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Refrain from Dispute and Controversy

Imam Ali, (A.S.), says: “Refrain from dispute and controversy because it offends two brother-in-faiths and creates mutual enmity”. (Usulul Kafi, p.451)
Imam Ja’far Sadiq, (A.S.), says: Refrain from dispute in your discourse because it creates anger and exposes one’s secrets”. (Usulul Kafi, p.451)
“One who disputes with others loses manliness”. (Bahirul Anwar, vol.1, p.103)
Imam Ali, (A.S.), says: “Whoever loves self-respect, avoids dispute”. (Nahjul Balaghah, p.1245)
Imam Ja’far Sadiq, (A.S.), says: Refrain from dispute because it occupies one’s intellect with itself and places discord and enmity in its place and creates jealousy and hatred”. (Usulul Kafi, p.452)
Imam Ali, (A.S.), says: “A person cannot attain perfect faith except when he abandons dispute, even though he may happen to be a truthful person”. (Safinatul Bihar, vol.II, p.532)
The Prophet (S.A.W.), says: “I enjoy authority over a House above Paradise, another House within Paradise and still another House in the Garden of Paradise. They are for one who abandons dispute and controversy even though they may be right”. (Wasa’ilush Shi’ah, vol.II, p.232)

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