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Cured Miraculously

The Miraculously Healed Person: Saddiqa
Type of Illness: Paralysis
The Date of Being Miraculously Healed: Mehr 20, 1376
Length of illness: 12 Years
There were few risky, disastrous nights and days that she had experienced a period full of horror and terror, full of anxiety and agitation and full of distress and anguish which is never forgettable. To her, nights were hateful. She was not pleased with nights, for the nightmare of illness like a horrible monster disturbed and hurt her meager soul and substance.
She had been suffering from the very bad condition of her body for a long time and while lying in bed she was growing weaker and weaker and was losing her power to move. Her poor mother had been sitting up by her bed until dawn while flying round her dear daughter like a butterfly.
Once a robust, active, and energetic girl, now she had changed into a disable girl as if she were going to be forgotten through the passage of time.
Many years passed during which she was not able to get rid of this dangerous disease. There were heavy expenses that her family had paid for her treatments with many physicians. She had been inflicted with and incurable disease to which she couldn't help yielding.
Her physicians had diagnosed and described her illness as a disease of nervous system and a symptom of paralysis.
As time passed, her illness grew worse and worse. Saddiqa had no more energy, no more sleep, and no more feeding. Every now and then, her illness progressed and she grew worse and worse so much so that she lost her power and energy and she was unable to do anything.
Her attending physicians had a meeting to discuss her case and to decide to dispatch her to Germany for the continuation of treatments there and this was done soon after.
Saddiqa was hospitalized in a hospital in Heidelberg for a time before she was transferred to another hospital in Germany while she was unable to speak and her eyes were growing darker and she had paralysis on her legs as well.
The German physician team, having done certain tests on her, and having X-rayed her, found that the Iranian physicians had diagnosed her illness properly and continued the same treatment. But unfortunately, the treatments were not successful and Saddiqa had to leave Germany for Iran.
Having learned about the failure of the German physicians, Saddiqa was broken hearted. She felt hopeless as if her life had come to the end. She was fully exhausted and had forgotten the meaning of something called life. She was left lonely with the bitter memories and experiences of her illness period.
She was left alone and lonely with the suffering and tolerating it for twelve years.
Eighteen days had passed since the beginning of autumn when Saddiqa made up her mind. As a result, with her kind mother as the sole friend of her lonely days and nights and as the sympathizer and helper of her permanent pains, she was on the way to Mashhad.
Finally, the waiting time arrived and the dim eyes of Saddiqa received more light through seeing the holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.). They went to a hotel in Tehran Avenue and stayed there.
The preparation for a pilgrimage is done. It is the first day of her presence in Mashhad when Saddiqa, with her mother goes on the holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.). There she sat at a corner in the holy shrine, where she could hear the voice of the pilgrims reading litanies and praying. She calls Imam Reza (A.S.) through her speechless tongue and her burned heart.
Then she describes her bad condition in her heart, then agony and sorrow press her throat and she proceeds to sob. She sobs louder and louder. After few moments she becomes unconscious. Her mother hurries to help her and takes her to the hotel to rest.
On Sunday, Mehr 20, 1376, they went to the holy shrine again. It is the third day of their being as the guests of Imam Reza (A.S.). Her mother and she went behind the steel window located in the Atiq courtyard of the holy shrine where a crowd of patients who have taken refuge through fastening themselves to the window with bands and rope. Saddiqa, too, joins the group, when the clock strikes 9.
She starts crying and seeking Imam's intercession. Her mother beside her has appealed to the Imam while tears were falling down Saddiqa's cheeks.
Little by little, she grew tired and restless. Suddenly a voice makes her come to her consciousness calling her: "Get up! Get up, Saddiqa, get up!"
Immediately, she got up and ran towards the drinking water reservoir (Saqqa Khaneh) in the precinct while the rush of the crowd follows her. She has been miraculously healed by Imam Reza (A.S.).
Everybody present there were overwhelmed. She can't help crying and tearing. The moment was unforgettable. Mother and daughter embrace each other in arms. She unbelievably sees her sick daughter healthy now in her arms. The call of "Peace be upon Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his progeny" was growing louder and louder.

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