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The Signs of Men of Conviction

By: Allamah Muhammad Mahdi ibn Abi Dhar al-Naraqi.
The opposite of ignorance, perplexity, and doubt is certainty,
which is none other than lasting, certain conviction; which being in accordance with reality, cannot be shaken by any doubts however strong. This is specially important in regard to theology and its various branches. In other words, belief in the existence of God, His affirmative and negative Attributes, prophethood, resurrection, and whatever relates to them, should be so strong as not to be shaken by any doubts. The state of certainty is one of the highest states possible for man, and is attained by very few human beings. There is a tradition attributed to the Prophet that says:
Certainty is complete belief.
Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq(A) is reported to have said:
God, the Supreme, in His supreme justice, has associated happiness and comfort with certainty and contentment (that is, resignation to God’s will), and coupled sorrow and pain with doubt and resentment (with respect to Divine will].

Signs of Men of Conviction
There are certain signs associated with the state of certainty against which anyone can measure himself to determine his own degree of conviction. These signs are:
1. Reliance on God in all one’s affairs, and having mind only for His good pleasure. To put it succinctly, it should be one’s firm belief that:
There is no power or might (in the world) except that (it is derived) from
God. the Most High, and the Most Great.
2. Humility before God, both inwardly and outwardly, at all times and under all circumstances, and obedience to His commands to the smallest detail.
3. Possession of extraordinary—almost miraculous—powers through being close to God—a condition that comes about after one has realized one’s insignificance and weakness before His greatness and majesty.

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