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Statistics on the Increase in Corruption in the Families of Germany

Hojjat al-Islam Hashmi Rafsanjani
Former President of Islamic Republic of Iran
Friday Prayer Sermon 11: (December 14, 1984)

When a research was conducted at Rheinland-pfalz, West Ger­many about a group of children, it became evident that 36. 8 % of rapes took place by family members - out of which 10% cases were by the fathers, 6.9 % by the step-fathers, 6.9 % by the mothers' boyfriends, 1.5 % by the grandfathers, these old bears, 3.8 % by family friends, 4.6 % by uncles and friends of this sort - 36.1 % by acquaintances such as teachers, neighbours, caretakers, and the like. This is the state of the European families. Now when we tell some of our ladies to tighten their head-scarves a little, they think civilization is what they are doing. This `civilization' is what has been mentioned. Even when you go to Europe, you do not read these pages of Der Spiegel. If at all you read these, you do so to find the advertisements on cabarets, cafes, dances, and dancing clubs, etc. If you want to read these things, it is on these very pages that such information is also available.
Than magazine cites that numerous children from such families deliberately engage in rape, theft, etc. so as to be consequently imprisoned and be relieved of the home atmosphere and of the evil of such people. The magazine provides a great deal of statistics proving that this is how such people are. It has pointed out that every morning, a small girl used to go to school two or three hours before the school time, and stand in front of the closed doors of the school and used to shiver with cold.
Even her clothes had not been ironed. They were astonished. When they made investigations, they found that as her mother went to work before her father, the girl could not remain at home as she feared the criminal act of her father, and slept at night with her school clothes on, and hence her dress was not ironed. This has been published in Der Spiegel and the magazine has expressed an alarm for the German families. This part of information which I have mentioned about West Germany has been extracted from Der Spiegel No. 29, published on July 16, 1984, i.e. , only a few months ago.
The 20th issue of this magazine, published on May 14, 1984 points out that, in America, of the 521 families in Boston subjected to census last year, about 50 families told that at least one of their children has been raped during childhood. Of the 500 families some 250 informed that they know of the children in the family who had been raped. 37 % of these children were below the age of six. Just see what beasts that exist in the world. How bestial they are! What has become of them! They are pigs and bears! What do you understand from these types of people? 15 % of them said one of the parents of the family has had such a situation in childhood. Questions were posed as to the causes of this situation. They mostly put emphasis on alcohol, sexy films, videos and films they saw at home with videos. One of these, who is a member of the family of a worker, has this to say as an explanation: "When I watch a video tape at home for two hours and have no means to satisfy myself, I indulge in these matters:" This is the type of life in Europe and America, which are regarded as the paradise on the earth by our Westernized people.
This is their own situation in regard to quality of their life. They have such a condition. This is the state of their families and the situation of their atmosphere. In spite of all these problems they still overlook and prefer to have the inflow of foreign exchange. They say let a Turk, Arab, African, or Indian worker, who drudges in French and English factories or their coal mines, and who receives few dollars, bring his money here, and spend one-half of it on these things, even if it is at the cost of the disintegration of their own families (i.e., the family of the Westerners). For them, the dollar, foreign exchange, money, and economy constitute the foundation of life and everything revokes round these factors. They have also set up organizations for themselves.

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