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Islam’s Policy for Deterring Moral Corruption

The sexual desire that is entrusted to the human being-male and female alike-is not intended for itself, rather, it was made to be a means of achieving the attraction that leads to the lawful communion; that is the state of intimacy, love and mercy and what it entails of forming of the righteous family which is the core of the righteous community.
Keeping in mind that the state of love and the affectionate relationship in the beginning of the marriage, is liable to end-as a result of the progression of time and the involvement of each with complex family issues-the alternative which guarantees the continuation of their relationship is the state of ‘mercy’ the following noble verse indicates, {He has set between you love and mercy}. Therefore, and in spite of al obstacles, the foundation of the Moslem family will not shake until the end of the life.
Islam’s policy for deterring moral corruption is to keep the individual away from the causes of excitement-like gazing, conversing, touching, going into privacy and mixing-instead of remedying the consequences of that excitement; like the state of aggressiveness felt after failing to achieve the intended goal or the frequent changing of the lovers became of boredom.
The forbidden erotic mutual relations originate mostly from gazing. That is why the Noble Qur'an calls on both of the believing men and women separately in sura Light to {cast down their eyes}. If man consults his mind, he would see that gazing at woman is no only useless but it intensifies man’s desire for human beauty while obtaining the beautiful woman is not always possible. This will precipitate a state of suppression and distress and an occupation of the mind with multiple images, which will make the lawful spouse’s image, look faint compared to those much more beautiful images.
Masturbation has become a major problem of adolescence. It must be studied based on the saying “Religious topics should be discussed without shame”. The Prophet (S.A.W.) dealt with it in his well-known speech when he ascribed (Allah’s) curse to ‘the one who is married to the palm of his hand’-the masturbator. A speech with a similar content was made by Imam Ali (A.S.). How disgusting it is that man neglects serious life concerns-whether this life’s or the one to come-to become involved in a condemnable act that he is obliged to conceal and ashamed to mention; to say nothing of the generally recognized psychological and physical harm this thing causes.
Parents should take steps to prevent the situation where the above-mentioned problem gets out of control, for it is an extremely dangerous thing when man is thinking becomes dominated by sex so that he views all aspects of live through it. The solution then is to keep them away from the sources of sexual excitation like the media and bad friends and considering the allowed alternatives instead, like the early marriage and devoting time to doing the permissible actions let alone doing the favourable ones.
We present to you the last part of the discussion of sexual deviations, which is still among the hot issue in the life of man, to whom sexual desire was originally entrusted to guarantee the continuation of the human race. However, the sinful and foolish man changed it from a tool to a goal to the extent that some people have no concern but to indulge in it as if it was the only reason for which man was created.
Islam strongly rejects the state of moral decay, especially in the female who has an instinctive ability to attract the opposite sex. Imam Ali (A.S.) had commented on this one day when a good-looking woman passed by his companions and they were staring at her, he said, “Verily, these male’s sights are covetous”.
When Islam forbade the woman to play up her charms and to look exciting (the origin of Arabic tabarruj, playing up charms is burj, a prominent tower), it commanded her on the other hand to {recite the signs of Allah and the wisdom}, thus becoming an educator and admonisher instead of becoming a toy in the man’s hands.
The Noble Qur'an points out in sura Joseph to the elements of excitement Zulaikha had arranged in the Mighty Prince’s castle of: The soliciting (or asking gently), the closing of the doors (to achieve the arousing privacy) and the order to “Take me” (showing her desperate need). On the other side, the Qur'an shows the elements of righteousness in Joseph (A.S.) like taking refuge in Allah first, for woman’s temptation is a difficult test, and him remembering that he is in Allah’s hands, Allah who gave him a good lodging. Therefore, it is not fair to reward The Giver, to whom we return for reckoning after this life and its desires are over, by defying His commands.
When Qur'an reaches the issue of sodomy in Prophet Lot’s Sodom, it documents a contemplative state; swearing by Prophet Mohammed’s life, it explains that these people were living in a state of state of dazzlement and confusion. Is there a worse dazzlement and insanity than when man treats the canal through which feces comes out the same way as he treats the canal through which life comes out! That is why their punishment was that Allah turned their city uppermost nethermost because they do not deserve to walk on the face of earth.
Doing shameful deeds-like fornication-during teenage years deeply affects the doer’s soul making him scorn himself when he attains adulthood. Therefore, we must not give teenagers the chance to do the things that would leave permanent psychological consequences. Nevertheless, it ought to be reiterated that it is not right to give up hope in Allah’s forgiveness.
The one who is tried with having no other way but to mix with the other sex, because if the nature of his job and the like, must strictly adhere to the jurisprudence laws regarding dealing with members of the other sex. Examples are not going into the kind of privacy that arouses suspicion, not elaborating on unnecessary conversations and not assuming an exciting outlook. Necessities, however, should not be overestimated.
One of the disasters of using the Internet is the drifting towards visiting erotic sites. With the heated excitement and the unavailability of the permitted alternative, the result will definitely be the suppression of desire and eventually the rush into doing all kinds of forbidden deeds. We wonder, in the same context, what is the goal of spending precious time on a conversation that is either foolish talk or is an introduction to entering into the forbidden erotic conversation!

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