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Ibn Barraj Azz al-Momineen

Sad al-Din Abul Qasim Abdul Aziz bin Nahrir bin Abdul Aziz bin Barraj Trablusi famous as Qazi and nicknamed Azz al-Momineen (demise 1088 A.D./ 481 A.H.) was a famous Shi'ite jurisprudent and judge. There is no exact information about his birth but it has been mentioned that he lived for eighty years thus he was born in 400 A.H. Ibn Barraj was born in Egypt and was brought up there but he was a judge for a long time in Tripoli, Syria and became famous as Trablusi. When the Shi'ite mention Qazi they mean Ibn Barraj.
Ibn Barraj is well-knoWn and most reliable Shi'ite scholar and his opinions were regularly cited by the famous Shi'ite jurists like Allamah Hilli, Shaheed-i Awwal, Fazil Miqdad and others. His printed works are as follows: -
1 - Al- Jawahir, which was printed in Tehran with the title Al-Jawameh al-Fiqhiyyah.
2 - Sharh Jamal al-Ilm wa Amal.
3 - Al - Muhazzab.
Some other works are ascribed to him.

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