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Hazrat Fatema (S.A.), the Perfect Lady

She was not only the most virtuous and greatest woman of all time but one of the most perfect human beings. She was however not destined to live more than three months after the passing away of her father. During her short life, she rose up to defend not only the usurped rights of her husband but the rights and inheritance of all Muslim women as well. She was epitome of faith as testified by Ayahs 49 and 50 of Surah Saad, which read:
“And most surely there is an excellent resort for those who guard (against evil). The gardens of perpetuity, the doors are opened for them.”
She willed that she be laid to rest in the dead of night since she did not want those who had trampled the laws of God and tormented her to attend her funeral. She passed away after the miscarriage she suffered as a result of the banging of the door of her house by a group of miscreants who did not respect the threshold of the Prophet and wanted to forcefully extract oath of allegiance from her husband.
Imam Ali (AS) as willed by his beloved wife laid her to rest secretly in the dead of night in an unmarked grave that remains unmarked till this day. He knelt along with his two young sons beside the grave of Hazrat Fatema (SA) and bid her goodbye. Life would not be the same for Imam Ali (AS) again even though he would live for another 29 years before his own martyrdom. Hazrat Fatema (SA) was an ideal daughter to Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), an ideal wife to Imam Ali (AS) and an ideal mother to sons Imam Hasan and Imam Hussein and daughters Hazrat Zainab and Om Kolsoum (peace be upon them). All her children would rise to attain the greatest position in the history of civilization and also suffer tragic events for the sake of safeguarding the mission of Islam and its pure and pristine values. During the 10 year long of the holy Prophet’s rule in Medina, Fatema was always beside her father, in the same that she had care for him after the passing away of her mother, and earned the epithet of Omm-e Abiha, which means the mother of her father. After the passing away of the Prophet she could keep silent at the injustice and oppression that took place. Her memorable sermons, preserved till this day in books of history and Hadith are not just masterpieces of Arabic eloquence but gems of wisdom and paths of guidance for generations to come.
Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) used say in her honour: Whenever Fatima stands at the altar of worship, a light radiates from her towards the heavens.
Her dignity could be understood from the respect that her father accorded her. He used to stand up whenever she entered his presence. She was the epitome of kindness and although, she lived a very simple life, she used to help the poor and the needy. Whatever she had she used give to the deprived sections of the society and thus teach Muslims how to live an exemplary life. The Prophet used to say:
"Fatema is a part of me and whoever hurts her had hurt me and whoever hurts me has earned the wrath of God Almighty."
But alas, those that did harm to her in the greed for the transient power of the mortal world only damned themselves and earned the eternal wrath of God Almighty. As for Fatema (SA) and her progeny, they continue to shine in the annals of history and provide guidance to people all around the world. Their power is lasting as could be observed by the martyrdom anniversary of this great lady that is marked as a public holiday in the Islamic Republic of Iran. She is the central figure in the Ayah 33 of Surah Ahzaab where God Almighty says:
“Allah desires to keep away uncleanness from you Ahl al-Bayt and keep you pure as pure can be.”
Let us present to you the impressions of some contemporary figures regarding Hazrat Fatema (SA). Ms. Zainab Kabaswa from Russia says that whatever success she has attained in life is because of her devotion to the Prophet’s daughter. She said she took the name Zainab in honour of the great daughter of Hazrat Fatema and has named her own daughter after the Prophet’s immaculate daughter, Hazrat Fatema (SA). She says Islam has provided a dynamic and active ground for the presence of woman in the society. Kebaswa adds that her husband was Christian but he converted to Islam after studying the life of Hazrat Fatema (SA).
No doubt the Prophet called his daughter the Leader of the women of paradise. Ms. Samira Riyal of Algeria says:
"Hazrat Fatema Zahra (SA) is undoubtedly greatest of all women. She was a paragon of virtue and wisdom and defined the role of Muslim women in society.
Ms. Patricia Chali from Argentina says she adopted the name of Amena when she became a Muslim by studying the life of the Prophet’s daughter. She says that her attitude was completely changed and she found out the high respect attached to women in Islam. If the sermons of the Prophet’s daughter are translated in all major languages a great transformation will surely come in world society, says this Algerian woman.

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