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Jamal al Salikeen

Abul Abbas Ahmad b. Fahd Hilli Asadi was popularly known as 'Jamal al-Salikeen', was born in 757 AH. and died in 841 AH. He is among the students of Shaheed-e-Awwal and Fakhr al-Muhaqqiqeen. He also studied Hadith and Fiqh from Fadhil Miqdad Ali b. al-Khazin and Shaikh Bahauddin Ali b. Abdul Karim. Though he was better known for his works on ethics, morals and mysticism, like 'Uddatu al-Da'ee, his works in Fiqh include valuable book called 'al Muhaddhab al-Bare' and commentaries on the works by Allama Hilli and Shaheed.

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