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Allamah Kashif al-Ghita

Jafar bin Qizr bin Yahya Janahi Hilli Najafi, Kashif al-Ghita (1743-1812 A.D./1156-1227 A.H.), patriarch of Kashif al-Ghita family is famous as Jafar-i Kabeer and Shaikh Mashaikh, He was a well-known jurist, theologian, researcher, writer, scholar, poet and a sole Marja of the Shi'ites. After compiling the famous work on jurisprudence known as Kashif al-Gihta he derived the appellation of Kashif al-Gihta. He was born in Najaf and studied primary Islamic sciences under his father and studied advanced jurisprudence and its principles under the famous scholar and jurisconsults of Iraq and became a very famous scholar and jurisconsult and started teaching at the seminaries. In his classes a great numbers of scholars used to attend who later on became prominent researchers and jurisconsults in the literary and scientific circles of Iran and Iraq.
His specialization and expertise was in jurisprudence and its principles and his many works particularly the famous Kashif al-Ghita in these fields demonstrates his mastered skills in deducing Islamic injunctions. He compiled this well known work during his tour of Iran when he had only the book Qawaid written by Allamah Hilli.
After the demise of Bahrul Uloom, Shaykh Jafar Kashif al-Ghita became the sole Marja of the Shi'ites of Iraq, Iran and other parts of the world and his popularity and social and political influence increased immensely so that he become the sole Marja of the Shi'ites of the whole world. Kashif al-Ghita has written many books particularly in the fields of jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, theology and Arabic literature, which are as follows:
1 - Al-Haq -ul-Mubeen fi Tasweeb al Mujtahideen waTaqta'a-tal-Akhbariyeen.
2 - Kashf ul-Ghita and Khaffiyat Mubhamat ash-Shariyya al-Ghara.
3 - Bagiya -tul - Taleb fi Marifah al Maffuz al-Wajib.
4 - At-Tahqeeq wa Tanqir fima Yatallaq bil Maqadir.
5 - Ar - Risalah tus-Saumiyah.
6 - Meshkat al-Masabih.
7 - Risalah fil ibadat al-Ma'liyah.
8 - Ghaya-tul-Murad fi Ahkam al-Jehad.
9 - Minhaj ar-Rashad Laman Arad us-Saddad.

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