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The Things Harmful for Memory

There are other things, which are harmful for memory. The things harmful for memory include:
1- Committing sins without proper and sincere istighfaar.
2- Excess eating and drinking.
3- Excess Sleeping.
4- Neglecting reciting Quran.
5- Neglecting Salawat (salutations) and istighfaar.
6- Being over-involved in worldly matters.
7- Looking at women whom you are not allowed looking at (non-mahram)
8- Urinating facing the Qibla direction.
9- Eating haram food.
10- Lying and putting allegations.
11- Eating or drinking or sleeping during the state of Janabah (before performing Ghusl-al-janabah)
12- Eating sour apples.
13- Excess eating of cheese, without walnuts.
14- Eating or drinking from foods or drinks which a mouse had eaten from.
15- Reading the writing on tomb stones.
16- Walking between two women.
17- Urinating in still, unmoving water.
18- Urinating on ash.
19- Using the comb of others.
20- Eating directly from the cooking vessel.
21- Spitting in Masjid.
22- Eating without saying 'Bismilla hir Rahma nir Raheem
23- Eating in the market or on the streets.
24- Sleeping in graveyards.
25- Urinating under a fruitful tree.

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