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The First General Assembly of Women Followers ofthe Ahl-ul-bait (A.S.) in Tehran, Iran

The Universal Association of Women Followers of the Ahl-ul-bait (P) was established in response to the requests made by the women who participated in the first general assembly of the Ahl-ul-bait (P) World Assembly held in Tehran on June 25, 2002. Its aim is to generate and promote profound thought about Islam and the Ahl-ul-bait (P) as well as to defend the rights due to them. By establishing close relation among the members, the union seeks to strengthen the unity and cooperation among the women followers of the Ahl-ul-bait (P). Furthermore, it champions the scientific, cultural, legal and political activities of Muslim women, in particular the Ahl-ul-baitís devotees in order to actualize womenís rights.
The central council of the union holds meetings every three months. The general assembly holds meetings every four years in the presence of all or elected members.. The assembly is responsible to evaluate the reports of the unionís functions, to study, critique, and discuss the reports in addition to electing the members of the central council as well.
To this end, the union is sponsoring a site at:
composed of various databases such as Quranic verses, traditions, bibliography, research, articles, poems, distinguished personalities, works and NGOís, all with respect to women. Therefore, The Ahl-ul-bait World Assembly is waiting for all of your suggestions, information, and comments related to the above mentioned matters. Please email us at:

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