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Hazrat Zahra and the Heart-Rending Episode of Fadak

Author : Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi
Heading in English Language : Hazrat Zahra and the heart-rending episode of Fadak
Subject : /Her Holiness Zahra (P)/History/
Publisher : Naba organization
Date of Publisher : 1991
Place of Publication : Iran
Appearance : 40 pages
Edition : 1st
Added Entry : Translated by: Michele Ahmadi /
Original Language : English
Table of Contents : Fatimah Zahra and the night of divine decrees, The story of Fadak, The political factores for the usurpation of Fadak, Fadak throughout history, Fadak and the Imams of the prophets' family, One historical trial, The extent and boundaries of Fadak, A summing up and conclusion.

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