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The Characteristics of a Wise Muslim

Imam Reza (A.S.) has said:
A Muslim is not considered as a wise person, unless you observe ten characteristics in him (her)
1. People be hopeful to his kindness and benevolence;
2. People feel secure from his enmity and wickedness;
3. Even slight kindnesses of people to be considered as important ones by him;
4. He may underscore his own kindness and good works;
5. Never feels or expresses tired or unhappy upon needs and requests of the people;
6. Never, in his whole life, he leaves education and knowledge;
7. If he prefers poverty in the way of God, than wealth for himself;
8. If he prefers modesty in the ways of God, than pride and arrogance before the God’s enemy.
9. If he prefers anonymity than renown and population.
10. If he met any one, he may consider him better and more pious than himself. Since people are two groups: They are either better or more pious than he is, or wicked and worse than him. If he sees some one worse than himself, he should say to himself that maybe his goodness is secret (in his mind and his heart), and this is a good point for him; which his own goodness is apparent, and this can be a negative point for him. On the other hand, if he met some one better and more pious than himself, he should respect him. If so, his own dignity will increase, and his good name will propagate, and he will get superiority and leadership during his time. (Bihaar ul-Anwar)
Imam Reza (A.S.) commanded: Imam is a kind father, a helper brother, a compassionate mother to a minor child and a refuge for servants in severe calamities. (Usul Kafi, Vol. 1)
Abd al-Salam ibn Salih al-Hirawi said: I went to the door of a house in Sarakhs where Imam Reza (A.S.) was incarcerated. I asked the Jailer permission to enter. He said: You cannot visit him. I asked why. He replied: Because he says a thousand rakah as of prayers daily. He only retreats at the beginning of the day, before noon, and just before the sunset for an hour, and at this moment he is, sitting in his place of prayer engaged in supplication to his Creator.
Ibrahim Ibn al-Abbas said: Imam Reza (A.S.) during night would sleep little and stay up long.

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