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Permission of Womenfolk to go to the Graveyard.

Another tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is from Tirmizi, Abdul ibne Abi Malika writes when Abdul Rahman son of Abu Bakr died and was buried, his sister Aisha, on returning from Mecca, straight away went to visit the grave of her brother.
In this way Sahih Bukhari also records that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) once saw a woman lamenting and weeping over a grave, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) directed her to be patient. If it had been forbidden (prohibited) for the ladies or womenfolk to go to the graveyard, then the Holy Prophet (PBUH) would have strictly (sternly) directed her not to visit the grave again.
In this connection, so many Traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have been quoted and explained, from which we get the information that going of the lady folk to the graveyard is not forbidden.
In contrast (comparison) with so many true Traditions, Wahabis take only one or two weak, false, ill-based tradit- ions to make a stepping stone and inflict tortures (agonies) upon the womenfolk and very strictly restrict them from going to the graveyard. Out
Of those two false and ill founded Traditions, one of the traditions is that it is the curse from Allah upon those who sit for a long time over the grave. Here the words used in Arabic is which is pronounced as “Zawarat” this word indicates, signifies that to
Sit near the graves idle (lazy) is wastage of time. In the Arabic language this is a phrase, which indicates suspicion (doubt) that a person might spend much time of the day or part of the day sitting idle over the graves in the graveyard. Obviously, it is useless to sit idle on the graves for a long time. However, this does not at all indicate or forbid the womenfolk from going to the graveyard.
There is another false Tradition), Wahabis make it a stepping stone, is ascribed, alleged, attributed and imprecated to the Holy Prophet (PBUH. They quote it from the source of Hazrat Ali (r.a) that Hazrat Ali (r.a) says that the Prophet of God (PBUH) once saw a woman in the graveyard, duly the Prophet (PBUH) asked her, ‘for what reason are you sitting here? Are you waiting for a funeral to come? Or do you have to give a bath to any dead body? Or do you have to lift or shoulder the coffin of a certain dead body? Or do you have to lay down the corpse (body of the dead) into the grave? On hearing this all, the woman replied in negative then the Holy Prophet (PBUH) asked the woman to return home otherwise she would be a sinner. This is a false Tradition narrated by Dinnar ibne Omaru.
The books on (Ilm–e Rejal-this is study of narrators of tradition) explain whether the narrator of the Tradition is a right man, an honest man or a false man. In all these books Dinnar ibne Omaru was explained and labeled as a liar and an unreliable (untruth worthy) person who did not produce correct things. He was a sinner and a foolish kind of a man.
Now it is a point to ponder that Wahabis have taken a false narration by an unreliable and a liar person as a stepping-stone or foundation. On the other hand, we have a huge collection of the Traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) narrated by the trustworthy and noble people, which is an authentic (real) proof that womenfolk are allowed to visit the graveyard.
But keeping one or two false Traditions in view, the Wahabis strictly forbid, exercise restrain (restrict) the privileges of the womenfolk to go to the graveyard. But at that junction, at that painful time when the womenfolk are deprived of their kith and kin, naturally they are broken from within. When their sons, their relatives depart and are carried away to the graveyard for burial they really deserve a lot of sympathy but they are dealt with shabbiest (worse) treatment.
By discerning and looking at these examples and the clarification that has been elucidated in the discussion, I think you would have been in a better position now to understand the vicious mentality of the Wahabis and their cruelty and their ill-founded beliefs. All the structure of their beliefs is totally against the Quranic version and the Traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the logic.
Precisely, if we look at Wahabis’ beliefs closely with rapt attention we can discern and find the element of terrorism, the element of coercion.

Bulk of the Muslim society is against the Wahabi sect and their beliefs.
However, for two important reasons the gospels or the beliefs of the Wahabiat are spreading quickly in the world.
The first and foremost reason is that the Wahabis are occupying and have got a firm grip on the twin Holy cities, of Mecca and Medina. Every year Muslims from Muslim countries and other countries go there to perform Hajj, Pilgrimage. On this occasion, being privileged, they spread terrorism all over the world with great ease, and their beliefs are also being exported in this way.
Secondly, Saudi Arabia is a country, which is rich in oil. In this country,
Wahabis belong to an affluent (wealthy) stratum (rank) of the society; they are the rich moneyed class of the present world. They get their ideas and beliefs straight up with the help of their money, which they get with the sale of their oil all over the world.

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