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The Blow of the Prayer's Rosebud

The Miraculously Healed Person: Parastoo Muhammadi
Father's Name: Hooshang Muhammadi
Date of Birth: 1369 A.H.
Father's Job: Baker
Inhabitant of Gorgan,Golestan Province.
Type of Illness: Severe Infection in ears and throat.
Date of Being Miraculously Healed: 16.8.1369
Fatima, the stricken mother, was whispering with her only daughter, who was everything for her and was shaking her child on her legs, so that she might go to sleep even for a moment, and get rid of the pain that had overwhelmed her whole body.
Little Parastoo went sleep by the warm voice of her mother's lullaby, but soon she opened her eyes because of severe pain. Owing to Parastoo's crying, Hooshang, her father woke up and went towards his wife.
He pacified her and placed her in a warm chest. Caressing her warmly, he walked around the room. He told his wife "Dear Fatima, take rest for a while, you've got too tired!"
But Fatima was not able to endure this condition and gave some medicine to Parastoo and left her alone in his father's warm arms. It was not the first night that had passed in this way. Since last two months this was their daily duty.
Parastoo was everything for them who was only seven months old. But it was as if her parents had suffered from a hard time and intolerable problems, for about seventy years that had placed a record on their faces.
Each day, the poor mother, with her tearful eyes, was looking hard at the thin body of her daughter. She was neither interested in food nor in rest and nor in sleep, for everything for her had been summed up in her little daughter.
Parastoo had also been infected very seriously through ears so much that the pus and blood were excreting out of the two ears of this innocent infant. Treatments were not effective, so Fatima's distress was increasing more and more.
She took the baby to Dr Faramarz Deilamiin in Gorgan city, and the doctor, through a recommendation note, dispatched them to Qaem Hospital in Mashhad, so that the baby might be hospitalized in the pediatric ward of that hospital.
They hurried to Mashhad. On the first glimpse of the holy dome of Imam Reza (A.S.), Fatima burst into tears and narrated her plight to Imam Reza (A.S.).
She went directly to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) and fastened her daughter to the steel-window located in the Inquilab courtyard of the holy shrine.
Now little Parastoo was the guest of Imam Reza (A.S.). Two nights passed of this event and no crying and no moaning arose from little Parastoo.
Mother's glance fell upon the unfastened rope of Parastoo. Then she witnessed her Parastoo has been completely relieved and set free from pain and agony. In this way the little Parastoo was miraculously healed by Imam Reza(A.S.).

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