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Qualities of the Pious

In a group of his traditions, Imam Baqir (as) talked about the high qualities of the pious. The following are some of the traditions which were reported on his authority:
A. He (as) said: The pious are the easiest of the people of the world in provision, and most of them in help. When you forget, they remind you. When you mention your (need), they help you. They believe in the right of Allah. They undertake the affairs of Allah.
These are the qualities of the unique ones who are the strength and ideals of people, who lead them to the way of guidance.
B. He (as) said: When the believer is pleased, his pleasure does not make him enter sin and falsehood. When he is indignant, his wrath does not drive him out of saying the truth. When the believer is strong, his strength does not take him out to exceed what is right.
The believer should have strong a character and behavior. Moreover, he should follow the truth in all circumstances.
C. He (as) said: Riches and glory wander about the heart. When they reach the place where the trust (in Allah) is, they settle in it.
D. The Difference between Faith and Islam: Imam Baqir (as) talked about the difference between faith and Islam. He said: Faith is in the heart. Islam regulates marriage, inheritance, etc. It prevents blood from being shed. Faith is the partner of Islam, while Islam is not the partner of faith. Faith settles in the hearts of the pious and of those who turn to Allah, the Most High, in repentance.
Through faith they fear Allah and are afraid of His punishment. So, they leave no obligation nor do they commit any sin. As for Islam, it is the word of monotheism. When it enters the depth of the heart, the Muslim becomes a believer. To this meaning the holy verse refers: "The dwellers of the desert say: We believe. Say: You do not believe, but say we submit; and faith has not entered your hearts yet. In another tradition, al-Baqir (as) mentioned the difference between faith and Islam. He (as) said: Faith is acknowledgment and action; Islam is acknowledgment without action.
E. Allah's Gift for the Belivers: Allah granted the believers many of His favors. Imam Baqir (as) talked about these favors of Allah, saying: Indeed Allah has given the believers three qualities: glory in his religion in the world, success in the hereafter, and dignity in the hearts of people.
These are some of the Imam's traditions concerning the essence of faith.
Reference: The Life of Imam Mohammed al Baqir (as

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