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The Situation of Women in European Societies

Hojjat al-Islam Hashmi Rafsanjani
Former President of Islamic Republic of Iran
Friday Prayer Sermon 11: (December 14, 1984)

The same issue of the magazine, which I have mentioned highlights that there are 3 million (first think about it in your mind as to how big this figure of `three million' is) women in West Germany who have been subjected to violence at home, and have fled from their husbands owing to their excesses. These women no longer have a place in their own families, and so they live in destitute women shelters. See how large this figure is. Now the number of those women, who have not taken refuge in these shelters, is even greater than this. Three million German women are now living in destitute women shelters, because at home they have been beaten by their husbands, and because their home atmosphere is not amicable. This is how the situation of their life has become. The same magazine reports that when Christmas comes, the volunteers for destitute women shelters suddenly increase by many times, because around Christmas time ethical behaviour of people undergoes a greater decline. This is the type of life of the European community, which some of you regard as their paradise.
So, if an Islamic Republic Guards Corps member tells you on the street to tighten the head-scarves a little, not to expose half of your hair, and not to show your chests to others, and to live like human beings a little, it works out to your advantage. He is not intruding upon your pleasures. He is not intruding upon your family life and halal (Islamically lawful) works. This is in fact a mercy for you, otherwise you are making a mistake. If you see that the world is -disagreeing with the Islamic Republic of Iran it is for this very reason only. If you observe that they mock at the hijab a little, it is for this reason only. They cannot afford to see that a revolution which is confronting with the colonizers consolidates the foundations of its nation-to such an extent that it has turned ineffective the nets which they had woven from the start' of Rida Khan's reign to the present day, and which they had thought would bring us up like themselves. We will try to restore the moral values. We will restore to the women their chastity and purity. We will keep firm the base of the families which mould the foundation of prosperity in the life of people. It is because of these that we have enemies. Of course, there are other reasons for their enmity as well, but presently I will talk about this matter. We must in any case, give special emphasis to taqwa as the Holy Qur'an says:
"..Surely the most honourable of you with Allah is the most pious God-fearing…(49: 13)
For it is not just a verbal issue. The pious people never fall into this bottomless pit. The chaste people never indulge in these calamitous activities. If a pious woman does not understand these statements which I have made here, and even if she is unable to express the ill-effects of such evil-doings, her nature and inherent purity will, nevertheless, protect her from this horrible crime. We therefore, put stress on it and are compelled to constantly lay emphasis on practising taqwa.

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