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Safanah, the Eloquent Daughter of Hatam Ta段

By: A. Hussaini
Although the paganistic restrictions in the Arabian peninsular barred the advancement of women and reprehensible social habits were unbearably against them. They had a different fate compared to that of other nations. However, Arab women penetrated impressively into history as far and as hard as they could. Also they were able to leave their mark in Arabic literature both before and after Islam. Here you will become familiar with a woman who lived before and appreciated Islam. She was Safanah, the daughter of Hatam Ta段.
Safanah lived with her father who had won worldwide fame for his benevolence that had become an historical proverb. She grew up and led a noble life thanks to generosity of her father, brothers and the greatness of her tribe.
Islam developed and humbled the pride of paganism. Notwithstanding the fact that paganism prevented the Arabs from tending towards Islam and they fought against the Muslims. The power of God, miracles of the Prophetic mission and the valor of brave Muslims managed to defeat these tribes one after the other.
The tribe of Ta段 in which Safanah was brought up, had also not accepted Islam and therefore the Muslim had to campaign against it. A group of tribesmen were killed, a group escaped and another group were held prisoners and brought before the Prophet (SAW).

Safanah, As a Prisoner-of-War
After Muslim troops defeated the Ta段 tribe, Safanah痴 brother, Uday ibn Hatam had escaped, but Safanah along with other women and men were captured as prisoners-of-war. Safanah was eloquent and beautiful and had a stately manner and her face showed her affluence and nobility.
It was quoted that her father gave her many camels and told Safanah: 的t isn稚 advisable that two people of the same tribe be generous. Either let me give up my generosity or you give up yours. Safanah retorted that she would never give up the habit of generosity.
Ta段 prisoners including Safanah were brought to Medina and were stationed in front of the Prophet痴 (SAW) Mosque.
Safanah, a stately wise woman, stood up and addressed the Holy Prophet (SAW): 溺y father passed away and there is no head of the family. Kindly assist us so that Allah assists you.
Elsewhere it was quoted that Safanah entreated the Prophet (SAW) to set her free if he saw it as advisable. She said: 的 don稚 want to be reproached by the Arabs. I am the daughter of the chieftain of my tribe. My father helped the indigent people, gave food to hungry people and clothing to those who had nothing to put on. He respected the rights of his neighbors and never disgraced them. He eased off hardships and never left needy people unaided.
The Prophet (SAW) ordered her to be set free and said, 滴er father loved moral virtues and Allah also loves moral virtues. Truthfully if your father were Muslim we could be merciful to him. Safanah asked the Prophet (SAW): 展hat about my tribe? The Prophet (SAW) said that her tribe was also free. Then the Prophet (SAW) added that an exalted man that had been abased and a wealthy man that had became poor and a learned man who had been at the mercy of the illiterate deserved favor and grace.
The Prophet (SAW) set free Safanah and her kids. She asked the Prophet (SAW) to allow her to bless him and the Prophet (SAW) allowed her and told his companions to listen to her attentively.
Safanah prayed: 典he hand that didn稚 need anything and now needed help is thankful to you. I would turn the hand that after need became free of need and make it your humble servant. May Allah reward you with good turns and never abase you so as to need the help of lowly people. May Allah never deprive a generous hand of His blessings unless you supplicate Him to give back His blessing. Having listened to Safanah, the Prophet (SAW) said that her word should be recorded in the 腺ook of Wisdom. Then the Prophet (SAW) gave her clothing. Some of her tribesmen came and took her to Syria to meet her brother. Having seen the Prophet痴 (SAW) kind treatment of her , she accepted Islam.
Her brother named Uday asked her what she thought of the Prophet (SAW). She replied: 添ou had better join him in case he was the Prophet (SAW) because it would benefit you to safeguard against others. And if he was a king, those who were with him would be exalted and not abased. Now it is up to you to decide.
Uday said: 釘y God I think you are right in what you say. He accepted Islam in the presence of the Prophet (SAW). He became a companion of the Prophet (SAW) and Imam Ali (AS) and fought against unbelievers side by side with Imam Ali (AS).
Safanah thanks to her eloquence delivered her tribe and guided her brother with her sound advice. The history of Arabian and Islamic literature will keep alive the memory of her modesty and bravery.
May Allah bless her soul.

Translated by: Qods Sharifi

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