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Fatima Zahra (A.S.) Cultural Foundation

Fatimat-uz-Zahra (SA) Cultural Foundation began its work in 1993 under the special patronage and supervision of the country’s leader. This foundation as the custodian of the works related to Fatima (SA) in Iran and abroad has been active in carrying out researches and promoting cultural and educational activities. In the structure of two parallel and complementary projects under the titles of “Database of Fatima” and “International Atlas of Fatimat-uz-Zahra”, the foundation deals with three aspects of bases, foundations and works on Fatima (SA).
There are researches being carried out on the subjects of traditions, their narrators, early history of Islam, the conduct of the Prophet (SAW) and his family and philology. These researches are based on narrated traditions and on philology when they get deeper. The time spent on them until now has been 20 000 hours of work on traditions. Getting to know “the literature of Fatima (SA)” and compiling a true account of her conduct under the title of “Sireh-ye-Sadeqiyeh” are the other lines of research which will certainly help us to draw a true picture of Fatima’s (SA) life and conduct for the enthusiastic people and for the society at large. One of the published works of the foundation in this area is the correct version of Fatima’s (SA) address in the mosque of Medina, which has been recently published under the title “Zeal of Love.” On the subject of philology the foundation has compiled an “Encyclopedia of the Terms of Fatima (SA)” based on the traditions narrated from her (SA), including all the words and terms used in her traditions.
On the aspect of foundations, identifying all the centers and classes working in Iran or abroad under the name of Fatima (SA) and making connections between these centers and providing cultural support for some of them are part of the cultural activities of the foundation. Following this path, the foundation has made special programs in relation to Portugal, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran. The foundation has also had some cultural publications in this area like the film “Fatima”, which is one of the achievements of the foundation as a result of identifying the aforesaid centers. In this aspect Fatimat-uz-Zahra (SA) Cultural Foundation needs the people, the intellectuals and those who have cultural activities in Iran and abroad to send in information about the activities they know of.
On the aspect of works too gathering more than 600 titles of independent books on Fatima(SA) in different languages and the continuous study and evaluation of these books and compiling selected works on this area including bibliographies and collections of poems on Fatima (SA), besides the collection of other cultural works such as artistic works, audio and visual works, and computer programs are the other activities of the foundation. The collection and safe-keeping of all these works in the “Permanent and Specialized Exhibition of Sahifeh-ye-Yar” which is used and visited by authors, researchers, intellectuals, journalists from the media and religious and student groups is an action which the foundation has undertaken in order to propagate the culture of Fatima (SA). The other feature of the foundation’s activities has been the organization of a database on the Internet concerning Fatima (SA). The project of taking out allegories from the traditions of Fatima(SA) is a special project for Sahifeh-ye-Yar Exhibition which is under way. The first steps towards “the visualization of the traditions of Fatima (SA)” were taken in 1995 with the reconstruction of Fatima’s (SA) house and remaking of her dowry. This has been followed by a popular movement in the revolutionary society furthering the same cause. The project’s other phases include remaking of Fatima’s (SA) ring, perfume, and prayer beads, which is being followed at the same time as researches are being carried out on other points.
The educational phase of the foundation’s work has began this year with the organization of a series of specialized seminars on the subject of the culture of Fatima (SA). The people in charge of the foundation think that the educational achievements of these specialized seminars and meetings will be the compilation of a course outline and an educational charter for the teaching of the lofty culture of Fatima (SA) in the future.

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