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O Whose Name is Remedy and Healing

I am Muhammad Nabavi Nik, the caretaker of sports Complex of Nur al-Kazmain. My illness occurred in Esfand 1362 during the Holy Month of Fasting.
It was in the afternoon when a group of our relatives had come to visit me. Having chatted, I decided to get out for a moment. I was just going to get up while sitting on my knees, but suddenly, I fell down on the floor feeling that I was not able to talk and even unable to swallow my saliva.
Immediately I was taken to Qayem Hospital. Over there, the doctors took some blood out of my body to reduce my blood pressure and then I was equipped with the oxygen inhaler.
As it was Esfand and near the end of the year, most of the physicians were not at the hospital and some of them were on their Nowruz vacations.
I was in coma and my wife had waited by my bed-side. But during the night, my brother, who had come to visit me from a remote town, stayed at the hospital by my bed-side, so that my wife could stay with my children, who were busy preparing themselves for their exams, at home to reduce their agitation and worry.
My wife had devoted most of the time coming to the hospital and in this way she had suffered a great deal of trouble.
During the night when I got worse and worse, my brother called for the doctor. Having examined me, the doctor told my brother that the patient was in a very serious condition and ordered him: "Get this injection as soon as possible to save your brother's life through this injection. This may remove the danger from him!"
Thanks to God! That danger was removed then. I was hospitalized for two days but my health condition was getting worse and worse! So I was transferred to Imam Reza's Hospital in an ambulance while my family and relatives were terribly anxious and hopeless.
Over there I was given a serum injection while I was unconscious. Having treated me with endoscope, the doctors announced the result as follows: "The throat passage is obstructed with blood, so nothing can be done!"
Then I was transferred back to Qayem Hospital. Of course, the physician's order was to take me to Aria Hospital, but this hospital had refused to admit me. Therefore, I was taken back to Qayem Hospital's emergency ward. Finally I was moved to the Neurology ward. Over there almost all physicians had agreed to stop treatments on me, because nothing was effective to cure me.
I was hospitalized in this ward for twenty days, while my throat passage was still obstructed by blood and I was given liquid food through a by-pass tube connected to my esophagus leading to the stomach.
My only desire was that God would permit me to drink one glass of water as easily as before. My heart was badly broken and hurt.
Being so tired and worried, I was trying to hide my depression from others. Meanwhile, I should add that at the moment of the change of the New Year while I was sitting by the Haft-Sin Table, which had been prepared and brought to me by my son-in-law, my heart broke and went to the shrine of the Imam Reza (A.S.) with great hopes. I sang some verses that I had learned from the mourning processions before. I murmured the verses to myself repeatedly, being quite sad and disappointed.
It was twelfth or thirteenth of Farvardin when I asked my family to get a leave for me to go home only for a few days, so that I could see my children and relatives. Of course my voice power was so low, so I could hardly speak to them.
The physicians agreed on my request. Therefore, I was taken home for a few days. On the second night, I asked my family to take me to the shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.).
So one night I was transferred to the shrine with great difficulty. It was a very cold porch while there a long rope that connected my neck to the Holy Mausoleum, and indeed, I had taken a refuge to the Holy Imam!
I asked my mother to plead with Imam Musa ibn Ja'far (A.S.) and read for me the Holy Hadith of Kesa. At that moment I fell asleep deeply.
I woke up by hearing the murmur of the prayers sung before the call for Morning prayers (Azan) at dawn, being broadcast by the loudspeakers in the shrine. Then I asked others to get themselves ready for the morning prayers. After Azan, I slept again, better to say, I fell asleep again.
As the people around me said: "I had sweated too much and the pilgrims had claimed that it was the sweat of healing! Don't wake him up!"
It was half past seven A.M. the servants in the shrine had asked the pilgrims to move away, so that they might sweep the area. As I decided to get up suddenly, I felt that my voice was clear and all right, and that from my left tonsil water was dropping down in my stomach while my right tonsil was connected to an artificial pipe as the passage for the liquid food leading to my esophagus then to my stomach.
Being so surprised, I was hurriedly rushed to hospital. While my attending doctor was visiting and examining me I asked him, "My throat is open, it is all right, isn't it? But he could not believe me and said, "No it's impossible! Your throat was blocked with blood."
But later on when they realized that it was all right and true, they were so surprised that they had to confess that it was only a miraculous act performed by holy Imam Reza (A.S.).

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