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Terrible Consequences for Those Who Neglect Prayer

The Messenger of Allah (saw) says that a person who neglects prayer and is lazy in its fulfillment is punished with fifteen calamities by Allah. Of these, six are related to his life, three are with regard to the time of death, and three occur in the grave and three calamities strike him in Qayamat. That is when he will emerge from his grave (for the final accounting).

The six calamities with regard to his life are:
1. The Almighty Allah reduces his life span.
2. And He terminates his sustenance.
3. He makes the signs of righteousness to disappear from his face.
4. None of his good deeds will be accepted and he will not be rewarded for them.
5. His invocations will not be accepted.
6. The supplications of righteous people will not benefit him.

The three calamities to befall him at the time of death are:
1. He will die a death of degradation and disgrace.
2. He will die in hunger.
3. He will die in a state of such a terrible thirst that even if he were to drink all the streams of the earth his thirst will not be quenched.

And the three punishments that he will suffer in the grave are:
1. An angel will be appointed over him to give him squeeze and chastise him.
2. His grave will be made narrow.
3. His grave will be dark and horrifying.

And the three calamities with regard to Qiyamat are as follows:
1. The angel will be dragging him for accounting in such a way that other people will be a witness to it.
2. His accounting will be very strict.
3. The Almighty Allah will not look at him with mercy, will not purify him and there is terrible punishment for him.

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