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Fazl Ibn Shadhan Nishabouri

Abu Muhammad Fazl bin Shadhan bin Khalil Azdi Nishabouri (demise 874 A.D./260 A.H.) was a famous Shi'ite theologian and jurist. He was a native of Nishabour, Khorasan but his lineage belonged to the Arab tribe of Azd. His father Shadhan bin Khalil was also a renowned Shi'ite traditionist. Ibn Shadhan is considered as the most prominent Shi'ite scholar of Khorasan during the period of Imam Hasan Askari (A.S.) and Kashi has reported Ibn Shadhan's contact with the Holy Imam. The distinct characteristic of his scientific personality is theology and Tousi considers him as the distinguished theologian. Muhaqqiq Hilli considers him among the top Shi'ite jurists.
Ibn Shadhan as a narrator is placed in the chain of transmission of many Shi'ite traditions and Najashi also stresses the reliability of him. In 259 A.H. he became ill and in the beginning of 260 A.H. passed away and his mausoleum is located in Nishabour.
Najashi in Rijal and Tousi in Al-Fihrist have mentioned more than 180 works of him and some of them are related to theology and jurisprudence, which includes.
1 - Isbat ar-Raj'ah
2 - Al-Talaq
3 - Al-Ilal
4 , 5 & 6 Al-Fara'id al-Kabeer, Al-Faraid al-Awsat and Al-Faraid al Saghir.
7 - Masa'il an-Buldan
8 - Yaum wal Lailat.

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