and said, “Be ready, dear guest is coming.” I asked, “Who is coming?” I heard the reply, “Great Leader of Revolution Ayatollah Khamenai.” When he entered the house, I was tantalized by the passion of sight. He embraced me and kissed me on my cheeks. I kissed his hand. He entered the room and sat on floor. First he greeted and inquired about difficulties and then said, “Get the photographs of your martyrs.” I got the photographs and he kissed photograph of each martyr and then placing them in front, he said,” Had they not sacrificed their lives, we would have been no more. Whatever we have is because of them.”
For about half an hour, we were blessed by his presence. When he wanted to leave, he turned to me saying, “Allow me to leave.” I requested, “It is up to you, I mean you are to grant permission, not we.” In the meantime, I recall that nothing was offered to eat or drink. I was so deeply involved in conversation that I forgot to offer anything to my guest.
(Honorable Majeed Shujaee (Father of three martyrs))

Contribution of Martyrs
On his late arrival by 15 minutes at a scheduled meeting with a cleric, the concerned man said, “You have been late by 15 minutes.” The leader of the Islamic Revolution said, “Yes, if I visit the families of martyrs in a street, I meet all of them. If there are so many families of martyrs in a street, I meet all of them. Firstly, I was informed that there were families of two martyrs, later it was confirmed that there were others too, so I was late.”
The person couldn’t understand the Leader and said that such an act was really fascinating. The Leader replied, “Whatever you may call it but you should understand that it is only because of the sacred blood of martyrs that we adorn ourselves with the turbans and religious dresses.”
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Musavi Kashani)

No discrimination with Christians
During his Presidentship, Ayatollah Khamenai went to ‘Majedia’, a region of Tehran, to pay a visit to the families of Martyrs. After visiting some families, he enquired if there were any other such families. He was informed that there was a Christian family whose son was martyred during Iran-Iraq war. He was asked whether he would like to pay a visit there? He replied in affirmation. When this news reached the concerned family, their happiness knew no bounds and their womenfolk immediately dressed themselves in modest dresses (Hijab). Ayatollah Khamenai stepped in and met the family members warmly. They offered some fruit as a gesture of hospitality and the great leader ate some of it (as per his Jurisprudential decree, in which he considers the Christians clean). He asked his companions too, to have some fruits, so that they may feel at home.
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Musavi Kashani)

Feed back information through 18 channels
In my presence, a cleric complained that less attention was being paid towards the poor. The leader asked the cleric about his suggestion in the matter. The cleric opined for a suggestion box. The leader pondered for a while and said, “I have an experience of more than 20 years in organizational works, it is useless.” The leader revealed all his information about the region. The person was taken aback. He was surprised that the Leader has so much information. After that the leader said, “I am having information through 18 channels. I even have information about things that my office bearers are not aware of.”
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Ka'abi (A member of Selection Committee for Leader's Appointment Committee))

Importance of Sports & Exercise
During my childhood and youth, I used to play Volleyball with my friends in the lawn. I liked Volleyball very much. At this stage if I may play with my friends, I would prefer Volleyball, as it a good exercise.
(Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenai)

His Daily Schedule
Usually the leader after leading the noon and afternoon congregational prayers returns to his home for lunch and takes rest for a while. After 4 pm he does his work till dusk. He then leads the evening and night congregational prayers. It is one of the divine blessings of God that the Leader always says his prayers in congregation. Even he leads his family members in his morning prayers. In between evening and night prayers Ayatollah Khamenai remains silent for three to five minutes in reflection, even if dignitaries and the personalities of repute are present around him.

With his Family Members
The Leader spends some time in his studies, listening to news, and sitting for a while with his family.

No Discrimination
One day after delivering a lecture at ‘Hussynia Jamaran’ on the life history of the Leader of Islamic Revolution, a person who introduced himself as a doctor (Physician) came to me and began to state that he too wants to reveal an episode from the life of Great Leader. He said, “Once during my routine work, I was attending to patients in my clinic. In the mean time, a lady wearing a modest dress (Hijab) came to me along with her son for checkup. On seeing the face of the boy, I thought that the he resembled great extent to the Leader of Islamic Revolution. I questioned the lady if she has any relation with Ayatollah Khamenai. She replied, “Yes, I am his wife.” I was taken aback and asked her, if there wasn’t a family doctor for them? She said, no please, the Leader doesn’t allow such a practice, she continued. “He says that like others we too should consult the doctor in the hospital.” After they left, the thoughts overtook me and I wept bitterly. Later a Great Scholar confirmed this episode.
(Prof. Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Aqa Ahadi (Howza-e-Ilmia Qum)

Offender Is an Offender, If He Happens To Be My Son
An army officer ordered for the occupation of a place. Although he was on the right side, but the manner was not as per law. The department of armed forces brought it to the Supreme Leader in writing. The Leader endorsed the note with the remarks: “Deal with the offender in a befitting manner even he happened to be my son”.
(Hujjatul Islam Niyazi)

Imam of Prophet’s Mosque
Impressed by Leader’s Recitation

One day I was walking through Prophet’s Mosque and was very much impressed by the Qur’anic recitation of the mosque. All of a sudden a young boy met me and said, “Your mind is somewhere else.” I replied yes, I was attracted by the melodious tune of Imam. He further said, “One day after prayer, I met the Imam of the Holy mosque and expressed my love for his good recitation and requested him to give the tape recorder of his recitation, if possible.” He asked me about my native place. After knowing that I am from Iran, he said that the recitation of Friday prayer Imam of Tehran, Syed Ali Khamenai is far better than my recitation.
(Hujjatul Islam Jalali)

Beyond the experts in Studies
An officer of the cultural affairs states: Once I was in presence of the Leader. He got a Romanic book entitled ‘Harward Children’ and said, “Have you gone through this book?” I replied, “No please (although I was the editor of a news paper). He said, “Its subject matter is about….. See, how these people present the Roman revolution in Roman context to the youth in a fascinating and attractive manner.”
(Hujjatul Islam Payenda (University Professer))

The vastness of Information
The Iranian musicians and religious and revolutionary rhyme readers once held a meeting with the leader. He thoroughly discussed with them various types and dimensions of music and voices and tunes. According to the Minister for Iranian TV and Radio, at the end of the address of the leader all the experts and visionaries, who were present, hailed and lauded the vastness of his information about the subject.
(Hujjatul Islam Payendeh (University Professor))

His Awareness to the Day-to-day problems of the society
The Leader of Islamic Revolution one day criticized the government authorities for high prices. The authorities claimed that he was misreported. He replied that it was not second hand information; instead it was his personnel observation. He said that his family members had a direct dealing with the market while making purchases of food provision etc, which kept him aware of the difficulties faced by the public.
(M.R. Farhangi – A Reputed Iranian Journalist)

Welcome to Critique
A seventeen year old girl (Zainab) from Tehran, writes to the Leader of Islamic Revolution that on the occasion of “QUDS DAY”, while delivering a lecture, a person stood up, apparently with a letter for him (the leader). But in the presence of thousands of people, he had rebuked the person. In order to clarify the doubts of the youth, the revered Leader of Islamic Revolution writes back:
“Dear daughter! I am glad that you have reminded me of this incident; I thank you for this. May Allah pardon all of us, and may God save us from all small and big sins. Whatever you have reminded me, I will not defend it. Sometimes a speaker is not conscious of the bad taste of his words. On such times, we should pray to God to make us conscious of our shortcomings and may He rectify us all.”
(Engineer Muqaddam)

Fulfilling all the requirements of Leadership
He (Ayatollah Khamenai) has got qualities of justice, piety, high intellect, forbearance, vast mindedness, God fearing statesmanship, full obedience of Islamic laws and principles, enlightenment, farsightedness, carefulness and patience, alongside his valor and bravery, having a grip over various disciplines of knowledge, with centralization of basic sciences, self-confidence, trust in God, along with endeavor, affinity with Holy Imams. In short he (Ayatollah Khamenai) along with worship of God has got all such characteristics that are necessary for running a system.
(Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi)

Really you are fit for leadership
When Ayatollah Khamenai was on the trip to “North Korea”, Imam Khomeini (ra) was watching the direct telecast of the journey. The welcome of people, lectures and the discussion in the journey; all this was fascinating for Imam (ra) and Imam on this occasion said, “Undoubtedly you are capable and deserving for leadership”.
(Hujjatul Islam Syed Ahmad Khomeini, S/o Late Imam Khomeini (ra))

A word to a wise
I used to have an open discussion with Imam Khomeini (ra). In a straight forward way laid different problems before his majesty and discussed about his successorship and probabilities. He said, “You need not to be held under any dilemma, Khamenai is there amongst you and why don’t you understand.” This meeting with Imam Khomeini was held during his last days and he was addressing the Leader as “brother” and the usage of this word was not without any meeting. However, we people couldn’t understand that these words meant the Leadership of Ayatollah Khamenai. But the statement of Imam Indicates that he considered Ayatollah Khamenai befitting for the post, and he had communicated to his son Ahmed Khomeini, “Verily the characteristics of Leadership are found in him”.
(Hujjatul Islam Rafsanjani (Ex-President))

His displeasure for pomp and show
The Supreme Leader during his travel to Mazandaran reached a backward area namely Aras Makhuz. He visited a school were he found that all the furniture was new, and it was only at his arrival bought for the said school. The leader with his farsightedness and diligence asked the school kids about when this arrangement was made. A child replied that it was just brought then. The Leader angrily looked towards the school manager and said, "the responsible persons who are all aware about the problems, do not need any kind of dissimulation and pretence."
(Commander Baqir Zadeh (Incharge of missing person committee))

Fearless and firm to his decision
After the demise of Imam Khomeini (ra), the superpowers made an attempt to pressurize Iran to make the death decree of Salman Rushdi null and void. Even some countries called off their ambassadors from Iran in order to pressurize it. By this act most of the people in Iran got perturbed. The leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenai never gave in before this bullying. Instead he courageously said, “The ambassadors who left have no alternative, except to return. Although, during those days some people could not tolerate this firm decision, but with the passage of time, the farsightedness of the Leader proved right and the world praised his decision. After sometime, all the countries sent their ambassadors back to Iran and as such the death decree against Salman Rushdi remained as it was before, it also increased regard and respect of Iran.”
(Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi)

A Rescuer in the Turmoil
The Mexico Court ruling made the ambassadors to vacate Iran. The Leader with his full confidence had said, “Those of the ambassadors who have left Iran, can report back if they decide so. However, the German Ambassador has no right to join back unless we may allow him. After some time, when they saw that Iran is not paying attention towards European Ambassadors, and their pressure has borne no fruit, they returned to Iran during night hours so that they may not face the journalists and news reports, as it was a disgrace for them that a country of third world which was once under their control is dealing them in such a way.
During Iraq-Kuwait War some people were of the opinion that Iran should support Iraq, because Iraq is actually facing America. The Supreme Leader said, “It is a well knit conspiracy, we should never support Iraqi Government.” Later we came to know that it was really a conspiracy. It was due to farsightedness of the Leader that we proved successful at this critical juncture. The Arab World in aggregate handed over $3500 Million to America during this war, which is a great economical loss. Iran was the only country which remained totally safe and was not put to even a penny’s loss. Similarly, the university campus episode, repeated assassination attempts, continuous anti-revolution statements in news papers and magazines and war between America and Afghanistan are the events in which the leader with his farsightedness and reasonable measures saved the country from such critical situations and any kind of loss.
(Hujjatul Islam Payendeh (University Professor)

Administration and Trust in Imam Zaman (a)
Syed Hasan Nasrullah, the Secretary of Hezbollah of Lebanon says that once he met the Leader of Islamic Revolution along with a delegation. “It was a peak time of our hardships and difficulties. Hezbollah, during those days was going through hardships; the Sharm-u-Sheikh conference was going on. Every effort was being made to annihilate Hezbollah. While having a meeting with grand Leader, he encouraged us and said, “You will be successful, these things are not of great importance.” He continued, “Sometimes when I face some great difficulty in administration and there seems no way out, in such a situation, I request my friends to go to Jamakaran Mosque sharing out secrets with the Imam of Time (a). I feel that some unseen force guides me and it is there I find a solution which I materialize into action and am relieved from the burden.”
(Hujjatul Islam Kaabi (Member of selection committee for the Leader)

George Jordaq, a Fan of the Leader
George Jordaq, a Lebanese Christian, and the writer of the famous book, “Ali (a.s) – The voice of Human Justice”, came to Iran to pay a visit to the Leader of Islamic Revolution. The Leader welcomed him warmly and said, “Being a descendent of Imam Ali (a), I thank you very much for writing a book on Imam Ali (a). Since you have written this book on my ancestor and Lord, he (Ali (a)) never misses to reward the services of a person. If you may agree, I would like to offer a thing to you.” George Jordaq said, “What is that, please.” The Leader of the Islamic Republic said, “Your work is incomplete yet; my suggestion is that in order to get a reward from Imam Ali (a), you have to complete your unfinished work i.e., you have to write about Hazrat Zainab (s) too. If you will do so, then I promise that Imam Ali (a) will reward you. George Jordaq agreed upon this suggestion. After taking his leave George told me, “The Great Leader has given me a glad tiding of my conversation to Islam and that is what he meant by reward of Imam Ali (a).”

Leader in the court of Imam Reza (a)
Adjacent to the inner part of the holy shrine, there is a dark cabin at the end of Aqai Tabassi’s office. There is a small window as well, where the great leader recited ziyarat (salutations). In the evening, I went there with in the intention of inviting him for the dinner and saw him weeping and praying. Second time, I found him deep in devotion (reciting supplication of Tawasul) I went third time and found him in the same condition. I and his guards made up our minds to bring him out of this situation. After continuous bewailing for two hours, we thought that there was chance of a medical condition if he continues with this condition. This time, I went ahead and knocked the door and requested him that all people are waiting for you. The Leader stood up and recited Ziyarat Ameenullah with great devotion and love. He then came out the chamber.
(Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Aaqaie Musavi Kashani -Tehran)

Syed Ali Hussaini on the footprints of Imam Hussein (a)
I am a witness to the presence of Aqa Mustafa (the brave son of Syed Ali Khamenai) on the forefront of Badr operation. I had so many times seen him in Syed-i-Shuhada and Muhammad Rasollulah Battalions during eight years long war. The presence of sons of the great leader shows his realistic approach and his right training to his children.
(Major General Rahim Safavi, Head of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps)

Impression of Mother over the son
The mother of great leader of Islamic Revolution was a noble, polite and courageous lady. During the days when her son was the President of Islamic Republic of Iran, she used to contact the officers and other authorities of the state expressing her concern over the state of affairs. She used to raise objections over the performance of some officers and used to say, “Why don’t you take steps to resolve the public issues.” This great lady was alone after the demise of her husband. She never opted for any servant. Despite her bad health, she never preferred special treatment during the last days of her life.
(Haaj Syed Hassan Mir Damadi) Maternal uncle of the Leader-Mashhad)

Vigor and Endeavor during youth
During my teenage, whenever I visited the father of the Leader, Ayatollah Syed Jawad Khamenai, he used to ask me about my studies and mentioned about the performance of Syed Ali in his studies. Putting forth his example, he said that Syed Ali would very soon reach the stage of ‘Ijtihad’. I remember well that the maternal grandfather of the supreme leader Syed Hashim Mirdamadi and his father were having a special affection for him. I heard them so many times saying that the future of Syed Ali could be very bright, for he is a hardworking boy and asks questions to his teachers and likes the discussions. The father of Leader of Islamic Revolution, as an expletive used to say (in Turkish Language) Ali, my son! Ali, my son!
(Syed Mir Damadi (Maternal Uncle of Leader of Revolution)

Well versed in the field of Jurisprudence
In the fatwa committee of the Great Leader, some senior clergyman and jurisprudents (Mujtahideen) take part and discuss different jurisprudential issues particularly the modern problems. At the end of one such meeting, one of the members who is himself a jurisprudent apparently looked happy. As soon as he saw me, he began to say, “I am not a sycophant. During my studentship, I have attended the classes of various great Ulma in Qom and Najaf, but I saw something extraordinary in this meeting with the Leader, in which some topmost learned persons participated. I think the talk of this great personality is the last word. The blessings of God are much more upon him than what you and I observe.”
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Musavi Kashani – Tehran)

Complete Study of Biographies of Holy Imams
The Leader of Islamic Revolution has a considerable command over the historical study of Holy Imams (a). In my view, there is nobody, who has worked so much on the pious life histories of Holy Imams, particularly the Imams after Imam Reza (a), vis-à-vis. Imam Jawad (a), Imam Hadi (a) and Imam Askari (a). Despite having a very tight schedule, he is attending this work. It is a fact that he is taking a lead in the historical analysis of the lives of these noble Imams (a). His analysis, expertise and complete hold over the subject can be visualized from his lectures, which he delivers on different occasions.
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Dr. Ahmadi – Tehran)

The Style of Imparting Education
The pre-requisite characteristics for imparting education to the students for a teacher are that he should have a full grasp over the subjects such as jurisprudence, power of derivation, chain of narrators, Arabic literature, Qur’an and science of Ahadith (traditions). The Leader possesses all these characteristics and an extraordinary command over the science of narrators. Full mental devotion and the names of narrators and the chain of narration simultaneously remains in his memory. He is a good writer and a good speaker. Same is the case with his Arabic literature. He translates the Ahadith with full expertise. He is well versed in Qur’anic epistemology, expert reciter and at the same time an exegeist. While imparting education, he always substantiates his arguments with the views of other religions and modern viewpoints. He gives in writing the notes of previous lessons to the students. Everyday before starting his lesson, he speaks about ethical values for 10 minutes. If at any time it happens to be a sad occasion, for example, of the Martyrs day of Infallible Imams etc, then he asks anybody to commemorate the tragic events (of Karbala). In the class, there is a good atmosphere for conducting question and answer session. He replies to the queries of the students very patiently and says that if anybody cannot ask verbally, he can give it in writing. He orders for distribution of slips for writing their questions. Then these questions are collected and due to paucity of time, these questions are answered next day. The cool and calm atmosphere prevails in the class; and above all is based on sincerity. Sometimes irrelevant questions are asked, and the he skips them with high patience. Sometimes, he talks in lighter vein with the questioner, so that he may not feel it. Sometimes, he says, “My dear, learn this lesson once more.”
(Hujjatul Islam Payendeh)

Scholarly Characteristics
In addition to the Ijtihadi (Jurisprudential) fundamental principles required for every Mujtahid (Jurisprudent), Ayatollah Khamenai possesses some special scholarly Jurisprudential characteristics. I want to make a mention of a few distinctiveness among them. The knowledge of the Leader regarding the science of narrators (ilm-rejal) is excellent. Really, he has made great efforts in this field. He is one of the Jurisprudents, who gives much importance to the issues of narrators and accept some issues among them and defends the objections raised in this regard with full rationale. He has taken a remarkable lead than others in this field, which is a best reason for being his being Supreme (A’alm) among Jurisprudents. The second individuality in him is that he has a peculiar power and style of understanding the verses of Quran and traditions directly. The derivation of law in the explicit and apparent meaning of the narration is of great importance; it is even considered as the basis of Jurisprudence.
Generally the objection is raised about Jurisprudents, particularly for those who have less relation with Arabic schools that their classification commentary is generally not appropriate. In spite of the fact, I have observed that the leader interprets from a narration in the best possible manner. He possesses another special talent and that is a very logical, precise and reasonable analysis. Another characteristic is in-depth, orderly and disciplined reasoning that is very important for complicated scholarly discussions.
(Ayatollah Syed Mahmood Hussain Shahroodi (A special student of Martyr Baqir as-Sadr and Chief Justice of Iran))

Sensitivity over the Issues of Government Exchequer
During the tenure of his Presidentship, Ayatollah Khamenai sent a cheque of 50,000/- tomans to the then Prime Minister Engineer Mir Hussain Mosavi and said, “For my personal expenditure probably less amount has been spent then this cheque and you may deposit this amount in the treasury, so that I am not indebted to the exchequer.”
(Engineer Hamid Mirzadeh (Tehran))

Care of Self-Respect in Utilization of Religious Funds
Before Revolution once Ayatollah Khamenai happened to pass through my shop. I requested him to introduce some students to me so that they may take some provision items on account of religious taxes and thus I may relinquish myself from my responsibility. He replied that the students might feel against their self-respect by utilizing religious funds. Simultaneously, I went to his father with an amount of religious taxes and requested him to give it to his son, Syed Ali in order to incur it on his day-to-day expenditure. His father immediately replied that Syed Ali had no need of this amount. There was no alternative for me except to say that this amount be spend wherever it is needed.
(Aqa-i-Habbibulah Mashhad)

The wind cannot move the Mountain
During Iran-Iraq War, while the Leader was delivering Friday sermon in Tehran, a bomb was dropped by the enemy aircraft on the spot. There was a great hue and cry and some people were martyred and some injured. The Leader immediately raised his hand towards people and continued his sermon. The continuity of sermon with full confidence and calmness showed his resistance and courage against these attacks. It was due to his courage that the worshippers immediately corrected their rows and continued to listen to the sermon as if nothing had happened although so many participants were martyred and the pieces of their bodies were lying scattered before them. The Friday prayer of that day is a remarkable event in the history of Islamic Revolution.
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Mohammad Iraqi -Tehran)

A glimpse of hope in the Sheer Darkness of night
It is one of the special characteristics of the leader of Revolution that he always encourages the nation and emancipates the society from the sheer darkness of despair and hopelessness.
Before Revolution when the Governor of Mashhad Azhari started his work and proclaimed military rule in Mashhad, a state of fearfulness and disparity prevailed over the people. A crowed of at least 40 thousand people assembled in the Takhti – Stadium of Mashhad. It was decided that Ayatollah Khamenai would address the people. The border security forces and the armed forces laid a siege with tanks around the stadium; also they used tear gas to disperse the mob. In the mean time Ayatollah Khamenai reached the stage and lashed out at the dictatorship. The gloom of disparity and hopelessness was removed from the hearts of the people and an atmosphere of confidence was restored in the people once again. The military administration too was put under pressure.
(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Muhsin Guruyan (Teacher of Howza))

Reading the minds of SAVAK
One day, we were present before the Leader of revolution, he said “Once when I was arrested and put in the prison, I was thinking if the jailer would allow me to sleep on this bed or not? When I entered the jail, contrarily to my perceptions, I was not allowed to talk. As soon as I entered the cell, a SAVAK agent came and slapped on my face and kicked me on my chest, I felt flat on the bed, about which I was thinking few minutes before. They didn’t allow me to move and continued to beat me. The SAVAK had a system that they would fully interrogate in the first instance and said this is your lunch! At evening, after his return, they once again interrogated me and said, “Now tell us what you have said in your majlis (speech)?”
(Hujjatul Islam Asadi (a Student of the Leader –Mashhad))

Appreciating the War-wounded
The leader of Revolution once came to Qum to see the brave soldiers who were maimed in war and embraced the very first man standing on the gate. Each maimed youth was kissing the hands of the noble successor of Imam Khomeini (ra) and rubbing them on their eyes and face; and weeping with emotion, laying their arms around the neck of the Leader of Revolution. The Leader was hugging and kneeling down and listening attentively to the sweet talks of these courageous youth who were sitting on the wheel chairs. One of them said, 'Master, would you please give me your ring as a gift. The leader took off the ring at once and gave it to him. The second one asked for his gown as a blessing. The leader took off his gown and presented it to him. Another courageous one sitting on wheel chair requested, “I want to keep your shirt with my shroud to escape the strain of grave.” The Leader smilingly said the shirt could not be put off here. When I reach my residence, I will send it to you. When this long session came to an end, the leader of revolution reached his residence and immediately put off his shirt and send it to that courageous soldier.

(Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Zun-Nuree (Commander 28th Imam Sadiq Battalion)

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