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"Part of the Prophet (S.A.W.)"

Poet: Poet of East Dr. Allamah Muhammad Iqbal
“Mary (S.A.) is honoured through a single distinction (of being mother) of the Jesus Christ (A.S.) – whereas Hazrat Zahra (S.A. the daughter of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.) is honoured through three distinctions.”
“Being light of the sight of Rahmatul Lil Aalameen (the Blessing for the Universe S.A.W.) – Who is the first and the last Imam (leader) of mankind.”
“The lady (wife) of the crown bearer of the Quranic verse ‘Hal Ata’ (Hazrtat Ali A.S.) – The chosen one (Murtaza), the remover of difficulties (Mushkil Kusha), the Lion of God (Sher-e-Khuda).”
“The mother of the center of love – Mother of the guiding spirit of the caravan of love.”
“Life and character (building) of sons is from their mother – All the good qualities of truth and enlightenment are also inherited from mother.”
“Batool (S.A.) is the sole product of the crop of submission (to the will and pleasure of Allah) – The ideal of guidance towards the perfection of all mothers is Batool (S.A.).”
“All the jinn and angels (born of fire and light) are meant to obey her (Fatimah Zahra S.A.) – And her will is submerged in the will of her husband.”

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