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Shaikh Bahai

Shaikh Bahauddin Ameli is more popular as Shaikh Bahai is from Jabel Amel, Lebanon. Accompanied by his father Shaikh Husain b. Abd alSamad, he traveled to Iran as a child. Later, he traveled extensively to various Islamic countries in search of great scholars from whom he acquired knowledge. Because of his creative talent and perception, he became a master of several faculties and has books on various subjects to his credit. He was a man of literature, a poet, a philosopher, a mathematician, a Faqeeh as well as a Mufassir, and had a considerable experience in ancient medicine.
He is the first Faqih who wrote a handbook on Fiqh for simple layman in Persian language. The book, "Jame Abbasi" still exists. But Fiqh has not been counted as his exclusive subject, because the scope of his interests was so very wide. From his tour of Egypt, Sham, Hijaz, Iraq, Palestine, Azerbaijan and Herat, the man had actually become a walking encyclopedia. In spite of his diverse interests, he trained great Fuqaha like Mulla Sadra Shirazi, Majlisi the first, (i.e. the father of Majlisi the second who authored Bihar-al-Anwar), Muhaqqiq Sabzwari and Fadhil Jawad. As mentioned earlier, after the death of his fatherinlaw, Shaikh Ali Minshar, Bahai occupied the seat of 'Shaikh-ul-Islam' in Iran. His wife was also a Faqih.
Shaikh Bahai was born in 953 AH. and died in 1030 AH.

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