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Cataract Disappearing Automatically

Thirty years after this event when this nondescript recounted it for my honored friend Dr. Hajj Sayyid Hamid Sajjadi, an ophthalmologist of world fame, may God Almighty grant his success, he said, "As you say, that is a fact. This kind of eye disease is not curable, and the recovery could not have been anything but a miracle."
Then he added, "One of my patients was a man who had developed a cataract, and we had fixed a day for the surgery. Before that time he came to me and said, "I visited Imam Reza(A.S.) and got my cure from him." I re-examined his eye and I saw that there was no sign of any cataract."
He said, "Occasionally it is possible for a cataract to disappear by itself, but that happens over a long period of time. Until that time I had not come across any case of a cataract disappearing automatically within a few days. This was nothing but a miracle of the Eighth Imam.

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