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Waheed Behbahani

Muhammad Baqir b. Muhammad Akmal is popular as 'Waheed Behbahani', is, in fact, the savior of Ijtihad, and is therefore called 'Ustad al-Kull'. He contributed to Fiqh in two ways: one, he trained a number of Fuqaha, each of whom became well famed Mujtahid of Shia school. The glittering names of Ulama like Seyyid Mahdi Bahrul Uloom, Shaikh Jafar Kashiful Ghita, Mirza Abul Qasim Qummi, Haj Mulla Mehdi Nuraqi, Seyyid Ali the author of "Riyadh", Mirza Mehdi Shahrastani, and many others remind us of the greatness of the master.
Secondly, he stood firm against the innovative onslaught of Akhbaris, and dealt them a death blow, from which Akhbari school has never recovered.
Waheed Behbehani rose at the time when Safavid empire had declined, and Isfahan had ceased to enjoy a central place. He migrated to Iraq, along with his tutor Seyyid Sadruddin Rizvi, and settled in Karbala. Because of his piety and austere way of life, his students held him in very high esteem.
Waheed Behbehani is related to Allama Majlisi through his mother. His grandmother Amena Begum, was a woman of erudition and FIQH, married to Mulla Saleh Mezandarani, a man of profound knowledge. We have instances when Amena Begum has taken part in difficult discussions with her husband, and solving theological problems.
He was born in 1116 AH. and died in 1205 AH.

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