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Whoever Caused Her to be Angry Has Indeed Angered God (Poem)

By: Naema Hussein
To Fatima, the Prophet had his love so warm When she happened to come, he would welcome, stand up and kiss her, take her by the arm and sit her down in the place where he was once.
She would do the same when to her the Prophet came.
Once returning from a journey Rasul went to the mosque first for a pray Then, as he often did, went to where Fatima's stay She welcomed him - warmth as it may she kissed his face, his eyes…
and had herself cry.
The Prophet asked her why do you cry?
In sob she answered slow I see you, Messenger of God, your color... is pale and sallow your clothes worn and flaw…. Fatima… devotion to her Father comes deep
from her heart.
The Prophet once said:
Whoever pleased Fatima has indeed pleased God and whoever caused her to be angry has indeed angered God.
Fatima is a part of me.
Whatever pleases her pleases me and whatever angers her angers me.
So special was the Prophet loved her.

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