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The Sermon of Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.)

Hadrat Zainab (A.S.) has quoted from her holy mother, Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) her speech in the mosque, after the passing away of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) as follow:
O People! Be aware that you have accepted the Divine Covenant. The book of the Almighty God is a brilliant reason, with clear and fluent expressions, hearing its recitation tranquilizes the hearts, and its following will lead people to the Divine Paradise.
You may find the clear and outstanding signs and reasons through the Quranic verses; and have a review over the forbidden orders, and study the lawful and permissible cases and moral instructions. You may observe further reasoning in that Book!
The Almighty God has caused faith and trust in him as a means to cleanse away the stains of disbelief from your hearts; and the prayers as a cause to take away your selfishness; and alms and charity as a means to increase your bounties and daily bread; and fasting as a means to increase your honesty and sincerity; and pilgrim (Hajj) as a means to strengthen the religion; and equity and justice as a means to comfort and tranquilize the hearts; and having order in every affair as a means for unity in the community; and leadership (Imamate) as a means to prevent disorder and disunity; and crusade (Jihad) as a means of honor and glory of Islam; and patience as a means to cause rewards for the mankind; and the instruction to "promote people to goodness" as a kindness towards people; and kindness to the parents as a shield and protection from the Gods anger; and visitation and help to your families and close relatives as a means to increase the population; and judgment (punishment) as a source of Secure life; and to keep your promise as a cause of blessing; and to consider the full (correct) scale as a means to increase the trades; and to prevent any untrue accusation and slander to wives as a means to protect against the divine curse; and prohibition (separation) from theft as a means of chastity; and prevention of possessing the properties of the orphans as a means to prevent injustice; and moderation in execution of the sentences as a kindness to the people of the society; Be aware that the Almighty God has prohibited any associate for Himself. Your monotheism is a sign of your honesty in worshipping God; so care your God as He deserve He has ordered or prohibited you.

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